BURGENLAND IS:             @

  • WEIS= Welschriesling, Muscat Ottonel, Bouvier, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Furmit, Riesling, Chardonnay, Grunner Veltliner
  • ROT= Blaufrankisch, St. Laurent, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir

GEOGRAPHY– Austria(East),  LATITUDE: 47.1* ‘N’

  • BORDERS: Hungary(East), Neiderosterreich(North), Steiermark(South)

TOPOGRAPHY– “Rolling/ Hilly”, Along Southern Alpine Region

  • On~Lake~Neusiedlersee~(Near)

SOILS= “Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary”, Limestone

CLIMATE= “Continental”,   Summers– Hot, Humid   |   Winters– Cold

VITICULTURE– 32,000 ha.


  • After the Phylloxera Infestation of 1860’s, French-American Hybrid Were Planted to Remedy the Problem. By the Early 1900‘s Grafting Onto American Root-Stock Was Discovered and Solved the Issue. By This Time Austrian Had Acquired the Taste For These Hybrids and to This Day a Small Amount of Wine is Produced and Enjoyed by Austria and a Place In Its Wine Culture Remains.

CULTURE– Neiderosterreich & Burgenland is Ofter Refered to as “Weinland Osterreich”

  • GASTRONOMY…                    |    CHEESE


  • WEIS= Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Furmit
  • ROT= St. Laurent, Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt
  • GEOGRAPHY– Austria(East), Burgenland(North)
    • CITIES: Rust, Illmitz
    • BORDERS: Slovakia(East), Leithaberg DAC.(West)
  • TOPOGRAPHY– “Flat/ Rolling”, On~Lake~Neusiedlersee~(East)
  • VITICULTURE– 8,300 ha.
    • Estate/ Producer– Kracher, Moric(Nat.Pro.), Michlits, Umathum, Velich, Willi Opitz


  • WEIS= Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Furmit
  • ROT= Cabernet Franc
  • GEOGRAPHY– Austria(East), Burgenland(North)
    • BORDERS: Neusiedlersee DAC.(East), Mitterburgenland DAC.(South)
  • TOPOGRAPHY– “Flat/ Rolling”, On~Lake~Neusiedlersee~(West)
  • SOILS= “Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary”, Limestone, Schist
  • VITICULTURE– 3,900 ha.
  • VINICULTUREBotrytis– Humid Moisture From Wide/ Shallow Neusiedlesee Lake Induces Botrytis
    • WEIS= Welschriesling, Muscat Ottonel, Bouvier
    • Estate/ Producer– AltenburgerEsterhazy, Feiler-Artinger, Gernot and Heike Heinrich, Koll-Wentz, Prieler, Schuster, Triebaumers, Umathum
  • CULTURE– Leithaberg AKA=Neusiedlesee-Hugelland

MITTELBURGENLAND DAC.     @Oberpullendorf

  • WEIS= ?
  • ROT= Cabernet Franc, Blaufrankisch, Merlot, Zweigelt
  • GEOGRAPHY– Austria(East), Burgenland(Central)
    • CITIES: Deutschkreuz, Horhchon
  • TOPOGRAPHY– “Flat/ Rolling”
  • VITICULTURE– 1,800 ha.
    • Estate/ Producer– Gesellmann, Heinrich, Igler, Kerschbaum, Wellanschitz

EISENBERG DAC.     @Eisenstadt

  • WEIS=  ?
  • ROT= Blaufrankisch
  • GEOGRAPHY– Austria(East), Burgenland(South)
    • BORDERS: Hungary(East), Steiermark(East), Mittelburgenland DAC.(North-East)
  • TOPOGRAPHY– “Rolling”, On~Pinka~River~
  • SOILS= “Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary”, Iron
  • VITICULTURE– 450 ha.
  • VINICULTURE– –Uhoudler– Bitter Rose Wine Produced From Hybrid Grapes…
    • ROT= Concord, Isabella, Elvira, Clinton, Ripadella, Noah
    • Estate/ Producer– Krutzer, Uwe Schiefer, Wachter-Wiesler
  • CULTURE– Eisenberg AKA=Sudbergenland


  • WEIS= ?
  • ROT= Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt
  • GEOGRAPHY– Austria(East), Burgenland, DISTRICT-Mattersburg
  • TOPOGRAPHY– “Rolling”, On~Wulka~River~
    • SLOPES/ Leitha Range/ Rosaliengebirge(Rosalia Mountains), +Alt.750 mt.
  • SOILS= “Metamorphic’, Brow-Earth, Loess
  • VITICULTURE– 297  ha.
  • VINICULTURERed(+Abv.12%),  Reserve(+Abv.13%), Rose(Dry)
    • Estate/ Producer

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