RHEINGAU IS  Bereiche1   Grosslage11   Einzellage129   @Wiesbaden

  • WEIS= Riesling 79%, Rivaner 2%, Weissburgunder 2%, Scheurebe, Ortega, Welschriesling, Gewurztraminer
    • International Chardonnay
  • ROT= Spatburgunder 12%, Dornfelder

GEOGRAPHY Germany(South-West Interior), ANBAUGBEIETE-Rheingau, LATITUDE: 50° N

  • BETWEEN: Wiesbaden & Rudesheim, From the Confluence of the Wisper River at Lorch to the Confluence of Main River at Mainz, (50km. Long)
  • VILLAGES-Eltville, Erbach, Geisenheim Hallgartn, Hattenheim, Johannisberg, Kiedrich, Martinsthal, Oestrich, Rauenthal, Walluf, Winkel
  • Sub-Zones- Western Rheingau,  Central Rheingau, Eastern Rheingau, Maingua
    • Bereich- Johannisberg
    • Landweingebiete- Rheingaues Landwein, Landwein Rhein

TOPOGRAPHY Hilly/ Mountainous/ Valley/ Terraced

  • SLOPES/ Tannus Mountains, +Gradiant(15%- 65%), +Alt.75mt.- 300mt.
  • On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)~Before Nahe~Estuary~
  • Rhine Rivers is 700km. Long. In the Rheingau Region the River Takes a Distinct Turn West For 30km. From Its North to South Path, Between the Cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden. This Allows Vineyard In This Section of the Tannus Mountains to Face South and Achieve Optional Ripeness.
  • Sub-Zones-
    • Upper Rheingau– Part of the Mainz Basin(Sedimentary Marls, Gravel, Sand, Loams, Loess)
    • Lower Rheingau–  Part of the Rhineland Slate Mountains(Devonian Sandstone, Quartzite, Shale)

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Limestone

  • Calcareous Loess, Loam, Slate, Mica Schist, Quartzite, Argilaceous Shale

CLIMATE Continental,  +Rain Shadow/ Tannus Mountains

  • *Summers– Sunny, Long   |   *Winters– Wet Cold

VITICULTURE  3,200 haPlanted,  (85% White/ 14% Red)

  •   ~Erstes Gewachs~E.G.~ A Gross Gewach From Rheingau.
    • Varieties That Can Be Used to Produce Grosses Gewachs…
      • Riesling, Spatburgunder
  • CHALLENGES– Spring Frost, Hail, Erosion, Shallow Soils, Fungal Infections
  • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~Rheingau Charta~
    • Mission~ 1983 Formed to Promote Classic Dry Wine Style of Riesling From Rheingau Region, Validates Dry Wines Within a System That Only Awards Sugar Level. Charta Bottles Distinguished by Three Roman Arches.
    • Original 28 Producers Merged Into VDP. In 1999
    • Goldkapsel/ Gold Capsule/ & Lange Goldkapsule/ Long Gold Capsule Are Mainly Used In the Mosel and Rheingau to Indicate a Wine With a Higher Sweetness and to Signify Botrytis In a Auslese Wine.
    • PIONEERS~ ~Bernhard Breuer~ Germany, Founded Rheingau Charta
  • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~Verband Deutscher Pradikatsweinguter~ VDP.
    • Association of German Pradikats (and Quality) Wine Esates.
    • Mission~ German Vintners Who Are Committed to Terroir-Driven Viticulture at the Highest Level.
    • **Refer to GERMANY/ Home For Detailed Information On VDP.


  • Hock- Refers to Wine Produced In Hockheim In Rheingau Region.
    • Now It’s a Popular General Term Use by Outside German to Describe German Riesling Produced In a Tall Flute Style Bottle. Some of the General Names For German Wines Liebfraumilch, Piesporter, Blue Nun
  • Botrytis(Noble Sweet)- (Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese)
    • WEIS= Riesling, Scheurebe, Ortega, Welschriesling, Gewurztraminer
  • Liebfraumilch- Qualitatswein Quality Wine That Contains at Least 70% Riesling, Silvaner, Kerner or Muller-Thurgau. (Liebfraumilch is A Sweeter Style Wine With a Minimum 18 G./ L. or Residual Sugar or Halbtrocken, Usually Bulk Wine Produced For Export.)


  • 779 @Rheingau Grapes Started to Be Produced
  • 1100 @Rheingau– First Vines Planted at Would Become Schloss Johannesburg.
  • 1211 @Rheingau Grapes First Vines Planted at Schloss Vallrads
  • WINE & WAR~
    • During WW ll, These Regions Were Subject to Reoccurring Aerial Bombardment. The Vineyards Were Not Specifically Targeted but Allied Air Forces Would Once  Completing a Mission Over Germany Would Routinely Jettison Remaining Munitions On Their Way Back to England to Conserve Fuel.
    • August 12th. 1942- Schloss Johannisberg and the Surrounding Vineyards Were a Secondary Target of an Air Raid On Mainz With a Third of the Vineyards Destroyed.
    • Result of Battles In Rheingau & Baden
    • The Effects On the Wine Culture of Rheingau & Baden

CULTURE BOTTLE SHAPES~ Know For Rhein-Flute Style Bottle

  • Monks & Monasteries
    • ~Johannisberg~ Benedictine  Monks From Vougeot Brought Viticulture/ Pinot Noir From Burgundy to Rheingau In the Year 1107, Prince Abbott Constantine of Fulda Decrees That Only Riesling Will Be Planted In the Vineyards of Johannisberg
    • ~Kloster Eberbach~ Cistercians
  • ACADEMIC~ ~Geisenheim Grape Breeding Institute~
    • Specialization~ Grape Research For the Practical Advancement of Wine
  • UNESCO. WORLD HERITAGE SIGHT~ ~Middle Rhine~ (Cultural, Landscape, Vineyard)
  • GASTRONOMY…             CHEESE
  • ~International Riesling Day~ (May 13st.)


  • RIVER CRUISE~ Take a Rhine River Cruise to See and Better Understand the Geography and Topography.

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JOHANNISBERGBereiche     @Johannisberg

    • Glosslage-(10) Burgweg, Daubhaus, Deutelsberg, Erntebringer, Gottesthal, Heiligenstock, Honigberg, Mehrholzchen, Steil, Steinmacher
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ ?, +Gradiantt(15%-65%,  On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-(Not Located Within Designated Grosslage) Allendorf, Barth, Eva Fricke, Franz Kunsler, Langwerth Von Simmern, Josef Leitz, Peter Jakob Kuhn, Robert Weil,  Schloss Schonborn

Western Rheingau

BURGWEGGrosslage     @Lorch

  • WHITE= Riesling        RED= Pinot Noir
    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Western), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Geisenheim, Lorch, Rudesheim
    • Einzellage- Berg Roseneck~E.G.~(24ha.), Berg Rottland~E.G.~(30ha.), Berg Johannisberg, Berg Schosberg~E.G.~(21ha.),  Bischofsberg~E.G.~, Drachenstein~E.G.~, Fuchsberg~E.G.~,  Kapellenbrg(25.5ha.), Kilzberg,  Kirchenpfad, Klaus(Laps),  Klauserweg~E.G.~(50ha.), Klosterberg Klosterlay~E.G.~, Krone(8.2ha.), Magdalenen-Kreuz~E.G.~, Mauerchen~E.G.~, Monchspfad~E.G.~, Pfaffenwies(22ha.), Rosengerten, Rothenberg~E.G.~(20ha.), Schlosbarten, Schlossberg(16ha.)
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Balthasar Ress, Friedrich Altenkirchen, Georg Breuer, Graf Von Kantig, Schloss Schonborn, Spreitzer
  • CULTURE- GOING THERE~ ~Ehrenfels Castle~ Ruins of a Citadel Dating Back to the Year 1000.

Central Rheingau

STEILGrossslage     @Assmannshausen

  • WEIS= ?      |   ROT= Pinot Noir
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous+Alt. 80 mt.- 300 mt.
    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Assmannshausen, Aulhausen
    • Einzellage- Berg Kaisersteinfels(2.2ha.), Frankenthal~E.G.~(14ha.), Hollenberg~G.G.~(37ha.), Hinterkirch
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Mica Slate, Loess Loam, Taunus Quartzite
    • Estate/ Producers- Assmannshausen, August Kesseler, Fritz Allendorf, Josef Leitz, Kloster Elberbach, Drone, Robert Konig, Staatsweinguter

ERNTEBRINGERGrosslage     @Johannisberg

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Johannisberg, Winkel
    • Einzellage- Dachsberg, Edelmann, Goldatzel, Goldberg, Gutenberg, Hansenberg, Hassensprung~E.G.~, Holle~E.G.~(18ha.), Kilzberg, Klauserweg, Klaus~E.G.~(2.1ha.), Jesuitengarten~E.G.~, Mittelholle, Schloss Johannisberg*, Schwarzenstein, Schlossberg, Vogelsang, Schlos Vollrads*~E.G.~, St. Nikolaus, Vogelsang
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Geheimrat J Wegener-Gutshaus Oestrich, Johannishof, Schloss Vollrads*(Since 1211), Schloss Johannisberg*(50ha./Since 1100)
  • GOING THERE- Johannisberg Castle, Vollrads Castle

MEHRHOLZCHENGrosslage     @Hallgarten

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Eberbach, Erbach, Hallgarten
    • Einzellage- Hendelberg(22ha.), Hohenrain~E.G.~, Honigberg,  Marcobrunn~E.G.~, Michelmark~E.G.~, Rheinhell,  Schlosberg~E.G.~, Schonhell~E.G.~, Steinmorgen~E.G.~, Jungfer~E.G.~(68ha.), Wurzgarten~E.G.~
  • SOILS- Calcareous Clay-Marl
  • VITICULTURE- ?  ha.
    • Estate/ Producers- Fürst Lowenstein, Heinz Nikolai, Kloster Eberhach, Prinz
  • CULTURE- Monks & Montestaries  ~Kloster Eberbach~

GOTTESTHALGrosslage     @Oestrich

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Oestrich
    • Einzellage- Doosberg~E.G.~, Klosterg Lenchen~E.G.~, Schlos Reichharshausen
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

DEUTELSBERGGrosslage     @Hattenheim

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Hattenheim
    • Einzellage- Engelmannsberg~E.G.~, Hasslel~E.G.~(32,7ha.), Heiligenberg~E.G.~, Mannberg~E.G.~(6ha.), Nubbrunnen~E.G.~(10ha.), Pfaffenberg~E.G.~(6ha.), Schutzenhaus~E.G.~(52ha.),  Steinberg~E.G.~,(37ha.), Wisselbrunnen~E.G.~(17ha.)
  • VITICULTURE- ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Hessische Staatsweinguter, Kloster Eberbach, Kaugmann

HONIGBERGGrosslage     @Erbach

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Erbach, Mittleheim, Winkel
    • Einzellage- Biennengarten, Dachsberg, Edelmann~E.G.~, Goldberg,  Gutenberg~E.G.~, Hasensprung~E.G.~, Hohenrain(14.8ha.), Klaus,  Jesuitsgarten~E.G.~(23ha.),  Marcobrunn(7ha.), Schlosberg~E.G.~(6ha.), Siegelberg(15ha.),  St. Nikolaus~E.G.~
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- FB. Schonlbeer

HEILEGENSTOCKGrosslage     @Keidrich

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Kiedrich
    • Einzellage- Grafenberg~E.G.~(10ha.), Klosterberg Sandgrub~E.G.~, Turmberg(3.7ha.), Wasseros~E.G.~
  • VITICULTURE-   ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Robert Weil

STEINMACHERGrosslage     @Eltville

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Central), On~Rhine~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Eltville, Martinsthal, Niederwalluf, Oberwalluf, Rauenthalm, Walluf, Wiesbaden, Orsteil Doltzheim/ Frauenstein/ Schierstein
    • Einzellage- Berg-Bildstock, Baiken~E.G.~(13.4ha.), Fitusberg, Gehrn~E.G.~, Herrnberg, Homberg,  Judenkirch, Kalbspflicht~E.G.~, Langenberg~E.G.~, Langenstuck~E.G.~, Marschall, Nonnenberg(Laps)(5.5ha.), Oberberg Rheinberg~E.G.~, Rodchen~E.G.~, Rothenburg~E.G.~, Sonnenberg~E.G.~, Sandgrub(Laps), Taubenberg~E.G.~, Walkenberg, Wildsau~E.G.~, Wulfen~E.G.~
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Hessische Staatsweinguter Kloster Eberbach, JB. Becker

Eastern Rheingau

DAUBHAUSGrosslage     @Hochheim

    • BEREICHE-Johannisberg(Eastern), On~Main~River~(Right Bank)
    • Villages- Boddiger, Florsheim, Frankfurt, Hochheim, Massenheim, Wicker
    • Einzellage- Berg, Burg Bofmeister~E.G.~, Domdechaney~E.G.~(10ha.), Herrnberg~E.G.~,  Hofmeister, Holle~E.G.~(43ha.), Konigin Victoriaberg~E.G.~, Konig Wilhelmsberg, Kirchenstuck~E.G.~(15ha.),  Lankreis, Melsungen Berg, Lohrberger Hang, Monchsgewann~E.G.~, Nonnberg(Laps),  Reichesthal~E.G.~(28ha.), Sommerheil, Steig, Stein~E.G.~, Stielweg~E.G.~, Weiberd~E.G.~
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Franz Kunstler, Domdechant Werner, Joachim Flick, Kunstler, Schloss Schonborn

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