🇩🇪GERMANYHessische Bergstrass

HESSISCHE BERGSTRASS IS:     @Heppenheim   Bereiche2  Grosslage4   Einzellage– 23

  • WEIS= Riesling 48%, Grauburgunder 8%, Rivaner 7%, Silvaner 4%, Kerner 3%,, Weissburgunder 3%
  • ROT= Spatburgunder 10%, Dornfelder 4%

GEOGRAPHY– Germany(South-Interior),  ANBAUGEBIETE-Hessische Bergstrass

  • BETWWEN- Main, Neckar and Main Rivers, LATITUDE: 49.6* ‘N’
  • Bereich-(2) Starkenburg, Umstadt
  • Landweingebiete– Landwein Rhein
  • MAIN CITIES: Behsheim, Grob-Umstadt, Heppenhein

TOPOGRAPHY– “Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ Odenwald Mountain, On~Rhine~River~

SOILS= “Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary”, Loess, Granite, Porphyry, Quartz, Red Sandstone

CLIMATE= “Continental”,  Summers– Sunny, Long   |   Winters– Wet Cold

VITICULTURE– 450 ha. Planted,  (80% White/ 20% Red)

HISTORY– Historical Mountainous Roman Trade Route(Strata Montana), Runs Parallel to the Rhine River Along the Foothills of the Odenwal(Oden Forest)

CULTURE– Know For Large Number of Co-Operatives

  • GASTRONOMY…                       |   CHEESE… Handkase(Cow/ Semi-Soft)

**Hessishe Bergstrass Images Courtesy of Delong Maps, Purchase Maps at Delongwine.com

STARKENBURGBereiche     @Auerbach

  • GEOGRAPHY– Germany, ANBAUGEBIETE-Hessische Bergstrass(West)
    • Glosslage-(3) Rott, Schlossberg, Wolfsmagen
  • VITICULTURE– ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers– Griesel & Compagnie(Sekt)

ROTTGrosslage     @

  • GEOGRAPHY– Germany, Hessische Bergstrass, BEREICHE-Starkenburg
    • VILLAGES– Alsbach, Auerbach, Schonberg, Zwingenberg
    • EINZELLAGE– Alte Burg, Furstenlager, Herrenwingert, Hollberg, Mundklingen, Schontal, Steingeroll
  • VITICULTURE– ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers

SCHLOSSBERGGrosslage     @

  • GEOGRAPHY– Germany, Hessische Bergstrass, BEREICHE-Starkenburg
    • VILLAGES– Erbach, Hambach, Heppenheim
    • EINZELLAGE– Centgericht, Eckweg, Guldenzoll, Maiberg, Steinkopf, Stemmier
  • VITICULTURE– ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers

WOLFSMAGENGrosslage     @

  • GEOGRAPHY– Germany, Hessische Bergstrass, BEREICHE-Starkenburg
    • VILLAGES– Bensheim, Gronau, Zell
    • EINZELLAGE– Hemsberg, Kalkgrasse, Kirchberg, Paulus, Steichling
  • VITICULTURE– ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers

UMSTADTBereiche     @Auerbach

  • GEOGRAPHY– Germany, Hessische Bergstrass(North-East)
    • North-East of Darmstadt-City(15km.)
    • VILLAGES– Brensbach, Dietzenbach, Gross-Umstadt, Heppenheim, Klein-Usmstadt, Rosdorf
    • EINZELLAGE– Heilige Tanne, Herrnberg, Rosdorf, Stachelberg, Steingeruck, Wingersberg
  • VITICULTURE– ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers

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