CZECH REPUBLIC IS   Regions2     @Prague

  • WHITE= Aurelius, Muskat Moravsky, Palava, Veritas
    • International Gruner Veltliner 9.5% AKA=Veltlinke Zelene, Muller-Thurgau 8%, Riesling 7% AKA=Ryzlink Rynsky, Welschriesling 6.5% AKA=Ryzlink Vlassky, Chardonnay, Gewurztramer, Kerner, Neuburger, Rulandsky Bile AKA=Pinot Blanc, Rulandske Sede AKA=Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Silvaner AKA=Sylvanske Zelene, Veltlinske Cervene Rane AKA=Fruhroter Veltliner
  • RED= Agni, Andre, Cabernet Moravia, Laurot, Malverina, Neronet, Rubinet
    • International St. Laurent 7% AKA=Svatovavrineke, Blaufrankisch 6%, Zweigelt 4%, Pinot Noir 4%, Bauer Portugeser 4% AKA=Modry Portugal, Alibernet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder, Kharistvala Kolkhuri, Merlot

GEOGRAPHY HEMISPHERE-Northern, REGION-Central Europe, COUNTY-Czech Republic

  • BORDERS-Austria(South), LATITUDE: 49.8° N

TOPOGRAPHY Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary

  • Moravia Marks the Last Limestone Tooth In Eastern Europe
  • **Refer to TERROIR/ Geology & Soil For Detailed Information On Soils.

CLIMATE Continental,  *Summers– Warm   |   *Winters– Cold, Wet

VITICULTURE 17,614 ha. Planted, (68% White/ 32% Red)

  • #32 In Grape Production, #24 In Wine Consumption In World

HISTORY 2,500 Year Wine History

  • In Roman Times Moravian Plain Was Romes North-East Boundary.  Romans Planted Vast Vineyards For Their Armies.
  • Part of/ Influenced by Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • 1919 Part of/ Influenced by Czechoslovakia, Western Half of Czechoslovakia.
  • 1993 Spilt From Czech Republic, Becoming Independent.

CULTURE Most Families Make Wine at Home and Have Home Cellars.

  • GASTRONOMY… Beer, Dumpling(Goose, Duck), Beetroot, Mushrooms, Potato
  • CHEESE… Hermelin, Olomoucke Tvaruzky

GEOGRAPHIC DISCLAIMERTo Fully Benefit From “Demystifying “The Vine” as Well as the World of Wine a Detailed Understanding of Czech Republic’s Geography and Topography is Needed and the Ability to Visualize Its Wine Regions.  Sections In Czech Republic Are Organized In a “North to South”/ “East to West” Orientation and is Intended to Be Read as So.

MORAVIA      @Brno

  • WHITE= Palava
    • International Chardonnay, Frankovka, Gewurztraminer, Veltlinske Zelene AKA=Gruner Veltliner, Müller Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
  • RED=
    • International– Pinot Noir, Zweigelt
  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Republic, REGION-Southern Moravia, LATITUDE: 49° N
    • Sub-Zones- Mikulovska, Slovacka, Vekopavlovicka, Znojmo
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly
    • SLOPES/ Southern Carpathian, Moravian Plain, +Alt. 300mt.
  • SOILS- Sedimentary, Moravia Marks the Last Limestone Tooth In Eastern Europe
  • CLIMATE- Continental” With Maritime Influence
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted,   (96% of Vineyards)
  • VINICULTURE- Sparkling,  Ice Wine
    • Estate/ Producers- Bohemia, Bzenec, Kolby, Milan Nestarec, Sonberk(40ha.), Vino Z
  • CULTURE- Moravia AKA=Vinarska Oblast Morava

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ZNOJMO     @Znojmo

  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Republic, REGION-Moravia(West), @Hw.#53
    • South-West of Brno-City(     km.), BORDERS-Mikulovska(East), Austria(South)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling
  • VITICULTURE– ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

MIKULOVSKA     @Mikulov

  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Republic, REGION-Moravia(Central), South of Brno-City(     km.)
    • BORDERS-Znojmo(West), Austria(South)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling, On~Lake~Mlyny~
  • VITICULTURE-? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Sonberk


  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Republic, REGION-Moravia(Central), South of Brno-City(    km.), @Hw.#E65
    • BORDERS-Slovaka(East), Austria(South-West), Non-Contiguous(7)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ RollingOn~Svraiko~River~
  • VITICULTURE ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Znovin Znojmo(500ha.)

SLOVACKA     @Slovako

  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Republic, REGION-Moravia(East), @Hw.#43
    • South-East of Brno-City(    km.), BORDERS-Vekopavlovicka(West)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-  Zamecke Vinarstvi Bzenec(520ha.)
    • Vineyards- Stosikovice Tri Dubu(3 Oaks)

BOHEMIA      @Tabor

  • WHITE= Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris
  • RED= Zweigelt, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Republic, REGION-Bohemia
    • Sub-Zones- Litomericka, Melnicka
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-   ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Ceske Vinarstvi
  • CULTURE- Bohemia AKA=Vinarska Oblast Cechy

MELNICKA      @Melnik

  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Repubic, REGION-Bohemia
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

LITOMERICKA      @Litomeerice

  • GEOGRAPHY- Czech Repubic, REGION-Bohemia
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-   ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

**Refer to BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.