PIEMONTE IS  DOC.- 42    DOCG.- 17     IGP.- 0     @Torino

  • BIANCO= Arneis, Baratuciat, Bianchetta di Saluzzo, Bian Ver AKA=Verdessa, Carica l’Asino, Cascarolo, Cortese, Erbaluce, Favorita AKA=Vermentino, Luglienga, Malvasia, Nascetta, Priverail, Rossese Bianco, Timorasso
    • Internazionale Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Moscato AKA=Muscat Petite Grains, Müller Thurgau, Pinot Blanco, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sylvaner, Welschriesling
  • ROSSO= Barbera 31%, Dolcetto 13%, Nebbiolo 10% AKA=Spanna/ Chiavennasco, Albarossa, Avana, Avarengo, Becuet, Brachetto, Brachettone del Roero, Bonarda AKA=Croatina, Brunetta di Rivoli, Bubbierasco, Bundula, Cardin, Cellerina,  Chatus, Ciliegiolo, Doux d’Henry, Durasa, Freisa, Gamba Rossa, Grignolino(Indigenous), Grisa Nera, Grisa Rossa, Lambrusco Alessandria, Lambrusco Vittona, Lambruschetta,  Malvasia Nero, Neretta Cuneese, Neretta Marengo, Neretto, Novarese AKA=Uva Rara, Parporio, Pelaverga Grosso(Indigenous), Pelavega Piccolo(Indigenous), Plassa AKA=Scarlattino, Quagliano, Ruche, Uvalino, Ulalina, Vespolina, Zenello
    • Internazionale Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Nero, Syrah

GEOGRAFIA Italia(North-West), REGION-Piemonte, South of Alps, LATITUDE: 45° N

  • BORDERS: Switzerland(North), France(West), Lombardia ‘Region‘(East), Liguria ‘Region‘(South)
  • PROVINCIA– Asti, Alessandria, Biella, Cuneo, Navara, Verbano Ossola, Vercelli, Turin

TOPOGRAFIA FEATURESFlat/ Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous/ Terraced/ Valley

  • SLOPES/ Outlined/ Sheltered by Mountains On 3 Sides by the Alps/ Apennines Mountains
  • On~Dora Balteo/ Bora Riparia/ Sesia~Rivers~Tributary~On~Po~River~


  • Tortonian Era Formation- 12-7 MYA., Contain More Calcareous Marl
  • Serravallian Era Formation- 14-11 MYA., Contain More Sandstone/ Less Fertile

    • Coming Together of  the Globing Gerina Limestone Formation & Blue Clay Formation.  Epicenter is Out Crop In Scrivia Valley In Alexandria In Piemonte. **Serravallian is Sometimes (Wrongly) Referred to as Helvetiain.
  • Langhien Era Formation- 16-14 MYA.

TERRE Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary

  • Tuffo/ Porfido Tufaceo, Sand, Clay, Loam, Limestone, Glacial Moraine
  • Red Porphyry(High In Iron, Quartz), Granite, Clay
  • Fossel Deposits, Silty-Loam, Calcium Carbonate, Brown Clay
  • *Generally– Soils From the “Serravallian Era Formation”, Sandstone, Limestone, Marl (Barbaresco)
  • *Generally– Soils From the “Tortonian Age Formation”, Calcareous Marl, Sandstone (Barolo)

CLIMAContinental With Mediterranean Influence

  • Summers– Warm, Long  |  Winters– Fog, Cold, Rain
  • CHALLENGES– Cold, Hail, Snow

VITICULTURA 44,670 ha. Planted

  • Nebbiolo is Generally Harvested Early to Mid October

VINICULTURA  Varietal,  Bianco,  Rosso,  Rosato,  Liquoroso,  Spumante

  • Slovenian Oak Vats In Variety of Sizes and Ages, Severino Comola- Famous Cooper
  • Traditional “Demi-Johns” Used Up Until the 1900’s


  • GASTRONOMIA Catelmagno, White Truffles, Risotto, Roasted Hazelnuts, Porcinis
    • FORMAGGIO Agnolotti,  Bra(Cow/ Semi-Hard),  Castelmagno(Cow/ Blue),  Gorgonzola(Cow/ Blue),  Murazzano(        / Semi-Hard),  Robiola(Cow/ Sheep/ Goat/ Semi-Hard),  Tajarin
  • FESTIVALS~  ~Indegena~ (May/ Piemonte)
  • WINNER Worlds Best~ DtheV.com “Worlds Best Wine Region”  (1st. Place)
      • DtheV.com “Worlds Best Terroir”  (4th. Place)
    • **Refer to “WINE CULTURE/ Derek’s Top 6 List” For Detailed Information.
  • CONTENTIOUS WINE ISSUE!  The Wines That Have Historically Been Produced In Piemonte Lacked Quality and the Lives That the Grape Grower and Wine Producers Lived Were Not Glamorous or Held In High Regard!
    • In the Early to Mid 1900’s the Lifestyles of the People and the Wine Produced In Piemonte Were Not Good. Being In the Wine Industry Was a Peasant Job That Was Highly Frowned Upon by the General Society.  The Wine Produced Were Far From Good as the Quality and the Viticulture and Viniculture Skills Were Highly Lacking.

**Refer to “ITALY/ Home” For Detailed Information On Italy as a Country.

PIEMONTE DOC.      @Entire Region

  • VITICULTURA- Wine Produced In “PIEMONTE” Non-Conforming to a DOC.

North-West Piemonte

  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(North-West), Considered Its Unique Geographic Area Different From Alto-Piemonte and Lower Piemonte.

VALSUSA DOC.      @Susa

  • BIANCO= Baratuciat
  • ROSSO= Avana, Barbera, Becuet, Dolcetto, Neretta Cuneese
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(West), PROVINCIA-Turino
    • BORDERS: France,  COMMUNES– 19
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Hilly/ Mountainous/ Valley(Susa)”, SLOPES/ Graian Alps, On~Dora Riparia~River~
  • VITICULTURA- 7haPlanted
  • VITICULTURA- Novello
    • Estate/ ProduttoreCasa Ronsil, La Chimera

PINEROLESE DOC.     @Pinerolo

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Avana(+30%), Avarengo(+15%), Barbera, Bequet, Bonardo, Chatus, Dolcetto, Doux d’Henry, Fresia, Nebbiolo, Neretto
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(North-West), PROVINCIA-Turino, Cuneo
    • COMMUNES– 23
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ Cottian Alps, +Alt.300mt..-600mt.
  • VITICULTURA- 35haPlanted
      • Estate/ Produttore Bea Merenda Con Corvi, Dora Renato, Coutandin
  • VINICULTURA-  Varietal,  Rosso,  Rosato
    • +BLEND/ Ramie=Avana(30%), Chatus(20%), Bequet(20%), Avarengo(15%), Barbera(15%)


  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Barbera, Bianchetta di Saluzzo, Chatus, Pelaverga, Quagliano, Plassa AKA=Scarlattino
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(North-West), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • COMMUNES– Pagno, Piasco
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”,  SLOPES/ Cottian Alps, +Alt.750mt.
  • VITICULTURA- 16haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Varietal,  Rosso,  Spumante
    • Estate/ Produttore Vigna di Terre

CANAVESE DOC.    @San Giorgio

  • BIANCO= Erbaluce(+100%)
  • ROSSO=Barbara, Bonarda, Freisa, Nebbiolo, Neretto
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(North), PROVINCIA-Turino, Biella, Vercelli
    • BORDERS: Val d’Aosta, @Hw.#612/ E25
  • TOPOGRFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ Graian Alps, On~Dora Balteo~River~
  • VITICULTURA- 117haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Varietal,  Bianco,  Rosso,  Rosato,  Spumante
    • Estate/ Produttore Cieck, Ferrando la Torrazza, Terre del Creario

  • CAREMA DOC.    @Carema
    • BIANCO= ?
    • ROSSO= Spanna 60%, Vespolina 30%, Uva Rara 10%
    • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(North), PROVINCIA-Turino
      • In Canavese DOC.(North-East),BORDERS: Vale d’Aosta
    • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous/ Terraced”
      • SLOPES/ Monte Miletto, +Alt.300mt.-600mt.
      • On~Dora Balteo~River~Tributary~Po~River~
    • VITICULTURA- 120ha. Planted,   –Vine Training– Pergola
    • VINICULTURA- Rosso(+AGED/ 24mo.),  Riserva(+AGED/ 36mo.)
      • Estate/ Produttore- L. Bertolo, Luigi Ferrando, Cantina dei Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema(Co.-Op.)


  • BIANCO= Erbaluce(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA Italia, REGION-Piemonte(North), PROVINCIA-Turino, Biella, Vercelli
    • COMMUNES– 33, @Hw.#612/ E25, (In/ Laps)Canavese DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ Graian Alps, +Alt.200mt.-500mt.
  • TERRE- “Metamorphic”, Glacial Moraine
  • VITICULTURA- 188haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Bianco,  Passito(+AGED/ 36mo.),  Spumante(+AGED/ 15mo./ On Lees)
    • Estate/ Produttore Cieck, Favaro Benito, Ferrando La Torrazza, Orsolani

  • CALUSO PASSITO DOCG.      @Cigliano
    • BIANCO= Erbaluce
    • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte
    • VINICULTURA- Passito(Dried On Wood Mats/ +AGED/ 5 yr., +Abv.+17.5%),  Liquoroso
      • Estate/ Produttore- Cantina Della Serra, Ferrando Vini, Podere Macellio

**Alto Piemonte Images Courtesy of Delong Maps, Purchase These Maps at Delongwine.com

Alto Piemonte

  • TOPOGRAFIA  VOLCANISM–  ~Valsesia Volcano~, Last Erupted 60 Million Years Ago
  • CULTURA- The Economic Downturn In Early 1900’s Lead to Majority of Population Moving to the Urban Area of Northern Italia(Torino/ Milano) to Seek Benefits of Industrial Revolution That Was Taking Place.  Most of Vineyards Went Derelict Shrinking 70% In Size and Become Forest and Scrublands Over the Century.  Not Until the Late 1900’s Has the Money and Young People Returned to Alto Piemonte and Presently There’s a Wine Renaissance Taking Place.

VALLI OSSOLANE DOC.     @Domodossola

  • BIANCO= Chardonnay(60%), +Any Piemonte Approved Bianco
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo, Croatina
    • Internazionale– Merlot
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(West), PROVINCIA-Verbano-Cusio Ossola
    • @Hw.#E62, COMMUNES– 19, BORDERS: Switzerland(North)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ Lepontine Alps, +Alt.160mt.-1,000mt.
  • VITICULTURA- 7haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Varietal,  Bianco,  Rosso,  Superiore(+Abv.+11.5%, +AGED/ 13mo.)
    • Estate/ Produttore Cantine Garrone Prunent

COSTE Della SESIA DOC.      @Sesia

  • BIANCO= Erbaluce(100%)
  • ROSSO= Barbera, Croatina, Spanna, Uva Rara, Vespolino
  • GEOGRAFIA Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Biella
    • COMMUNES– 16
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.200mt.-600mt.
  • TERRE- “Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic
  • VITICULTURA- 28haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Varietal,  Bianco,  Rosso,  Rosato
    • Estate/ Produttore- Antoniolo, Nervi Winery, La Prevostura

LESSONA DOC.      @Lessona

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Spanna, Vespolina, Uva Rara
  • GEOGRAFIA Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Biella
    • (In/ Laps)Coste Delle Sesia DOC., BORDERS: Bramaterra DOC.(North-East)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ Vercelli Hills, +Alt.200mt.-500mt.
  • TERRE- “Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic“, Sandy
  • VITICULTURA- 14haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Rosso,  Riserva(+AGED/ 22mo.)
    • Estate/ Produttore- Proprietà Sperino, Pietro Cassina, La Prevotura, Tenuta Sella

BRAMATERRA DOC.      @Curino

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo, Bonarda, Croatina, Vespolino
  • GEOGRAFIA Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Vercelli
    • (In/ Laps)Coste Delle Sesia DOC.
    • BORDERS: Lessona DOC.(South-West), Gattinara DOC.(South-East)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ Vercelli Hills, +Alt.200mt.-600mt.
    • On~Sesia~River~Tributary~Po~Adriatic~Sea~
  • TERRE- Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic“, “Sedimentary
    • Tuffo/ Porfido Tufaceo, Sand, Clay, Loam, Limestone
  • VITICULTURA- 24haPlanted
  • VINICULUTRA- Rosso,  Riserva(+AGED/ 34mo.)
    • Estate/ Produttore- Antoniotti Odilio, Colombera & Garella, Monolo Gilodi, Le Pianelle

GATTINARA DOCG.    @Gattinara

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Spanna(+90%), +Bonarda di Gattinara, Vespolinam, Uva Rara
  • GEOGRAFIA Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Vercelli
    • (InLaps)Coste Delle Sesia DOC., BORDERS: Bramaterra DOC.(North-West)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous/ Terraced/ Valley(Valsesia)“, Numerous Valleys and Ridges
    • SLOPES/ Monte Roso, +Alt.250mt.-650mt.
    • On~Sesia~River~Po~Adriatic~Sea~
  • TERRE- Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic, From Permian Period(280 M.Y.A)
    • Red Porphyry(High In Iron, Quartz), Granite, Clay
  • CLIMA- “Continental“, Cooler Than Southern Piemonte/ Barolo, Barbaresco
  • VITICULTURA- 120ha. Planted,  Non Modern Vineyards Are a Field-Blend
    • Vine-Training– Guyot, +YIELDS/ -8 Tons / ha.
  • VINICULTURA- Fermented 20 Days In Temperature Control Steal Vats
    • +Abv.+12.5%
    • +AGED/ 3 yr./ 2 yr. Wood, Reserva(+AGED/ 47mo./ 36mo.(Oak)
    • Young Wine/ Non-DOCG. Wine Labeled As Coste Delli Sesia DOC.
    • Estate/ Produttore- Antoniolo, Chiosso, Delsignore, Franco Patriarca, Luca Caligaris, Marco Petterino, Mauro Franchino, Nervi*(E./ 28ha.), Paride Laretti, Sociale Gattinara*(Co.-Op.), Stradina, Torraccia del Piantavigna, Travaglini*, Vallana
    • Vineyards- Alice, Bogianette, Borelle, Castelle, Galizie, Gerbione, Guardie, Lunghe, Marzola, Molsino, Osso, Osso San Grato, Permolone, Piantesio, Ronchi, San Francesco, Uccineglio, Valferrana
  • CULTURA- Wine Culture Since 1217
    • WINE BOTTLE– ~Travanini~ Custom Bottle by Travaglini
      • “Pancia In Giu”/”Belly Down” Shape Naturally Catches Sediment at Neck During Pouring, Dark Color Glass Resists Light From Compromising Wine
  • GOING THERE- Hike the Wine Trail That Meander Through the Vineyards.
    • Castello di San Lorenzo, Historical Castel Situated Amongst Vineyard


  • BIANCO= Greco Novarese AKA=Erbaluce
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo, Barbera, Croatina, Vespolina, Uva Rara
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Novara
    • North of Novara-City(     km.), COMMUNES– 25, @Hw.#A26
    • Sub-DOC.’s- Boca DOC., Fara DOC., Ghemme DOC., Sizzano DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.400mt.-550mt.
  • TERRE- Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic, Moraine(Gravel Deposits), Red Clay
  • VITICULTURA- 192haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Varietal(+85%),  Bianco,  Rosso,  Rosato
    • Estate/ Produttore- Antonio Vallana e Figlio, Cantalupo, Fontechiara, Ioppa, Pe Piane, Rovellotti, Tiziano Mazzoni
    • Vineyards Baraggiola, Carella, Valera

BOCA DOC.     @Boca

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Spanna(70%-90%), Uva Rara AKA=Bonarda Novarese, Vespolina
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Novara
    • North of Novara-City(     km.), In Colline Novaresi DOC.(North-West)
    • COMMUNES– Cavallirio, Grignasco, Maggiora, Prato, Sesia
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.300mt.-550mt., On~Sesia~River~
  • TERRE- “Metamorphic, Volcanic, Tuffo
  • VITICULTURA- 12haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- +AGED/ 22mo./ 18mo. In Oak
    • Estate/ Produttore- Antonio Vallana, Davide Carlone, Le Piane, Castello di Conti, Vallana

GHEMME DOCG.     @Ghemme

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Spanna(+85%), +Uva Rara, Vespolina
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North), PROVINCIA-Novara
    • In Colline Novaresi DOC.(West), COMMUNES– Ghemme, Romagnano Sesia
    • BORDERS: Gattinara DOC.(West), Sizzano DOC.(South), @Hw.#A26
    • Sub-Zones- Colli Breclamae       Colli Carellae
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.220mt.-400mt., On~Sesia~River~
  • TERRE- “Metamorphic“, ”Volcanic, Granite, Alluvial Clay, Sand
  • CLIMA- Continental
  • VITICULTURA- 35haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Riserva(Abv.+12.5%, +AGED/ 46mo./ 24mo./Oak)
    • Estate/ Produttore- Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo, Bianchi, Ca’Nova, Chiosso, Ioppa, Monsecco, Rovellotti, Torraccia, Valle Roncati(10ha.)

SIZZANO DOC.    @Sizzano

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Spanna(50%-70%) Uva Rara, Vespolina
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-West), PROVINCIA-Novara
    • In Colline Novaresi DOC.(South-West), 
    • BORDERS: Ghemme DOC.(North), Fara DOC.(South)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.300mt.-350mt., On~Sesia~River~
  • TERRE- Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic“, Alluvial Clay
  • VITICULTURA- 3haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Bianchi, G. Triglia, Monsecco, Umberto Fiore

FARA DOC.     @Fara

  • BIANCO= ?
  • ROSSO= Spanna, Uva Rara, Vespolina
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(“Alto”/ North-East), PROVINCIA-Novara
    • In Colline Novaresi DOC.(South-West),  BORDERS: Sizzano DOC.(North)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.180mt.-300mt.
  • TERRE- Metamorphic”, ”Volcanic, Alluvial Clay
  • VITICULTURA- 20haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore- Boniperti, Il Chiosso, Francesca Castaldi, Luigi & Liglio


  • BIANCO= Cortese, Favorita, Moscato, Timorasso(Indigenous)
  • ROSSO= Barbera, Cellerina, Croatina, Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South-East), PROVINCIA-Turino
    • BORDERS: Monferrato(South
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly”
    • SLOPES/ Tortonesi Hill to Start of Po Plains, +Alt.270mt. to 300mt.
  • TERRE-Metamorphic”, “Sedimentary, Limestone, Clay
  • VITICULTURA- ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore- La Colombera,  Claudio Mariotto, Picasso, Pomodolce, Vigneti Massa, Vigne Marina Coppi(11ha.)
    • Vineyards- Costa del Vento, Montecitorio, Il Montino, Sterpi
  • CULTURA- Colli Toronesi AKA=Derthona…Referring to the Ancient Roman Name For the Territory
    • PIONEERS~ ~Walter Massa~ Helped Bring Back Timarasso Grape From Extinction.


  • BIANCO= Freisa(90%), +Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti
    • (Laps)Collini Toronesi DOC., South-East of Torino-City(   km.), COMMUNES– 11
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.260mt.-310mt.
  • VITICULTURA-  ?  haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Dolce,  Frizzante,  Secco,  Spumante,   Still
    • Estate/ Produttore- L. Bertolo


  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior),  PROVINCES-Asti(Laps), Alessandria
    •  “Multi-Appellation”
    • Sub-Zones Alto Monferrato, Basso Monferrato, Monferrato Astigiano
    • Tinello River Forms the Boundary Between Langhe and Monferrato
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ Apennines Mountains, +Alt.?
  • CLIMA-Continental
  • VITICULTURA-  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore- Andrea Scovero(Nat.Pro.)

**Piemonte Images Courtesy of Delong Maps, Purchase These Maps at Delongwine.com


  • ROSSO= Malvasia Nero AKA=Malvasia Schierano(+85%), Freisa(-15%)
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • In Monferrato DOC.(North-West)
    • COMMUNES– Albugnano, Berzano, Castelnuovo, Marmorito, Moncucco, Pino d’Asti
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ Monferrato Hills, +Alt.?
  • VITICULTURA-  ? haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Spumante,  Sweet,  Rose
    • Estate/ Produttore- Cascina Gilli, Dezzani, Little Bosco, San Giulio

ALBUGNANO DOC.    @Albugnano

  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo(85%), Barbera, Freisa, Bonarda
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Asti
    • In Monferrato DOC.(North-West),  North of Asti-City(    km.)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.535 mt.
  • VITICULTURA-   ?  haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- Superiore(+AGED/ Oak/ 12 mo., +Abv. .5 – 1%)
    • Estate/ Produttore-


  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA– Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo
    • In Monferrato DOC.(Greater)
  • VITICULTURA- ? haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- +Aged/ 12 Months, Abv.+12%,  Superiore(Aged/ 18 Months, Abv.+12.5%)
    • Estate/ Produttore-


  • ROSSO= Grignolino(Indigenous)
  • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • In Monferrato DOC.(North)
  • VITICULTURA- ? haPlanted,  DOC. Officially Established In 1973.
    • Estate/ Produttore– Accornero Bricco del Bosco, Canato Marco, Gaudio Bricco, Migliavacca, Pio Cesare, Valpane, Visconti


  • ROSSO= Ruche(+90%) +Barbera, Brachetto(-10%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • In Monferrato DOC.
    • COMMUNES– Catagnolo Monferrato, Grana, Montemagno, Portacomaro, Refrancore, Scurolengo, Viarigi
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly/ Mountainous/ Ridge/ Amphitheatre”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.120mt.-400mt.
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, “Sedimentary
    • Fossel Deposits, Silty-Loam, Calcium Carbonate, Brown Clay
  • VITICULTURA– 148haPlanted,   Guyot Trained
    • Estate/ Produttore– Bersano, Caldera, Capuzzo Renato, Crivelli, Garrone, Laccento, Luca Ferraris, La Miraja, Montalbera(Co.-Op.), Sant’Agata, Tommaso Bocca


  • ROSSO= Barbera(75-90%), Freisa, Grignolino
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Alessandria
    • In Monferrato DOC.(North)
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Cantina Sociale

GABIANO DOC.    @Gabiano

  • ROSSO= Barbara(90-95%), Freisa, Grignolino
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • In Monferrato DOC.(North)
  • TOPOGRAFIARolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Cottian Alps, +Alt.?, On~Po~River~
  • VITICULTURA– ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Castello di Gabiano


  • BIANCO= Arneis   |   ROSSO= Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), PROVINCIA-Asti, Cuneo
    •  In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIARolling SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.130mt.-350mt.
  • VITICULTURA– 21ha Planted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Carlin de Paolo, Pescaja, Vincenzo Bossotti

CISTERNA D’ASTI DOC.     @Cisterna d’Asti

  • ROSSO= Crotina(+80%), Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), In Monferrato DOC.
    • North of Alba-City(15km.), (Laps)Roero, COMMUNES– (15)
  • TOPOGRAFIARolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.300mt.
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  haPlanted
  • VINICULTURESPARKLING…Method/        , Still,  Fizzante
    • -Estate/ Produttore– Carlin de Paolo, Fratelli, La Pergola


  • ROSSO= Grignolino
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Interior), In Monferrato DOC.
  • VITICULTURA– ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Agostino, Cossetti, Franco Roero, Garetto, Luli, Margherita Barbero, Pavia & Figlio


  • ROSSO= Barbara(+85%), +Dolcett0, Freisa, Grinolino
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South-East), In Monferrato DOC.
    • PROVINCIA-Asti & Alessandria, COMMUNES– 180
    • Sub-Zones– Nizza, Tinella, Colli Astiani
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly/ Mountainous”,  SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.90mt.- 305mt.
  • TERRE= Metamorphic, “Sedimentary“, Limestone, Sand, Marl, Loam
  • VITICULTURA-  ?  haPlanted
  • VINICULTURA- +AGED/ 6 mo., 12 mo.,  Rosso,  Riserva
    • Estate/ Produttore- Bersano, Bruno Rocca., Cascina Gilli, Castello del Poggio, Maccario, Marchesi di Barolo, Marco Rabino, Montalbera, Olim Bauda, Poderi Rosso, La Vedetta
    • ROSSO= Barbara(+90%)
    • GEOGRAFIA- Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti & Alessandria
      • In Monferrato DOC.
    • VITICULTURA- 3,990 haPlanted
    • VINICULTURA- +AGED/ 14 mo., 6 mo. Barrel
      • Estate/ Produttore- Agostino Pavia & Figli Moliss, Alemat, Bussi Piero, La Carlina, Cascina Castlet, Il Falchetto, Cossetti Clemente & Figli, La Gironda, Luca Ferraris, Michele Chiarlo, Neirano, Rinaldi Vini, Vite Colte

**Images Courtesy of Delong Maps, Purchase These Wine Maps at Delongwine.com

NIZZA DOCG.     @Nizza Monferrato

  • ROSSO= Barbera(100%), Ruche
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti, In Monferrato DOC.
    • COMMUNES-(18) Agliano Terme, Belveglio, Bruno, Calamandrana, Castel Boglione, Castelnuovo Belbo, Caselnuovo Calcea, Castel Rocchero, Cortiglione, Incisa Scapaccino, Noasca, Mombaruzzo, Mombercelli, Nizza Monferrato, Rocchetta Palafea, San Marzano Oliveto, Vaglio Serra, Vinchio
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Valley(Belbo)”, SLOPES/  ?, +Alt.180mt.-280mt., On~Belbo~River~
  • CLIMAContinental
  • VITICULTURA– 250haPlanted
  • VINICULTURARosso(+13%Abv.),  Riserva(+AGED/ 30 mo.),  Vigna(Single Vineyard)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Cascina Giovinale, Garesio, Garetto, Gironda, Olim Bauda, Scarpa, Vietti, Vite Coltre


  • ROSSO= Barbara(85%), +Dolcetto, Freisa, Grignolino
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Alessandria & Asti
    • In Monferrato DOC.
  • VITICULTURA– 4,300haPlanted
  • VINICULTURASuperiore(Abv.+13%, +AGED/ 14 mo./ 6 mo. Oak)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Accornero, Iuli Rossore, Marchesi di Barolo, Scarpetta, Villa Sparina, Valpane
  • CULTURE ASSOCIATIONS~ ~Consorzio Barbera d’Asti e Vini del Monferrato~


  • ROSSO= Barbera(+85%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti
    • In Monferrato DOC.
  • VITICULTURA–  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Oltretorrente, Pomodolce

ASTI DOCG.     @Asti

  • BIANCO= Moscato AKA=Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo
    • In Monferrato DOC.(South-Central), COMMUNES– 50
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, On~Tanaro~River~
  • CLIMAContinental
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted
  • VINICULTURASPARKLING…Method/ Spumante(Semi-Sweet), +Abv. 9%, 4 Atmostphere
    • Estate/ Produttore– Cinzano, Fontanafredda, Gancia, Martini & Rossi
  • CULTURE– Asti Spumante Was Changed to Asti In 1993


  • BIANCO= Moscato AKA=Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti, In Monferrato DOC.
  • VINICULTURASPARKLING…Method/ Fizzante(Sweet), Abv. 5-6%, 1 Atmosphere
    • Must Held In Vats, Then Fermented On Demand to Retain Freshness
    • Estate/ Produttore– Castello del Poggio, Michele Chiarlo, Paolo Saracco, Villa Rinaldi


  • BIANCO= Freisa(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti, In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”
  • VITICULTURA–  ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Bava, Cascina Gilli, Santa Caterina, Trinchero


  • BIANCO=     |   ROSSO=
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti, In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore


  • ROSSO= Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti, In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”
  • VITICULTURA– ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore


  • ROSSO= Brachetto(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-PiemontePROVINCIA-Asti, Alessandria
    • In Monferrato DOC., COMMUNES– 26
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, Sedimentary, Calcareous-Clay, Marl
  • VITICULTURA– 1,050haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Banfi, Bersano Castelgaro, Giacomo Bologna, Marengo Pineto


  • ROSSO= Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Alessandria, In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore


  • BIANCO= Moscato(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Asti
    • In Monferrato DOC.(West), In Dolcetto d’Asti DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, On~Bormida~River~
  • VITICULTURA–  ? ha. Planted
  • VINICULTURABotrytis,  Late Harvest(Harvest After September 20th.),  Passito
    • Estate/ Produttore– Borgo Maragliano, Forteto della Luja Piasa, Isolabella della Croce

DOLCETTO D’ACQUI DOC.     @Acqui Terme

  • ROSSO= Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Alessandria
    • In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”, On~Bormida~River~
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Batasiolo, Francesco Capetta, Marenco, Mombello

STREVI DOC.     @Strevi

  • ROSSO= Moscato
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Alessandria
    • In Monferrato DOC.In Dolcetto d’Acqui DOC., COMMUNE-Strevi
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Rolling”, Ridge
  • TERRE– Metamorphic”, Sedimentary, Calcareous/ Limestone, Clay, Marl
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Bragagnolo


  • BIANCO= Chardonnay      |   ROSSO= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, PROVINCIA-Alessandria, Asti, Cuneo
    •  (Laps/ In)In Monferrato DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt. +250mt.- 550 mt., On~Tanaro~River~
  • TERREMetamorphic”, “Sedimentary, Limestone, Marl, Clay
  • VITICULTURA– 77ha. Planted, Hard Harvested
    • Estate/ Produttore– Abrigo, Banfi, Il Cascinone, Coppo, Deltetto, Ettore Germano, Fontanafredda, Gancia, Germany Ettore, Ghione Anne, Giuliani Cocchi, Marcalberto, Roberto Garbarino, Tosti, Viti Colte
  • VINICULTURASpumante(METHOD/ Classico)
    • +AGED/ On Lees/ 30 mo., Reserve(+AGED/ 36 mo.,  Rose
      • (Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, -10% Other Local Varieties.)
  • STORIA– First Method Classico Sparking Wine to Be Produced In Piemonte
    • 2002DOC. Established/ 2011 DOCG. Established.
  • CULTURAUNESCO WORLD HERITAGE~ ~Underground Cathedrals~
    • Wine Cellar Dug Into the Tuff On Which the Town of Canelli Sits.
    • WINE GLASS– Designed by Giugiaro For the the Sparkling Wine Produced Here.


  • ROSSO= Dolcetto AKA=Ova di Ovada(100%),
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Alessandria
    • COMMUNES– 22
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”, On~Orba~River~
  • VITICULTURA– 1,450haPlanted
  • VINICULTURASuperiore(+12.5% Abv.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Casa Wallace, anello di Tagliolo, Ghera, Luigi Tacchino

GAVI DOCG.      @Gavi

  • BIANCO= Cortese(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South-East), PROVINCIA-Alessandria
    • BORDERS: Liguria
    • VILLAGES– Bosio, Capriata, Carrosio, Francavilla, Gavi, Novi, San Cristoforo, Parodi, Pasturana, Serravalle, Tassarolo
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly/ Mountainous”
  • TERREMetamorphic”, “Sedimentary, Limestone, Clay, Serravallian Marl
  • VITICULTURA– 1,460haPlanted
  • VINICULTURATranquillo,  Spumante(Classico),  Fizzante,  Reserva(+11%Abv.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Castellari Bergaglio, Broglia, Franco M. Marinetti, Giustiniana, Laghibellina, La Meirana, La Mesma(Nat.Pro.), Ottosoldi, La Raia, La Scolca, Villa Sparino, La Zerba
  • CULTURA WINE TRAILS~  ~Strada Della Lomellina~

LANGHE DOC.     @Navara

  • BIANCO= Arneis, Favorita, Nacetta, Timorasso
    • Internazionale– Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Bianco
  • ROSSO= Bubbierasco, Dolcetto, Friesa, Grignolino, Nebbiolo(+85%)
    • Internazionale– Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South-West), PROVINCIA-Cuneo,  @Hw.#A33
    • “Multi-Appellation”
    • Tinello River Forms the Boundary Between Langhe and Monferrato.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, On~Tanaro/ Stura Demonte~River~
  • TERREMetamorphic”, “Sedimentary
    • Langhien Era Formation- 16-14 MYA.
  • CLIMAContinental
  • VITICULTURA– ?  haPlanted
    • WINE BOTTLE– ~Albeisa Bottle~ Created In 1700’s by Master Glaziers at Vetrerie di Porino In Turin For Producers Around Alba Who Wanted a Unique and Recognizalbe  Bottle.
  • VINICULTURABianco,  Rosso
      • Langhe DOC. Can Be Used to Release Early Barolo and Barbaresco, and Wines Not Meeting DOCG. Requirements.
    • Estate/ Produttore– Cavallotto, Ettore Germano, J.C. Clare, Kye, Marchesi di Gressy, Michele Chiarlo, Ressia, Segni di Langa
  • CULTURA– ~Etymology~ Area Named After the Langhian Age of the Miocene Epoch.
    • Monks & Monasteries ~Benedictine Monks~
      • Preserved Wine Culture and Reintroduced Viticulture In Langhe After the Fall of Rome.
    • UNESCO. WORLD HERITAGE SIGHT~ ~Langhe~ (Cultural, Landscape, Vineyards)
    • WINE CONSUMPTION~ In the Lange Region Its Generally Accepted That Wine Producers and Wine Consumers Drink the Dolcetto Wine Young In the Beginner of the Next Year It Was Produced While They Wait For the Barbera Grape to Age For a Year. Conversely They Consume the Barbara Wine a Year Later While They Wait For the Nebbiolo Based Wine to Age.
  • GOING THERE- ~Alba Truffle Market~ Octomber/ November, In Maddalena Courtyard In Alba


  • ROSSO= Barbera, Freisa, Grignolino, Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”
  • VINICULTURASuperiore(+AGED/ 12 mo.), #1 Planted/ Piemonte
    • Estate/ Produttore– Boroli, Ciabot Berton, Giacomo Conterno, Fratelli Antonio & Raimondo, Marchesi di Barolo, Marengo Mauro, Marrone, Massolino, Morra Stefanino, Pio Cesare, Renato Ratti, Rivetto, Roberto Voerzio, Vientiane’s Tre Vigne
    • ROSSO= Barbara(+90%)
    • VINICULTURA+AGED/ 12 mo.
      • Estate/ Produttore– Cagliero, Daniele Pelassa, Demarie, Negretti, Palladino, Rizieri

ROERO DOCG.     @Canale, Verra d’Alba

  • BIANCO= Arneis(+95%), +Favorita
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo(+95%), +Barbera, Brachettone Del Roero
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • In Langhe DOC., North of Barolo-City(      km.)
    • COMMUNES-(19) Baldissero d’Alba, Castagnito, Castellinaldo, Canale, Corneliano d’Alba, Guarene, Govone, Magliano Alfieri, Monta, Monteu, Piobesi d’Alba, Pocapaglia, Priocca, Santa Vittoria d’Alba, Santo Stefano, Sommariva, Vezza d’Alba
    • BORDERS: Langhe, Low Plains,  Tanaro River Separates the Langhe From Roero
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous/ Valley”, SLOPES/ Valmaggiore Valley, +Alt.?
    • On~Tanaro~River~Tributary~Po~River~(South)
  • TERRE= Metamorphic, “Sedimentary, Limestone, Sand, Clay
  • CLIMAContinental
  • VITICULTURA– 1,015ha. Planted,  Vine TrainingGuyot
  • VINICULTURABianco(+12%Abv.),  Rosso(+AGED/ 20 mo./ 6 mo. Oak),  Spumante
    • -Estate/ Produttore– Angelo Negro, Ca’ Rossa, Carretta, Cornarea, Correggia, Matteo Correggia(Nat.Pro.), Marco Porello, Monchiero Carbone, Mauricio Ponchione, Teo Costa
    • Vineyards– Castelletto, Podio Hill, Valmaggiore
  • CULTURA– ~Etymology~ Roero…Family of Bankers/ Traders Prodominate In Middle Ages.
    • PIONEERS~ ~Alfredo Currado~ Barolo Producer/ “The Father of Arneis”
      • In 1967 Invested Time and Money to Rediscover the and Bring Back This Nearly Extinct Grape.


  • ROSSO= Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo
    • (InLaps)Asti, In Langhe DOC., COMMUNES– 25
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ Langhe Hills, +Alt.?
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary, Calcareaous, Volcanic”, Tufa
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– Bartolo Mascarello, Brovia, Cascina In Langa, Cavallotto, Ca’Viola, Ettore Germano
    • Vineyards– Scot


  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
    • VILLAGES-Alba, Canale, Castellinaldo, Corneliano, Diano d’Alba, Grinzane Cavour, Vezza
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ Langhe Hills, On~Tanaro~River~
  • VITICULTURA– 807ha. Planted
  • VINICULTURA+AGED/ +12 mo., Superiore(+AGED/ +18 mo.), Dolce,  Spumante
    • *PRODUCED/ Nebbiolo Grapes From Alba (Outside of Barolo and Barbaresco Villages)
      • Wines Produced From Barbaresco/ Barolo Grapes Not Meeting DOCG. Standards.
    • Estate/ Produttore– Bruno Giacosa, Cappellano, Luciano Sandrone, Renato Ratti

BARBARESCO DOCG.     @Barbaresco

  • BIANCO= Moscato
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo(CLONES/ Lampia, Michet, Rose), Barbera, Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA– Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
    • Sub-Zones/ Communes Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso, San Rocca Seno D’Elvio
      • UN-OFFICIAL: Bricco di Neive, Neive Borgonuova, Tre Stelle
    • East of Alba-City(6km.), North-East of Barolo-City(15km.)
    • Area Defined by the Tinello Flood Plain Stream On One Side.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly/ Mountainous”, On~Tanaro~River~
    • SLOPES/ Ridge East of Alva, +Alt.200mt.-550mt./ Town 273mt.
    • Vineyards Are Made Up of Different Aspects, Altitude, and Exposures.
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary, Calcareous Clay, Sandstone/ Sand
    • *Generally– Soils of the “Serravallian Era Formation”, Sandstone, Limestone, Marl
  • CLIMAContinental“, With Many Micro Climates
  • VITICULTURA– 730ha. Planted,  Cru- Named Sight, Vigna-Vingle Vineyard
    • MGA. Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive/ Additional Geographic Mention
      • 66 Special Denominations That Refer Not Only to the Area But Directly to the Individual Vineyard.
    • Grand-Cru- Asili, Montestefano, Montefico, Muncagota, Ovello, Paje, Pora, Rabaja, Rio Sordo
    • ADVANTAGES/ CHALLENGES– Spring Frost, Summer Hail, Late Ripening
      • Harvests Are Late September to Mid-October.
    • Vine Training– Guyot
  • VINICULTURA– +Abv.+12.5%, +AGED/ +26 mo./ +9 mo.(Oak), Reserva(+AGED/ 50 mo.)
    • Vinification and Aging Must Take Place Within the DOCG. Area.
    • Whites Wine Produced With Barbaresco Grapes Are Labeled Langhe Bianco.
    • Nebbiolos Produced Not Meeting DOCG. Guidelines Are Labeled Nebbiolo di Langhe.
  • STORIA– Nebbiolo is Said to Be Growing In Barbaresco Since 1268.
    • Until 1894 Grapes Where Added to Barolo Production of Labeled Nebbiolo di Barbaresco.
    • 9 Original Land Owners Started First Co.-Op. In 1894, Co.-Op. Reformed With 19 Owners as Produttori Del Barbaresco In 1958, Now 54 Growers Are Committed to Producing Only Produttori Wines With Their Harvests.
    • Not Until the End of the 1800’s Did Barbaresco Appear On Wine Labels.
    • PIONEERS~Giuseppe Musso~ Father of Barbaresco
      • ~Domizio Cavazza~ 1894, Created First Co-Operitive(Cantine Sociali)
        • Considered God-Father of Barbaresco.
      • ~Giovanni Gaja~ One of the Founding Fathers of Barbaresco.
      • ~Angelo Gaja~ Helped Revolutionize Vinification of Nebbiolo.
  • GOING THERE- ~Visit the Barbaresco Regional Enoteca Wine Shop~

BARBARESCO      @Barbaresco

  • BIANCO=Arnies 1%,  –Internazionale– Chardonnay 1%
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barbaresco(North-West)
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly(Bowl)”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.200mt.- 500mt.
    • On~Tanaro~River~(Near)
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA– 105 haPlanted, MGA.- 25
    • Vineyards/ Geographical MentionsAsili(Cru*/3ha.), Ca’ Grossa, Cars, Cavanna, Cole, Cortini, Costa Russi, Darmagi, Faset, Montestefano(Cru*), Martinenga, Montaribaldi, Montefico, Muncagota,  Ovello(Cru*), Paje’, Pora(Cru*), Rabaja(Cru*), Rabaja’ Bas(Cru), Rio Sordo(Cru*), Roccalini, Roncaglie, Roncagliette, Secondine, Sori San Lorenzo, Sori Tildin, Tre Stelle, Trifolera, Vicenziana
    • Estate/ Produttore– Albino Roca(8ha.), Bera, Bianco Aldo, Boff Carlo, Bruno Giacosa, Bruno Rocca(8ha.), Ca’Nova, Carlo Giacosa, Carretta, Cascina Bruciata, Cascina Luisin, Cascina Morassino, Ceretto Bricco, Del Pino(6ha.), Gaja*(18ha.), Giuseppe Cortese, Luigi Giuseppe, Marchesi di Gresy(11ha.), Moccagatta(6ha.), Montaribadi(4ha.), Musso(5ha.), Nada Fiorenzo, Produttori del Barbaresco(Co.-Op.)*, Rattalino Massinmo, Renato Fenocchio, Ronchi, Serragrilli, Spinona(7ha.), Vini Roagna

NEIVE      @Neive

  • BIANCO= Moscato
  • ROSSO= Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barbaresco(North-East)
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted, MGA.- 20
    • Vineyards– Albesani(Cru), Balluri(Cru), Basarin, Bordini, Bricco, Bric Micca, Canova(Cru), Casasse, Cotta, Curra, Fausoni, Gaja-Principe, Gallina, Marcelino, Ricco di Neive, Rivetti, San Cristoforo, San Giuliano, Santo Stefano, Serrboella, Serricapelli, Serragrilli, Starderi
    • Estate/ Produttore/ Geographical Mentions– Alino Rocca, Antichi Doderi dei Gallina, Boggero, Bricchetto, Bruno Rocca, Busso Piero(5ha.), Cascina Longoria, Cascina Principe(3ha.), Cascina Vano(2ha.), Castello di Neive(10ha.), Cigliuli, Collina Serragrilli, Falletto(5ha.), Dante Rivetti(19ha.), Fantana Bianco(3.5ha.), Filippino Domenico, Gastaldi(5ha.), Giacone Dario, Giacosa Fratelli(3 ha.), Glicine, Mainerdo, Paitin(6ha.), Pelissero Pasquale(4ha.), Piero Busso, Prinsi(6ha.), Punset(4ha.), Rivetti Massimo(4ha.), Saria, Serra Grilli, Sori’ Paiti, Sottimano(10ha.), Torregiorgi, Voghera

TREISO     @Treiso

  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barbaresco(South-Central)
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly”, Barbaresco’s Hightest Vineyards
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted, MGA.- 20
    • Vineyards/ Geographical Mentions- Ausario(Cru), Bernadot(Cru), Bricco di Treiso(Cru), Bungioan, Canta, Casot(Cru), Castellizzano(Cru), Ferrere(Cru), Garassino(Cru), Giacone(Cru), Giacosa(Cru), Manzola(Cru), Marcarini, Meruzzano, Montersino, Nervo, Pajore, Rizzi(Cru), Rombone, San Stunet(Cru), Valeirano(Cru), Vallegrande(Cru)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Abrigo Orlando(4ha.), Ada Nada, Ca’ del Baio(6ha.), Cantina Vignaioli, Casina Alberta, Elvio Pertinace(28ha.), Grosso Fratelli(6ha.), Nada Fiorenzo(4ha.), Pajore, Pelissero(15 ha.), Pier(10ha.), Rizzi(12ha.)

SAN ROCCO SENO d’ELVIO      @San Rocco

  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barbaresco(South-West)
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly”, Valley(San Rocca)
  • TERRE=  Metamorphic“, “Sedimentary“, Limestone, Clay, Sandstone, Tufo
  • VITICULTURA–  haPlanted, MGA.- 4
    • Vineyards/ Geographical Mentions– Meruzzano, Monterseno, Seno d’Elvio, Rizzi, Rocche Massallupo
    • Estate/ Produttore– Adriano Marco & Vittorio(7ha.), Barac, Manera, Scarpe Tettineive, Piazzo Armando(22ha.), Poderi Colla(5ha.)

BAROLO DOCG.      @Barolo

  • BIANCO= ?     –Internazionale– Chardonnay, Riesling
  • ROSSO= Nebbiolo, ”CLONES” (Lampia, Michet, Rose), Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa, Grignolino,
    • Internazionale– Pinot Nero
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
    • BORDERS-(Laps)Verduno Perleverga DOC.(North), (Laps)Diano d’Alba DOC.(East)
    • VILLAGES– 11, South-West of Barbaresco-City(15km.)
    • Sub-Zones- Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Cherasco, Diano d’Alba, Grinzane Cavour, Montforte d’Alba, La Morra, Novello, Roddi, Serralunga d’Alba, Verduno
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.170mt.-540mt., Town 273mt.
    • On~Tanaro~River~Po~River~, 2 Ridges Together In T-Shape
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary, Limestone
    • *Generally– Soils of the “Tortonian Age Formation”, Calcareous Marl, Sandstone
  • CLIMAContinental, With Many Micro Climates
  • VITICULTURA– 2,161ha. Planted,  770 Growers
    • Generally 2 Green Harvest(June/ Another 2/3 Weeks Before Harvest)
    • ADVANTAGES/ CHALLENGES– Late Ripening/ Harvests Can Go Into October
    • Barolo Grand Cru- Brunate, Cerequio, Francia, Monprivato, Rionda, Rocche di Castiglione, Rocche dell’Annunziata, Vigna Rionda, Villero || Grand-Cru(Second Tier)…Brea, Cannubi, Falleto, Gabutti-Parafada, Ginestra, Lazzarito, Marenca-Rivette, Ornato
    • MGA. Menzioni Geografiche Aggiuntive/ Additional Geographic Mention
      • (Cru Vineyard) 181 Total, 170 Single Vineyard/ 11 Are Communes
  • VINICULTURA– Maceration-to 30 Days, +12.5%Abv., +AGED/ +38 mo./ 18 mo.(Oak)
    • Reserva(+13%Abv., +AGED/ 62 mo.) MGA/ Cru- Named Sight
    • Vigna- Single Vineyard 100%, Maximum Yield 56 hl./ ha
    • Until 1850’s Nebbiolo In Barolo Was Produced as a Sweet Wine
    • Whites Wine Produced With Barbaresco Grapes Are Labeled Langhe Bianco
    • *Generally– Wines Produced On West Side of Barolo Are Early Maturing and Semi Approachable at a Younger Age Compared to the East Side of Barolo Which Wines Need a Few More Years to Develope.
    • Angary Barolo”, One That Taste Like It Dosn’t Want to Be Drunk, Like One That Needs to Sleep For the Next 10 Years.
    • Estate/ Produttore– Pio Cesare
    • 1900’s @Barolo Historically Moscadello Was the Most Popular Grape/ Wine In Barolo.
      • Not Until the 1900’s Did Nebbiolo Become King.
    • 1980 @BaroloDOCG. Established
    • PIONEERS~ ~Beppe Colla~ One of Founding Fathers of Barolo
      • Help Define DOC., and First to Promote Single Vineyard Barolo
    • PIONEERS~  ~Marchesa de Barolo~ 1850, Noblewomen Who First Defined Barolo as a Wine
      • Sori– Part of the Hill With Full Southern Exposure
      • Bricco– A Vineyard’s Highest Point
  • GOING THERE–  ~Barolo Regional Tasting Room~
    • ~Bike Ride or Drive to Top of La Morra For View~

North-West-Side of Barolo

  • GEOGRAFIA– Barolo Central Valley
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, Sedimentary
    • Tortonian Soils…Limestone, Marl, Darker Colored Soils, Newer/ +Fertility
  • VINICULTURA– Lighter In Color, More Approachable Tannins, Mature Sooner.

CHERASCO     @Cherasco

  • BIANCO–  ?   |   ROSSO– Nebbiolo 90%, Barbera 5%
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(West)(Laps)
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  ha. Planted,    –MGA.- ?
    • Vineyards– Mantoetto(3 ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore

VERDUNO      @Verduno

  • BIANCO– ?       ROSSO– Nebbiolo 90%, Barbera 5%, Pelaverga
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(North)(Laps)
  • TOPOGRAFIA- “Hilly, Mountainous”, Bowl Shaped
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary“, Marl
  • VITICULTURA–  ? ha. Planted,  –MGA.- ?
    • Vineyards– Breri(54ha.), Boscatto(28ha.), Campasso(14ha.), Massara, Monvigliero(26ha.), Riva Rocca(14ha.), Rodasca(6ha.), Rocche dell’Olmo(37ha.), San Lorenzo(32ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Arnaldo Rivera, GB. Burlotto, Castello di Verduno, Dame Mach, Fratelli Alessandria, Mario Andrion, Pietro Rinaldi, Terre del Barolo(Co.-Op.)

RODDI       @

  • BIANCO– ?       ROSSO– Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(North-East)(Laps)
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA– ? ha. Planted,   –MGA.- ?
    • Vineyards– Bricco Ambrogio(48ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Lodali, Paolo Scavino

La MORRA      @La Morra

  • BIANCO–   ?          –Internazionale– Chardonnay
  • ROSSO– Nebbiolo 80%, Barbera, Dolcetto
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, COMMUNE-La Morra, PROVINCE-Cuneo
    • In Barolo(North-West)(Laps)
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly/ Mountainous”, Barolo’s Highest Vineyards, +Alt.300 mt.-513 mt.
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • CLIMA= CHALLENGES– La Morra Generally Take Brunt of the Barolo Hail Episodes.
  • VITICULTURA–   ? ha. Planted,   –MGA.- 39
    • Vineyards– Annunziata(Cru), Arborina(Cru/109 ha.), Ascheri(Cru), Berri(Cru), Bettolotti(Cru), Boiolo(Cru), Brandini(Cru), Bricco Chiesa(Cru), Bricco Cogni(Cru), Bricco Luciani(Cru), Bricco Manescotto(Cru), Bricco Manzoni(Cru), Bricco Rocca(Cru), Bricco San Biagio(Cru), Brunate(Cru*/19 ha.)(Laps), Capalot(Cru), Case Nere(Cru), Castagni(Cru), Cerequio(Cru*/101 ha.)(Laps), Ciocchini(Cru), Conca(Cru), Fossati(Cru), Galina(Cru), Gettera(Cru), Giachini(Cru), Marassio, Marcenasco, Montfalletto, Morino, Rive(Cru), Rocche dell’ Annunziata(Cru*/30 ha.), Rocchettevino(Cru), Roere di Santa Maria(Cru), Roggeri(Cru),  Roncaglie(Cru), San Giacomo(Cru), Santa Maria(Cru), Sant’Anna(Cru), La Serra(Cru), Serra dei Turchi(Cru), Serradenari(Cru), Silio(Cru), San Giovanni(Cru)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Alberto Burzi, Altare, Aurelio Settimo, Batasiolo, Borgogno Francesco, Bovio, Corino, Cordero di Montezemolo, Certo, Enzo Boglietti, Fratelli Revello, Gagliasso, Giulia Negri, Marcarini, Marco Marengo, Marrone, Negretti, Odderdo, Paolo Scavino, Ratti, Voerzio
    • PIONEERS~ ~Renato Ratti~ Helped Revolutionized Modern Movement With Nebbiolo.
      • One of First to Make Map Ranking Crus 1970.
    • GOING THERE~  ~Mangialonga~ 4 km. Hike Through the Vineyards of La Morra.

South-West-Side of Barolo

BAROLO     @Barolo 

  • BIANCO–  ?         ROSSO–  Nebbiolo 90%, Barbera 5%
  • GEOGRAFIAItalia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(South-Central)
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  ha. Planted,  –MGA.- 35
    • Vineyards– Albarella(Cru), Bergeisa(Cru/6 ha.), Boschetti(Cru), Bricco Viole(Cru), Bricco San Giovanni(Cru), Brunate(Cru*/9 ha.)(Laps), Cannubi(Cru*)(20 ha.), Cannubi Boschis(Cru/12 ha.), Cannubi Muscatel(Cru/6 ha.), Cannubi San Lorenzo(Cru/2 ha.),  Cannubi Valletta(Cru/6 ha.), Castellero(Cru), Cerequio(Cru*/18 ha.)(Laps), Coste di Rose(Cru), Coste di Vergne(Cru), Crosia Druca'(Cru), Fossati(Cru), La Volta(Cru), Le Coste(Cru), Liste(Cru), Monrobiolo de Bussia(Cru), Paiagallo(Cru), Preda(Cru), Ravera(Cru), Rivassi(Cru), Rue(Cru/8 ha.), San Loreno(Cru),  San Peitro(Cru), San Ponzio(Cru), Sarmassa(Cru), Terlo(Cru), Vignane(Cru), Via Nuova, Zoccolaio(Cru), Zonchetta(Cru), Zuncai(Cru)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Cordero di Montezemolo, Elio Altare, Brezza, Damilano, Fenocchio, Francesco Rinaldi, Gianni Gagilardo(E.), Guido Porro, Marchesi di Barolo*, Paolo Scavino, Pira & Figli, Poderi Luigi Einaudi, Rinaldi, Sandrone, Rivetto, Varjra, Vietti, Virna

NOVELLO      @Novello

  • BIANCO– ?     |   ROSSO– Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(South-East)(Laps)
  • TOPOGRAFIA-“Rolling/ Hilly” SLOPES/ ?, 400mt.
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  ha. Planted,   –MGA.- ?
    • Vineyards– Bergera-Pezzole(49 ha.), Cerviano-Merli(65 ha.), Corini-Pallaretta(106 ha.),Ciocchini-Loschetto(50 ha.), Panerole(42 ha.), Ravera(Cru/ Laps), Sottocastello(60 ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Ca Viola, Giovanni Abrigo, Grimaldi, Luciano, Piazzo, Sandrone, Le Strette, Vietti, Lo Zoccolaio

East-Side of Barolo

  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo Serralunga Valley
  • TERRE= “Metamorphic”, “Sedimentary, Helvetian Soils
    • +Sandstone, Limestone/ Marl, Calcareous, Lighter Colored Soils, Older/ -Feritity
  • VINICULTURA– More Color, Tannin, Aging Potential


  • BIANCO– ?
    • Internazionale– Chardonnay
  • ROSSO– Nebbiolo 50%, Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa, Grignolino
    • Internazionale– Pinot Nero
  • GEOGRAFIA– Piemonte, In Barolo(Central)
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ? ha. Planted,  MGA.- 23
    • Vineyards– Altenasso(Cru), Bricco Boschis(Cru/18 ha./Monopole of  Cavallotto), Bricco Rocche(Cru/ 1 ha.), Bricco Vigna Mirasole(Cru), Brunella(Cru/ Monopole of  Boroli), Codana(Cru), Fiasco(Cru/8 ha.), Garblet Sue'(Cru), Garbelletto(Cru), Mariondino(Cru), Monprivato(Cru*/7 ha.), Montanello(Cru), Parussi(Cru), Pernanno(Cru), Pianta'(Cru), Pira(Cru/7 ha./Monopole of Roagna), Pugnane(Cru), Rivera, Rocche di Castiglione(Cru*)(Laps), Scarrone(Cru), Solanotto(Cru), Valentino(Cru/ 12 ha.), Vignolo(Cru), Villero(Cru*/22 ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Azelia, Brovia, Cavallotto, Ceretto, Fenocchio, Mascarello, Roagna, Roccheviberti, Paolo Scavino(E.), Sobrero, Vietti

MONTEFORTE d’ALBA      @Monteforte

  • BIANCO-?    –Internazionale– Riesling   |    ROSSO– Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(South)(Laps)
  • TOPOGRAFIA-“Rolling/ Hilly” SLOPES/ ?, +Alt. 280mt. – 400mt.
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  ha. Planted,    –MGA.- 11
    • Vineyards– Bricco San Pietro(Cru), Bussia(Cru/292 ha.)(Laps), Castelletto(Cru), Cicala, Colonello, Le Coste di Monforte(Cru), Ginesta(Cru*/114ha.), Gramolere(Cru),  Mosconi(Cru/76ha.), Pian Polvere, Perno(Cru/191ha.), Ravera de Monforte(Cru), Rocche di Castiglione(Cru*)(Laps), Romirasco(3.8ha.), San Giovanni(Cru/68ha.), Santo Stefano
    • Estate/ Produttore– Aldo Conterno, Amalia, Anselma, Conterno, Costa di Bussia, Elio Grasso, E. Pira & Figli, Fogliati, ForteMasso, Franco Conterno, Fratelli Alessandria, Giacomo Fenacchio, Parusso, Paolo Conterno, Poderi Colla, Silvano Bolmida

GRINZANE CAVOUR       @Grinzane Cavour

  • BIANCO– ?       ROSSO– Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(North-East)(Laps)
  • TOPOGRAFIA-“Rolling/ Hilly” On~? ~River~
  • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ? ha.P lanted,   –MGA.- ?
    • Vineyards– Bablino, Borzone, Canova(96 ha.), Catello(7 ha.), La Corte(8 ha.), Garretti(9 ha.), Gustava(8 ha.), Raviole(11 ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore– La Spinetta

DIANO d’ALBA      @Diano d’Alba

  • BIANCO– ?       ROSSO– Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(East)(Laps)
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  ha. Planted,  –MGA.- ?
    • Vineyards– Gallaretto(15 ha.), La Vigna(4 ha.)
    • Estate/ Produttore

SERRALUNGA d’ALBA     @Serralunga

  • BIANCO– ?       ROSSO– Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte, In Barolo(South-East)
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly” +Alt. 450mt.
  • TERRE=Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary
  • CLIMA= Warmest Barolo Zone
  • VITICULTURA–  ? ha. Planted,   ~MGA.~ 35
    • Vineyards– Arione(Cru), Badarina(Cru), Baudana(Cru), Boscareto, Brea(Cru*), Bricco Voghera(Cru), Briccolina(Cru), Broglio(Cru), Cappallotto(Cru), Carpegna(Cru), Cerrati(Cru), Cerretta(Cru/40ha.), Collaretto(Cru), Costabella(Cru), Damiano(Cru/16ha.), Falletto(Cru*/9ha.), Francia(Cru*/16ha.), Fontanafredda( Monopolo), Gabutti(Cru*), Gallaretto, Gianetto(Cru), Lazzarito(Cru*)(30ha.), Le Turne(Cru), Lirano(Cru), Manocino(Cru), Marenca(Cru*/7ha.), Margherita(Cru/8ha.), Meriame(Cru), Ornato(Cru*/7ha.), Parafada(Cru*/8ha.), Prabo(Cru), Prapo'(Cru), Rivette(Cru*)(8ha.), San Bernardo(Cru), San Rocco(Cru), La Serra(Cru/10ha.), Sperss, Teodoro(Cru), Vigna Rionda(Cru*)
    • Estate/ Produttore– Arnaldo Rivera, Batasiolo, Boasso, Bruna Grimaldi, Bruno Giacosa, Casa E. di Mirafirore, Damilano, Davide Fregonese, Enrico Rivetto, Ettore Germano, Fontanafredda, Gaja, Giacosa, Gianni Gagilardo, Giovanni Rosso, Guido Porro, Luigi Pira, Luigi Vico, Marcarini, Palladino, Paolo Manzone, Pio Cesare, Pira, Reverdito, Vietti

Barolo vs. Barbaresco

    • GEOGRAFIA– Grapes Grow/ Wine Produced In Barolo
    • TOPOGRAFIA– Town of Barolo Located In Valley, Higher In Elevation
    • TERRE= “Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary“, “Tortonian Soils”, Limestone Based
    • CLIMA=Continental“, Cooler Than Barbaresco
    • VITICULTURA– Later Bud Break
    • VINICULTURA– Bolder Tannins, Less Approachable, More Powerful, +AGED/ 1 Year Longer.

Barolo Isn’t Necessarily a Better Wine, But Some of Its Terroir is Superior.

    • GEOGRAFIA– Grapes Grow/ Wine Produced In Barbaresco
    • TOPOGRAFIA– Town of Barbaresco Located On Hill, Lower In Elevation
    • TERRE= Metamorphic”, ”Sedimentary“, “Serravallian Soils”, Sandstone Based
    • CLIMA=Continental, Warmer, Higher Humidity Than Barolo
    • VITICULTURA– Earlier Bud Break
    • VINICULTURA– Softer Tannins, More Approachable, Not as Powerful, More Elegant, +AGED/ 1 Year Shorter.

Barolo Traditional vs. Barolo Modern

  • CULTURA– Clash of Styles, Generations, Ideology
  • STORIA– Piemonte and Its Wine Struggled Economically Through Agricultural Poverty In the 1960’s and 70’s.
    • French Wine and the Time Where Getting 20 Times the Price of Italian Wine. A Couple Barolo Producers Took a Trip to Burgundy to Observe Their Wine Making. Upon Returning Some Producers Started to Question What and How They Made Wine. Some Producers Started to Make Changes.
    • This Modern Barolo Starting In the Early 1980’s But the Harvest of 85’, 86’ and 87’ Stand Out as Dramatic Vintages
    • The American Market and a High Wine Score From Parker Really “Spurred” the Movement, and the Barolo Boys Spread the Word of Barolo to the World.
    • Many Prideful Barolo Farming Families Where Torn Apart by the Opposing Viticultural Practices and Philosophy. To This Day There Are True Stories of Father Disowning Sons Over the Movement.
  • PIONEER~ ~Barolo Mascarello~ Producer and Iconic Symbol of the Traditionalist
    • ~The Barolo Boys~ Group of Piemonte Wine Producers.
      • Came Together In Comradship and Spirt to Make What They Perceived as the Best Barolo They Could.
      • This Group of Men and One Women Followed What They Thought Was a Revolutionary Movement and Brought Enormous Change to the History of Wine Making In the Langhe.
    • ~Elio Altare~ Outspoken Producer and Leader of Modern Barolo Movement.
    • ~Marco de Grazia~ Italian/ American Wine Importer/ Marketer/ Manager of Barolo Boys In Langhe and USA.
    • Barolo Boys(Others)- ~Chiaro Boschis~,  ~Giorgio Rivetti~,  ~Roberto Voerzio~

The Barolo Boys Where Accused of Distorting and Ruining the Identity of Barolo and Its Wine.

  • Traditionalist Someone Who Produced Barolo Using Traditional Viticulture.
    • Traditionalist See Themselves as Guardians of Authentic / Historic Barolo.
    • VITICULTURA– Blended Vineyards, Higher Yields, Restrained Ripeness.
    • VINICULTURA– Longer Maceration(to 30 Days), Cooler Fermentation.
      • +AGED/ Old and Large Chestnut Botti Casts, Prolonged Aging Period.

All of This Leads to a Wine That Needs/ Take Longer to Hit Its Stride.

  • Modernist Someone Who Produces Barolo Using Modern More Liberal Viticulture.
    • Modernist Want to Produce Fresher, Most Approachable Wines at a Younger Age.
    • VITICULTURA– Grower Are Searching For Higher Quality Fruit, Lower Yields, Green Harvests, Riper Fruit.
    • VINICULTURA– Single Vineyards, Shorter Maceration, Controlled Fermentation Temperature, Stainless Steal Fermentation.
      • +AGED/ Newer Barriques(Increased Micro-Oxidation Rate), Shorter Aging PeriodIn Some Cases the Old Casts Where Cut Apart With Chain Saw In Order to Dismantle and Make Room For New French Barrels.

All of Which Lead to Greater Approachability at a Younger Age.


  • BIANCO= Nascetta
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Hilly/ Mountainous”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.350mt.
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore


  • ROSSO= Pelaverga(+85%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
    • BORDERS-(Laps)Barolo DOCG.(South-West)
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”
  • VITICULTURA– ? haPlanted
    • Estate/ Produttore– GB. Burlotto, Cadia, Daje Mach, Fratelli Alessandria, Giacomo Ascheri


  • ROSSO= Dolcetto(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
    • BORDERS– (Laps)Barolo DOCG.(West), COMMUNES– Diano d’Alba
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling” SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.500mt.
  • VITICULTURA– 260haPlanted
  • VINICULTURAVigna,  Superiore
    • Estate/ Produttore– Abrigo Giovanni, Alario Claudio, Cascina Adelaide, Sori


  • ROSSO= Dolcetto(100%)
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(South), PROVINCIA-Cuneo, In Langhe DOC.
      • COMMUNES– (21), South of Barolo-City(15km.)
      • Topografia– “Rolling/ Hilly”, SLOPES/ ?, 320 mt.-370 mt.
      • -Estate/ Producers- Borgata Santa Lucia, Palazzolo, Toscana
      • MADONNA Della GRAZIE
        • -Estate/ Producers- Pironi, Spina, Tech
      • PIANEZZO
        • -Estate/ Producers- San Marino
      • TARICCHI
        • -Estate/ Producers-
      • VALDIBA
        • Topografia– 430mt.-520mt.
        • -Estate/ Producers- Ciri & Serra, San Bartlolmeo, Valdiba
        • Vineyards– Baraccone, San Fereolo
      • Vineyards– Bricco Archisa, Bricco Rosso, Carpeneta, Chicchivello, Corradini, Corsaletto, Cornole, Garbiana, Gene, Massanit, Moncucco, Monteustico, Pianbosco, Riviera, Roanchi,  Schellini, Sciondini, Spinardi, Zovetto
      • Vineyards– Clavesana, Conzia
  • TOPOGRAFIA– “Rolling”, SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.320mt.-560mt.
  • CLIMA= Continental
  • VITICULTURA–  ?  haPlanted, 
  • VINICULTURARosso,  Superiore(+.05%-.1% Abv., +AGED/ 12mo.)
    • Estate/ Produttore “Other– Altare, Anna Maria Abbona, Boschis, Cascina Corte, Chionetti, Clavesana, Gillardi, Luigi Einaudi, Marciano Abbona, Pecchenino, San Fereolo
  • CULTURA– ~Etymology~ From Dolium Jani…Meaning Wine Jar of Janus


  • BIANCO= Catarratto, Trebbiano
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte
  • VINICULTURAFortified -17%Abv., After Fermentation With Spirit, Aromatized
    • Wine and Herbs/ Spices Must Come From Piemonte.
    • Estate/ Produttore– Berto, Bordiga, Carlo Alberto, Carpano, Chazalettes, Cinzano, Del Professore, Drapo, Gancia, Giulio Cocchi, a Canelese, Martini & Rossi, Sperone, Torino Distillati, Tosti
  • STORIA– 1757 In Turin -Cinzano, Martini & Rossi 1863, Carpano
  • CULTURAASSOCIATIONS~ ~Vermouth di Torino InstituteAlliance of 15 Brands
    • Mission~ Aims to Value, Promote and Enhance the Quality of Vermouth di Torino and Its Continued Expansion In Global Markets With All Producers Working In Synergy.
  • **Refer to “WINE STYLES/ AROMATIZED” For Detailed Information.

Over the Years Vermouth Has Transformed From a Medicinal Tonic Into a Pleasure Beverage.


  • BIANCO= Moscato, –Internazionale– Riesling   |   ROSSO= Nebbiolo
  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte(Greater)
  • VINICULTURA– Pomice Re-Fermented Then Distilled, +Abv.80%-90%
    • Grappa di Monovitgno– Single Varietal
    • Estate/ Produttore– Beccaris, Berta, Dellavalle , Francoli
  • **Refer to “WINE STYLES/ DISTILLATION” For Detailed Information.


  • GEOGRAFIA– Italia, REGION-Piemonte
  • VINICULTURA– Barolo Aromatized/ Macerated(8 Weeks) With… Bark(Cinchona Tree/ Calissaya), Quinine, Herbs, Cinnamon, Coriander, Iris Flowers, Mint, Vanilla, Rhubarb, Cloves
    • Fortified/ to-16% Abv., +AGED/ Small Barrels, +1 Year
    • Estate/ Produttore– Boroli, Cappellano, Damilano, Giulio Cocchi, Roagn
  • **Refer to “WINE STYLES/ AROMATIZED” For Detailed Information.

Demystifying Video

http://View of Barolo From La Mora



**Refer to “BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources” For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.