ENGLAND IS   Vineyards700  Wineries130     @London

  • WHITE= Chardonnay 30%, Bacchus 7%, Seyval Blanc 6%, Muller Thurgau 4%, Reichensteiner 5%, Schonburger 3%, Madeleine Angevine 3%, Auxerrois, Huxelrebe, Kerner, Kernling, Orion, Ortega, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Regner, Riesling, Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Solaris, Wurzer
  • RED= Pinot Noir 31%, Pinot Munieur 9%, Rondo 3%, Carignan, Dornfelder, Durif, Fruhburgunder, Garnacha, Nebbiolo, Pinotage, Regents, Siegrebbe, Wurzer, Wrothham Pinot

GEOGRAPHY REGION-Western Europe(North-East), COUNTY-England,  LATITUDE: 50°- 52° N

  • Regions- East Anglia, South Midlands, Midlands, South-Central, South-East, South-West
  • Sub-Zones- Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Camel Valley, Cornwall, Cotswolds, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Surrey, Suxxex, Rutland, Warwaickshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire

TOPOGRAPHY FEATURES– “Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly/ Valley(Severn, Thames)

  • SLOPES/ ?. +Alt. 105- ?
  • Aspect, Altitude, Shelter From Prevailing Winds All Important When Planning Out Vineyards.
  • Kimmeridgian Ridge- Limestone Ridge/ Basin, A Crescent Shape, That Runs From Southern England and Curves Down Into France Through the Regions of Champagne and Burgundy and Continues to Curve Into the Region of Loire Valley.
    • North Downs Formation/ “White Cliffs of Dover”- Cliffs That From Part of the English Coastline In the Strait of Dover Between France.

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Kimmeridgian, Limestone, Chalk, Green Sand

  • **Refer to TERROIR/ Geology & Soil For Detailed Information On Soils.

CLIMATE Atlantic, Cold Climate Viticulture, Warmer, Drier In Southern England.

  • *Summers– Warm/ Semi-Dry   |   *Winters– Cold/ Wet
  • Different Weather Compete For Space Over England. Being a Island Between a Massive Mass of Water(Atlantic Ocean) and the Massive Land Mass of Europe Its Location is Always Susceptible to Great In Weather.
  • England is Slightly Warmed by the Gulf Stream Which Bring Warmer Water From the Caribbean Sea, Up Across the Atlantic and Influences the UK. Weather.
  • CONTENTIOUS ISSUE! Climate Change Has Been Beneficial to English Viticulture!
    • YESClimate Change is Here, Wether It’s Man-Made or a Cycle of the Earth. Regardless of What Causes Climate Change Places Like England Has Benefit Dramatically With Better Wine Quality and Vintage Consistency.
    • NOClimate Change is Bad For Every Person and Wine Growing Area On Earth and Your Website Should Be Shut Down For the Meer Fact That You Are Peddling This Idea and Misinformation, Even In Your Op.-Ed/ Contentious Issue Section.

VITICULTURE 2,850ha. Planted,  (80% White/ 20% Red)

  • England is- #50 In Grape Production/ #18 In Wine Consumption In World.  
  • Long Cool Growing Season Leads to Low Sugar Levels But Developed Phenolic Ripeness.
  • One of Highest Grape Growing Latitudes, at the Fringe of Grape Ripening.  This Has Been Amediated by Climate Change Which Has Lead to Less Vintage Variation and 65% of Grapes Harvested Are For Sparkling Wine Production, Which is Picked Slightly Underripe.
  • *Furthest Latitude 52° @Tayside, Scotland


  • Claret- English Term For Clear Light-Red Wines Being Produced In the St. Emilion/ Bordeaux Region That Was Ready to Ship and Drink Early In Time For Christmas. This Claret Became Popular In the 1400’s & 1500’s. Once the Barrel Was Opened it Oxidized Quickly and Because of This Honey Was Added to Mask Flavor.
  • Plonk- English Slang For an Inexpensive Bottle of Wine.
  • Ice Wine- Hattingley Valley(Bacchus Grape)
  • WINE BARRELS~ ~English Tun~ 982 Liters (England)
  • WINE BARRELS~ ~British Barrel~ 164 Liters (England)

HISTORY 2,000 Years of Viticulture

  • 100 BC. @England  Romans Planted Vine In England During Their Occupation.
  • 2000 @England New Wave of Sparkling Winemaking.


  • The French Connection
    • In 1152’s With the Marriage of Between the Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine (Ruler of Present Day Bordeaux) With Henry Plantagenet (The Man Who Would Be King of England In 1154 Becoming The Duke of Normandy.), Uniting the Province of Aquitaine Part of the Angevin Empire. One of the Benefits Was the Exemption From the Grand Coutume(The Export Tax Imposted On Ships Exporting From Bordeaux).  This Brought Hundreds of Years of Peace and Prosperity Between the Two Regions. Bordeaux Wines Had a New Wine Market and the Grape Industry Boomed.
    • England Has Always Been One of the Most Influential International Wine Markets Over the Past 1,000 Years. As Well As Influence On the Wine Trade In General England Has Help Influence Individual Wine Styles Including, Claret, Madeira, Marsala, Port Sherry and Champagne. Since Britain Has No Direct Alliance With Any One Wine Region, They Influence and have Been Influenced by Other Countries Fashions, Economics, Politics and War. Lead by Power of a King & Queen, Strong Political Power, a “Well to do” Upper and Middle Class, and a Thriving Commercial Empire Backed Up With a Respected Navy Britten has Always Been a Major Playing In the Worlds Wine Trade.
    • During Frequent Periods of War With France Over the Centuries Britten Has had to Seek Out New and Diverse Wine Market. This Has Elevated Other Wine Markets In Order to Quench Their Thirst.
  • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~United Kingdom Vineyard Association~ UKVA.
    • ~English Wine Producers~
    • ~Wines of Great Britain~
      • Mission~ To Advance the Multiple Interests of All Its Members to Establish Great Britain as One of the Worlds Great Quality Wine Regions.
  • PIONEERS– ~Gerard Basset~ England, Master Sommelier, Master of Wine, Award Winning, and Hotelier.
    • ~Micheal Broadbent~ England, 1927-2020
      • Master of Wine, Wine Critic, Author, Auctioneer(Christie’s In London).
    • ~Jancis Robinson~ England, Master of Wine, Journalist, Wine-Critic/Writer, Website.
    • ~Hugh Johnson~ England, Wine-Writer/ Author/ Expert.
    • ~Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones~ Hampshire, One of First to Successfully Plant Grapes In England.
    • ~Harry Waugh~ England, Wine Merchant, Harveys of Bristol, Mentor to Many In Mid 1900’s.
    • ~Steven Spurrier~ England, Wine Expert and Former Wine Merchant/ Set Up Judgement of Paris Tasting.


  • FESTIVALS~ ~Raw Wine Fair~ (March/ London)
    • ~London Wine Fair~ (May/ London)
    • ~Oxford Wine Festival~ (September/ Oxford, England)
  • GASTRONOMY… Fish & Chips
    • CHEESE… Berkswell(Ewe/ Hard),  Cheshire(Cow/ Hard),  Cheddar(Cow/ Hard),  Stichelton(Cow/ Blue), Stilton(Cow/ Blue), Wensleydale(Cow/ Ewe/ Semi-Hard)
  • WINNER Worlds Best~ DtheV.com Awards- Best Wine City In Europe-London  (3rd. Place)
    • **Refer to WINE CULTURE/ Derek’s Top 6 List For Detailed Information.


  • GOVERNING BODY United Kingdom Vineyard Association UKVA.
    • Protected Designation of Origin PDO.
    • Protected Geographic Indicator PGI.
  • LAWS GOVERNING- Geographic Boundaries, Topography
    • Label Requirement-
  • ENGLISH SPARKLING- SPARKLING…Method/ Traditional & Charmat
    • WHITE= Auxerrois, Chardonnay, Muller-Thurgau, Reichensteiner, Seyval Blanc
      RED= Bacchus, Pinot Noir, Pinot Munieur

  • GEOGRAPHIC DISCLAIMER~ To Understand the Wine World and Benefit From DtheV.com a Understanding of England’s Geography is Needed and the Ability to Visualize Its Wine Regions Topography.  England is Organized In a North to South / East to West Orientation and Intended to Be Researched as So.

ENGLAND PDO.     @Entire Country

SOUTH-WEST   @Cornwall, Dorset

  • GEOGRAPHY– England(South), REGION-South-West, Multi-Appellation
    • Sub-Zones- Camel Valley/ Darnibole, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Limestone, Chalk, Ancient Marine Fossils
  • VITICULTURE- 290 ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

CORNWALL     @Cornwall

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Reichensteiner, Seyval Blanc
  • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West, SUB-ZONE-Cornwall
    • BORDERS-Devon(North-East), CITIES-Cornwall, Truro
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling On~Coast/ English~Channel~On~Carmel~River~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Bosue, Camel Valley(Sparkling), Knightor, Pale Park, Polgoon, Polmassick, Tregonininny, Trevibban Mill
  • CAMEL VALLEY/ Darnibole PDO.      @Camel Valley
    • WHITE= Bacchus
    • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
    • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West, SUB-ZONE-Cornwall
    • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Carmel~River~
    • VITICULTURE-  ?  haPlanted
    • VINICULTURE- 100% Bacchus, No Acidification, De-Acidification, No Chapitazation/ Sweetening, Hand Harvesting
      • Estate/ Producers- Camel Valley
      • Vineyards- Darnibole(11ha.)

DEVON      @Devon

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay, Madeleine Angevine, Pinot Gris,  Sauvignon Blanc
  • RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West, SUB-ZONE-Devon
    • BORDERS-Cornwall(South-West)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Dalwood(Co.-Op.), Heron, Lyme Bay, Pebblebed, Sandridge Barton, Sharpham, Uphill, Venn Valley
    • Vineyards- Alder(6ha.), Brick House, Castlewood, Eastcott, Hooperhayne, Lily Farm, Lyme Bay“Estate”, Manstree, Southcote

SOMERSET      @Somerset

  • WHITE= Bacchus
  • RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West(North), SUB-ZONE-Somerset
    • CITIES-Bristal, Bruton
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Aldwick Court, Bath Wine, Combe Hay, Curload, Dunleavy, Durslade, Mudgley, Oatley, Perch Hill, Smith & Evans, Sparrow Hill, Sutton Ridge, Wayford Westcountry
    • Vineyards- Bardfield, Dunkery, Fenny CastleMumfords, Oatley

DORSET     @Dorset

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay
  • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Rondo
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West(South-East), SUB-ZONE-Dorest
    • CITIES-Dorchester, Weymouth
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Coast/ English~Channel~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?   haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Bride Valley(10ha.), English Oak(23ac.), Furleigh, Langham, Melbury Vales Portesham, D’Urberville, Sherborne Castle
    • Vineyards- Furleigh“Estate
    • GASTRONOMY…   \   CHEESE Cheddar(Cow/ Hard)

WILTSHIRE     @Wiltshire

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Seyval Blanc, Schonburger
  • RED= ?
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West(North-East), SUB-ZONE-Wiltshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE- ?   haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Bow In the Cloud
    • Vineyards- Moor Hill, Offbeat, Southcott, Whitehall(14ac.)


  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-Central, Multi-Appellation
    • Sub-Zones- Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling

HAMPSHIRE       @Southhampton

  • WHITE= Angevine, Bucchus, Chardonnay, Ortega, Pinot Gris, Reichensteiner, Seyval Blanc
  • RED= Dornfelder, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Triomphe
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-Central, SUB-ZONE-Hampshire, Multi-Appellation
    • BORDERS-Surrey(North-East), Sussex(South-East)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Valley(Test), On~Coast/ English~Channel~
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Limestone
  • VITICULTURE- 229 haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Berry Bros & Rudd, Birchenwood, Black Chalk, Brookhill, Calleva, Charlie Herring, Coach House, Coates & Seely, Cottonworth, Dunley, East Meon, Exton Park(22ha.), Forest Edge, Goodworth Clatford, The Grange(Sparkling), Hattingley, Hambledon, Jenkyn Place, Lone Farm, Louis Pommery, Marlings, Middlecot Manor, Money’s Farm, North Court, Pinglestone, Priors Dean, Quob Park, Raimes(Sparkling, Titchfield, Tratton, Vranken-Pommery, Wharie, Woodberry
    • Vineyards- Beaulieu, Birchenwood, Bishop’s, Cottonworth, Court Lane, Danebury, Exton Park“Estate”, Hambledon“Estate”, Nyetimber, Poppydown
  • HISTORY-  Hambledon Vineyard, Gets Credit For Being First Successful Modern English Winery.
    • PIONEERS~ ~Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones~ 1952, One of First to Successfully Plant Grapes In Hambledon, Hampshire, England.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE      @Buckingham

  • WHITE=            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-Central, SUB-ZONE-Buckinghamshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE- ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers
    • Vineyards- Daws Hill, Dropmore, Hale Valley, Manor Fields

BERKSHIRE     @Berkshire

  • WHITE= ?        |    RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-Central, SUB-ZONE-Berkshire
    • CITIES-Hungerford
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Valley(Kennet)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE- ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Alders Ridge, Old Luxters, Winding Wood, Windsor Great Park
    • Vineyards-

OXFORDSHIRE      @Oxford

  • WHITE=   ?       |    RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-Central, SUB-ZONE-Oxfordhire
    • CITIES-Henley-On-Thames
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, SLOPES/ Thames Valley Bowl, +Alt. ?
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Flinty, Chalky, Marl
  • VITICULTURE- ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers
    • Vineyards- Bothy, Bridewell, Brightwell, Devils Hill, Dreaming Squires, Fairmile(3 ha.), Fawley, Grange Farm, Kidmore, Linch Hill, Oaken Grove

SOUTH-EAST         @

  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-East, Multi-Appellation
    • Sub-Zones- East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, West Sussex
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary
    • Chalk, Greensand, Gault, Weald Clay, Wedhurst Clay, Ashdown Sands
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE- 1,922 ha.
  • CULTURE- WINE TRAILS~ ~South-East Wine Route~

SURREY        @Guildord

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay, Ortega, Pinot Gris, Seyval Blanc
  • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-East, SUB-ZONE-Surrey
    • South-West of London-City(     km.), CITIES-Dorking, Guildford
    • Sub-Zones- Surrey Hills
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, SLOPES/ North Downs/ Surrey Hills, +Alt. ?
  • SOILS- Metamorphic”, “Sedimentary”, Chalk/ Limestone
  • CLIMATE- Warmest Region In United Kingdom
  • VITICULTURE- 129 ha. Planted,  Botrytis
    • Estate/ Producers- Albury, Chilworth Manor, Chinthurst Hill, Denbie’s, Godstone, Greyfriars, Hattingley Valley(Pommery), High Clandon, Hillcross, Iron Railway, Leonardslee, Litmus, Pewley Down, Punchbowl Valley, RHS Wisley
    • Vineyards- Goose Green, Greyfriars“Estate”, High Clandon

KENT     @Canterbury

  • WHITE= Albarino, Bacchus, Chardonnay, Ortega, Pinot Gris
  • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-East, SUB-ZONE-Kent,  @Hw.#A2/ M20
    • South-East of London-City(71km.), BORDERS-Sussex(South)
    • CITIES-Biddenden, Canterbury, Chilham, Faversham, Hawkenbury, Maidstone, Staplehursh, Westerham
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Stour~River~
    • On~Thames~Estuary~/ English~Channel~
  • VITICULTURE- 327 ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Balfour, Bardingley Farm, Barnsole, Barons Place, Biddenden, Brabourne, Chapel Down(E./22ha.), Chartham, Evremond(Taittinger) Gusbourne(Sparkling), Heppington, Hush Heath(E./54ha.), Meophams Valley, Mereworth, Mount, Mystole, Oastbrook, Ridgeview, Savage, Simpsons, Squerryes(Sparkling), Terlingham, Taittinger, Wayfarer, West Fisher, Westwell, White Acre
    • Vineyards- Balfour, Bardingley, Barnsole, Kit’s Coty, Mount“Estate”, Sandhurst, SquerryesEstate
  • CULTURE- Kent is Also Known as “The Garden of England”.
  • GOING THERE- Guided Tour of Chapel Down Vineyards and Winery.

SUSSEX PDO.       @Sussex

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Seyval Blanc
  • RED=  Donfelder, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-East, SUB-ZONE-Sussex
    • On~Coast/ English~Channel~(Near/5km.)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Limestone Chalk
  • VITICULTURE- 687 haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers-(Not Found In Demarcated Sub-Zone) Bardfield, Blackbook, Bolney, Bonney, Coolhurst, Danbury Ridge, Dedham Vale, Hoffmann & Rathbone, Nutbourne, Off the Line, Rathfinny, Ridgewiew, Sugrue South Downs, Tillingham
    • Vineyards-(Not Found In Demarcated Sub-Zone) Coolhurst“Estate”, Foxhole, Sedlescombe, West Street
    • CULTURE- ACADEMICS~ ~Plumpton College~
      • Specialized~ Masters Degrees In Viticulture & Oenology
  • WEST SUSSEX      @Chichester
    • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc
    • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot, Noir
    • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-East, SUB-ZONE-Sussex
      • CITIES-West Ashling
    • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt. 120mt., On~Arun~River~
      • On~Coast/ English~Channel~
    • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Limestone, Chalk
    • VITICULTURE- 297 ha. Planted
      • Estate/ Producers- Albourne, Ambriel, Ashling Park, Blackdown Ridge, Bolney, Cheniston, Coren, Dillions, Highdown, Kinsbrook, Mannings Heath, Nutbourne, Nyetimber, Plumpton, Roebuck(Sparkling), Redfold, Springfields, Stopham, South Saxon, Stopham, Tillington, Tinwood, Wiston Estate(6.5ha.)
      • Vineyards- Stopham“Estate”, Upperton
  • EAST SUSSEX      @Lewes
    • WHITE= Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc
    • RED= Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
    • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-South-West, SUB-ZONE-Sussex
      • CITIES-Brighton, Rotherfield
    • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Coast/ English~Channel~, On~Ouse~River~
    • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Sandy Silt
    • VITICULTURE- 234 haPlanted
      • Estate/ Producers- Black Dog Hill, Bluebell(25 ha.), Breaky Botton, Busi Jacobsohn, Carr Taylor, Charles Palmer(Sparkling), Clayton Farm, Compton Combe, Court Garden, Davenport(24ac.), Digby Fine English, Fox & Fox(Sparkling), Great Barn, Henners(Sparkling), Hidden Springs, Hoffmann & Rathbone, Limden, Mayfield, Mountfield, Off the Line, Redgeview, Sedlescombe(23ac.), Sugrue Pierre, Westmeston, Wildwood, Winklestone, Wiston
      • Vineyards- Albourne, Albury, Bluebell, Bodiam, Carr Taylor, Downsview, Great Barn, Oxney, Sedlescombe“Estate”, Tillingham

EAST ANGLIA      @Norfolk, Suffolk

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay, Huxelrebe, Reichensteiner
  • RED= Pinot Noir, Rondo
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South-East), REGION-East Anglia, Multi-Appellation
    • COUNTIES– Norfolk, Suffolk, Sub-Zones- Norfolk, Sufffolk
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, More Clay, Less Chalk
  • VITICULTURE- 131 haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Tuffon Hall

NORFOLK     @Norfolk

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Seyval Blanc, Solaris
  • RED= Pinot Noir, Rondo
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-East Anglia, SUB-ZONE-Norfolk
    • BORDERS-Suffolk(South), CITIES-Norwich, Weston Longville
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Coast/ English~Channel~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Babu’s, Burn Valley, Chet & Waveney Valley, Congham, Thelnetham, Three Mills, Winbirri(10ha.)
    • Vineyards- Ashby Valley, Babu’s, Flint, Sustead Lane

SUFFOLK     @Suffold

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Chardonnay
  • RED= ?
  • GEOGRAPHY- England(South), REGION-East Anglia, SUB-ZONE-Suffolk
    • BORDERS-Norfolk(North), CITIES-Woodbridge
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Coast/ English~Channel~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Burnt Foot, Coopers Croft, Copdock Hall, DJ Wines, Giffords Hall, Scarff’s, Staverton, Valley Farm
    • Vineyards- Giffords Hall, Knettishall, Lavenham, Oak Hill

MIDLANDS North       @

  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-Midlands North, Multi-Appellation
    • Sub-Zones- Lincolnshire, Northhamptonshire, Yorkshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling

YORKSHIRE     @Yorkshire

  • WHITE= Aligote            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-Midlands North, SUB-ZONE-Yorkshire
    • CITIES-York
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-   ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Carlton Towers, Dunesforde, Little Wold, Sutton Grange, Trapping Hill
    • Vineyards- Bolton Castle, Laurel Vines, Sutton Grange“Estate

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE      @Northhampton

  • WHITE=            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-Midlands North, SUB-ZONE-Northhamptonshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Grove Farm, New Lodge, Painters, Vernon Lodge, Welland Valley
    • Vineyards– Brigstock, Four Oaks

LINCOLNSHIRE     @Lincolshire

  • WHITE= Bacchus      |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-Midlands North, SUB-ZONE-Lincolnshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Coast/ English~Channel~
  • VITICULTURE-   ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers-
    • Vineyards- Gog Magog, Laneberg Wine, Ovens Farm, Shire, Three Sisters

SOUTH MIDLANDSWest & East       @

  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, Multi-Appellation
    • SUB-ZONES-Buckinghamshire, Cotwolds, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Warwaickshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling


  • WHITE=            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, SUB-ZONE-Nottinghamshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE- ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Eglantine, Hanwell, Womack’s
    • Vineyards-


  • WHITE=            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, SUB-ZONE-Buckinghamshire
    • CITIES-Aylesbury, Buckingham, Burnham
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Daws Hill, Dinton, Dropmore, Harrow & Hope, Hughenden, Walnut Cottage
    • Vineyards-


  • WHITE= Seyval Blanc
  • RED= Pinot Noir, Regents
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, SUB-ZONE-Warwaickshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling, On~Teme~River~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?   haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers-
    • Vineyards- Bearley, Bolton Castle, Easing Hill, Vigornia, Welcombe Hill


  • WHITE=            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, SUB-ZONE-Leicestershire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Chevel
      Vineyards- Eglantine, Grace Dieu, Kingfisher’s Pool, Rothley, Walton Brooks

RUTLAND      @Rutland

  • WHITE=            |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, SUB-ZONE-Rutland
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE- ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers-
    • Vineyards-

HERTFORDSHIRE      @Hereford

  • WHITE= Cardonnay        |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, REGION-South-Midlands, SUB-ZONE-Herefordshire
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-   ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Castle Brook, Coddington, Sixteen Ridges, Tring, Upper Foxbury, The Vineyard
    • Vineyards- Beeches, Castle Brook“Estate”, Four Acre, Sparchall

COTSWOLDS     @Cotswolds

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Ortega, Pinot Gris, Seyval
  • RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England, In South-Midlands(?), SUB-ZONE-Cotswolds
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers-
    • Vineyards- Woodchester Valley

ESSEX     @???

  • WHITE= Bacchus, Ortega, Pinot Gris, Seyval
  • RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- England,
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling
  • VITICULTURE-  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Producers- Thorrington Mill, Toppesfield, West Street
    • Vineyards-


WALES IS–  Wineries 20     @Cardiff

  • WHITE= Albariño, Chardonnay, Bacchus, Seyval Blanc, Muller Thurgau, Schonburger 3%, Madeleine Angevine 3%, Ortega, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Regner
  • RED= Pinot Noir, Pinot Munieur, Rondo, Dornfelder


  • CITIES-Monmouthshire, LATITUDE: 52.13° N

TOPOGRAPHY FEATURES– “Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Kimmeridgian, Limestone, Chalk, Green Sand

  • **Refer to TERROIR/ Geology & Soil For Detailed Information On Soils.

CLIMATE Atlantic, Cold Climate Viticulture, Warmer, Drier In Southern England

  • *Summers– Warm/ Semi-Dry   |   *Winters– Cold/ Wet
  • Wales is Slightly Warmed by the Gulf Stream Which Bring Warmer Water From the Caribbean Sea, Up Across the Atlantic and Influences the UK. Weather.

VITICULTURE  ha., (    % White/    % Red)

VINICULTURE  Labeled by Producer/ Vineyard or United Kingdom Table Wine.

  • Estate/ Producers– Ancre Hill, Cwm Deri, Glyndwr, Gwinllan, Gwinllan Y Dyffryn, Llanerch, Llaethliw, Mawddach, Meadow View, Montgomery, Parva Farm, Penarth, Red Wharf Bay, Sugar Loaf, Vyrnwy, White Castle
  • Vineyards- Vale


  • 1875 @Castell Coch First Successful Vineyard Planted.

CULTURE–  History of Mead Production, Wool Cultivation.

  • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~United Kingdom Vineyard AssociationUKVA.
  • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~Welsh Vineyard AssociationWVA.


  • WINE TRAILS~ ~Wine Trail Wales~

WELSH PDO.     @Entire Country

**Refer to BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.