Demystifying The Vine

     “I’m Derek Bacciocco and I Want to Share My Knowledge and Passion For Wine With Others, While Increasing Their Desire to Enjoy Wine and Explore the World of Wine. I’m a Certified Sommelier, Uncertified Wine Nerd, Grape Grower at Tecolote Vineyard and Winemaker at The Clairemonte Estate.  This Make Me Uniquely Educated and Motivated to Promote the World of Wine Through My Web-Site or Demystifying “The Vine”.  This is My Effort to Give Back to the Wine World By Advancing It’s Wine Knowledge Through Education. Not Unlike Yourself I’m a Wine Person With Abounding Passion That Permeates My Life Most Waking Hours.

Wine Inspires the Dreams That Guide Me.

Demystifying The Vine Isn’t Written For Beginners, Although People Just Getting Into Wine Will Find Helpful Information Within Its 1,700+ Pages.  As a Prerequisite I Strongly Recommend Madeline Puckette’s Wine Folly For Beginners and Karen MacNeil’s Wine Bible For Intermediate Wine Enthusiasts.  Both Authors and Books Will Hold Your Hand and Guide You Through the Basics of the Wine World…I Won’t.

Demystifying The Vine” Is a Wine Research & Resource Web-Site For Anyone In Search of Detailed Wine Knowledge.  It Isn’t a Wine Recommendation or My Personal Preference Platform.  So if You’re Looking For a Website to Tell You What Bottle to Buy Because Your Lacking Wine Knowledge and Inspiration This Isn’t It.  I Want to Show Users the “Lay of the Wine-Land”, and Help You Make Your Own Wine Decisions.  What I Like Should Only Be Important to Me, Why Should You Care.  But When You Experience a Wine Epiphany and You Need to Know Everything About a Wine or Wine Topic is the Website For You.

    The Vine is More Than a Grape Producing Plant, It’s the Universal Symbol of  Wine, a Metaphor and Nexus For All Things That Have Influence or is Influenced by the Grapes Fermented Juice.

    • HISTORY                                       CULTURE
    • KNOWLEDGE                             PHILOSOPHY         
    • GEOGRAPHY                             TOPOGRAPHY
    • GEOLOGY                                    AGRONOMY
    • CHEMISTRY                              BOTANY
    • CLIMATOLOGY                        SOCIAL LUBRICANT 
    • LANGUAGE                                An ART/ CRAFT 
    • FOOD                                            A THIRST QUENCHER
    • A PROFESSION                        A HOBBY
    • An INTOXICANT                      An ADDICTION
    • ECONOMY                                   AGRICULTURE
    • A COMMODITY                         HEDONISTIC
    • SENSORY                                   A INTELLECTUAL PLEASURE
    • A DREAM                                    ALCHEMY
  • **Refer to These Sub-Chapters For Detailed Information On These Subjects.

HOW To USE DtheV.Com

  • Demystifying The Vine Isn’t Intended to Be Consumed From the Beginning, it Reads More Like an Compendium.  The User Benefits From a Familiarity With the Table of Content and How to Quickly Locate Topics.  If You Have Time Read the Subjects Home Page/ Chapter First…(France). Then Read the Subjects Chapter Page…(Burgundy). Then Read the Subjects Sub-Chapter…(Cote d’Or).  If You Don’t Have Time or Are Just Using to Look Up Information Then Go Straight to the Needed Information.
  • My Mission Statement For Demystifying The Vine is to Educate People While Increasing Their Wine Self  Esteem and Inspiring the Development of Their Palates.
  • Do You D.theV.?  To Demystify “The Vine Can Be Two Things.
    • The Act of Learning New Information From Its Content…
    • The Act of Adding New Information to Its Content…
      • (Contributors Who Add 2 or More Pieces of Wine Information to Get Thier Names In the Additional Contributors Section of the Bibliography.)

OPEN SOURCE Intelligence That’s Collected For Overly Public Availability and Shared In a Community For the Purpose of Advancing the Knowledge.

     I Want to Share the Knowledge I’m Gathering Through My Wine Journey, Experiences and Research. While I Haven’t Compiled All the Answers I Encourage Others That Have Been Enlightened by “The Vine” to Fill In the Blanks Though a “Open Source Format.”  I Encourage Others to Send Information They Would Like to Submit.  The One Thing I Ask for With the Use of This Information is to Pass it Forward. “D. the V.” Isn’t for Everyone, But if You Know Someone Who Would Appreciate It’s Information Please Forward the Link to This Web-Site.

Demystifying The Vine is an Ongoing and Constantly Undated Open-Ended Endeavor.  Started On December 5th. 2011 and Will Never Be Completely Done. Your Patience With the Evolution of This Wine Knowledge Web-Site is Appreciated.