BEAUJOLAIS IS    AOC.- 5     ~Grand Cru10       @Lyon

  • BLANC= Aligote, Chardonnay, Pinot Beurot AKA=Pinot Gri, Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot Blanc
  • ROUGE= Gamay 96%, Pinot Noir, Pinot Liebault

GEOGRAPHY France, REGION-Burgundy(South), SUB-REGION-Beaujolais, LATITUDE: 46.08° N

  • DEPARTMENTS-Rhone, Saone-et-Loire, BORDERS-Maconais(Laps/ North)
  • 42 km. Long


  • SLOPES/ Massif Central/ Haut-Beaujolais Mountains/ Mont du Bessay Mountains, +Alt.162mt.-420mt.
  • ON PLAIN/ Beaujolais(Above), On~Saone~River~
  • VOLANISM~Mt. Brouilly~(Dormant)

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Alluvial Clay

  • Granite Sub-Soil, Metamorphic Andicite/ Schist, Granite/ Pink Granite, Sand, Schist, Limestone, Clay
  • Blue Stone(Meta-Diorite) 400 Million Year Old Basaltic Stone From Divonian Sea.
  • Lardon(Iron Oxide, Granite, Silica)

CLIMATE Continental

VITICULTURE  ? ha. Planted,  Strong Organic and Biodynamic Culture

  • CHALLENGES– Spring/ Fall, Frost, Hail, Rain, Cold

VINICULTURE Generally Know For Carbonic Maceration/ Semi Carbonic Maceration.

  • **Refer to VITICULTURE/ Carbonic Maceration For Detailed Information.
  • LABELING– Sometimes Producers Use Name of Domaine and/ or Family Name On Label.


  • 1395 @Burgundy/ BeaujolaisBurgundian Duc Phillipe le Hardi…Philip the Bold Booted the Gamay Grape From Burgundy and Banished it to Beaujolais.


  • PIONEERS~Gang of Four~ (With the Leadership of Jules Chauvet.)
    • ~Marcel Lapuerre~,  ~Guy Breton~,  ~ Jean Paul Thevenet~,   ~Jean Follard~,  ~Yvon Metras~ (5th. Member)
      • ~Etymology~ Named Coined by Kermit Lynch, This Gang of Four Lead a Movement Back to Natural Wines.
    • ~Franck Duboeuf~ Catalyst For Building International Reputation For Beaujolais Wines.
  • WINE SCANDALS~ ~Georges Buboeuf’s Beaujolais~ 
    • 2005, Accused of Blending Lower Grade Gamay Into Beaujolais Premier Cru Wines.
  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY?  When Thinking of Burgundy as a Whole is it Better to Think of Beaujolais as a Separate, Distinct Region Rather Than Burgundy as One?”
    • Due to It’s Separate Area All Distinct as to Geography, Topography, Viticulture and Viniculture Practices Its Good to Think of Beaujolais as Separate as to the Overall  Identity of Burgundy.

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Classification of Beaujolais

BEAUJOLAIS AOC.     @Beaujolais

  • BLANC= Chardonnay   |   ROUGE= Gamay, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Burgundy(South), In Beaujolais(Greater)
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Clay, Granite, Flint, Slate
  • VINICULTURE- +10%, +ABV.


  • VINICULTURE- Harvested/ Vinified/ Produced/ Packaged/Shipped All Over the World Within 2 Month of Harvest.
    • Vin de L’Annee- This Years Wine.
    • Carbonic Maceration/ Whole Berry Fermentation- Vinification Practice Where Whole Grapes Bunches Are Fermented In a Oxygen-Less, Carbon Dioxide Environment.
    • Estate/ Producers
    • ~Beaujolais Nouveau Races~ November 15, 1974 is the Day the Phenomenon Started, the Beaujolais Race. Annual National Race In November Carrying the First Bottle of the New Vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau From Beaujolais to Paris.  Now There Are Multiple Races In Which the Goal is to Get the First Bottle of the Vinetage to Different Markets.
    • PIONEERS~ ~George Duboeuf~
      • Came Up With Idea as Marketing Tool For Selling Young Wine Within Weeks of Harvest -Good Cash Flow and Way to Clear Out the Wine.


  • BLANC=    |   ROUGE= Gamay
  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Burgundy(South), In Beaujolais AOC.
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-


  • BLANC= Chardonnay   |    ROUGE= Gamay, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Burgundy(South), In Beaujolais AOC.
    • Sub-Zones- Northern Zone, Central Zone, Southern Zone, VILLAGES-(38)-
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Claire Chante, Manoir du Carra, Nicolas Chemarin, Trenel


  • VINICULTURE–  48 haPlanted
  • VITICULTURE–  1,200 Producers, 150 Négociants, 12 Co-Operitives
  • MNEMONIC For Remembering Beaujolais Grand Cru
    • J     St.     C      M     F     C    M    R     B     C

JULIENAS~Grand Cru~     @Julienas

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(North-West)
    • BORDERS-St. Amour(East)
    • VILLAGES-Julienas, Julie, Emeringes, Pruzilly
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains, +Alt. 396mt.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Schist, Blue Volcanic
  • VITICULTURE- 586ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Chateau de Julienas, Chers, Chignard, Clos Du Fief, David-Beaupere, Joseph Burrier, Lapierre & Pacalet, La Sceur Cadette
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Named After the Roman Leader Julius Caesar.

ST. AMOUR~Grand Cru~      @

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(North-East)
    • BORDERS-Julienas(West)
  • TOPOGRAPHY Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains,+Alt. 320mt.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Clay, Granite, Flint, Slate
  • VITICULTURE- 320ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Belleverne, Billards(5.2ha.), Dominique Piron, Joseph Burrier, Pierre-Marie Chermette, Des Pierres, Pins
    • Lieux-Dits/ Vineyards-

CHENAS~Grand Cru~ 1/2/3       @Chenas

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(North)
    • BORDERS-Julienas(North), Moulin-a-Vent(South)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ HillySLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Pink Granite, Quartz
  • VITICULTURE- 227ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-  Clos du Fief(1.6ha.), Ed. Loiseau, Hubert Lapeirre, Pascal Aufran
    • Lieux-Dits/ Vineyards-

MOULIN-a VENT~Grand Cru~ 1/2/3       @

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(North)
    • BORDERS-Chenas(North), Fleurie(West)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains, +Alt. 228mt.-420mt.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Granite, Sand, Manganese, Pint Granite
  • VITICULTURE- 611ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-  Alert Bichot, Cave du Chenas, Clos du Fief, Couvent des Thorins, Henry Fessy, Jacques, Joseph Drouhin, Joseph-Paul Brun, Labruyere, Manoir du Carra, Moulin-a-Vent(4.4ha.), Richard Rottiers, Yahan Lardy
    • Lieux-Dits/ Vineyards-(71)- Champ de Cour
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Named After the Historical Wine-Mill In the Area.

FLEURIE~Grand Cru~ 7        @Fleurie

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(North-Central)
    • BORDERS-Chiroubles(West), Moulin-a-Vent(East)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ HillySLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains, +Alt.?
    • Fleurie is Said to Have 12 Different Topographical Sub-Zones
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Pink Granite
  • VITICULTURE- 822ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Baligny, La Bouroneire, De la Chaize, Chignard, Clos de la Roilette, Deduits, Dutraive, De Fleurie(4.4ha.), Grand’Cour, Grand Garant, Julien Sunier, Metras, Marrans, Maison L’Envoye(Multi-National), Maison Passot(11ha.), Poncie, Patrick Chodot, Quatre Vents(12ha.), Yvon Metras(Bio.Dy.)

CHIROUBLES~Grand Cru~ 8     @Chiroubles

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(North-Central)
    • BORDERS-Morgan(South), Fleurie(East)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains, +Alt. 250mt.-500mt.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Granite, Sand/ Gore
  • VITICULTURE- 314ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Cheysson, Damien Coquelet, Daniel Bouland, Dom des Marrans, Pontheux, Raousset

MORGON~Grand Cru~ 1/2/3      @Villie-Morgon

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(Central)
    • BORDERS-Chiroubles(North), Regnie(South-West)
    • Sub-Zone- La Charmes, Corcelette, Cote du Py, Douby, Grand Cras
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains, +Alt. 320 mt.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Granite, Blue Stone, Schist, Alluvial Deposits
  • VITICULTURE- 1,000ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Albert Bichot, Annick Bachelet, La Beche, Chatelard, Durette, Des Gaudets, Gerard Brisson, Guy Breton, Jean-Ernest Descombes(12ha.), Jean Foilard, Jean-Paul & Charly Thevenet, Joseph Burrier, Karim Vionnet, Louis Claude Desvignes, Marcel Lapierre, Des Marrans, Mee Godard, Mont Chavy(18ha.), Penlois(28ha.)
    • Lieux-Dits/ Vineyards- Les Charmes, Cote du Py

REGNIE~Grand Cru~ 10      @

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(South-Central)
    • BORDERS-Morgon(North-East), Brouilly(South)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ HillySLOPES/ Mont du Bessay Mountains
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Granite, Sand
  • VITICULTURE- 428ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Antoine Sunier, Charly Thevenet, Ducroux(Bio.Dy.), Guy Breton, Jean-Marc Burgaud, Maison des Bulliats, Pignard(Bio.Dy.), Pizay, Reyssiers, Rochette

BROUILLY~Grand Cru~ 9     @Odenas

  • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(South)
    • In Cote de Brouilly(Interior), BORDERS-Regnie(North), @Hw.#D43/ D337
    • COMMUNES-(6)-Surrounding Mont Brouilly
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mt. Brouilly/ Hill, Dormant Volcano
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary
    • Clay, Limestone, Siliceous, Diorite(Blue Volcanic Debris)
  • VITICULTURE- 1,300ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Charize(E./101ha.), Georges Descombes, George Duboeuf, Jean-Claude Lapalu, Remy Dufaitre, Thivin, Tours, Vissoux
    • Vineyards- Les Sept Vignes
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Brouilly Refers to Brulius, a Roman Leader Who Planted Vines Here 2,000 Years Ago.
  • COTE De BROUILLY~Grand Cru~      @Odenas
    • GEOGRAPHY- France, REGION-Beaujolais, Cru Beaujolais(South), In Brouilly(Interior)
      • COMMUNES-Cercie, Odenas, Quincie-en-Beaujolais, Saint-Lager
    • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous
      • SLOPES/ Mt. Brouilly/ Hill, Dormant Volcano
    • SOILS- Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary”, Granite
      • Blue Stone(Meta-Diorite), (Blue Volcanic Debris) Composed of Silicate minerals: Feldspar, Andesine, Biotite, Hornblende, Pryoxene)
    • VITICULTURE- 322ha. Planted
      • Estate/ Producers- Chaize(.5ha.), Nicole Chanrion, Roches Bleues, Thivin, Voute des Croxes

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