ARMENIA IS   Areas- 8      @Yerevan

  • WHITE= Kangun 30%, Rkatsiteli 25%, Voskehat 8%, Ararati, Banants, Bayanshira, Chilar, Garandmmak, Haghtanak, Kangun, Khatun Kharji AKA=Khatuni, Lalvari, Mskhali, Qrdi, Voskehat
    • International Aligote, Chardonnay, Folle Blanche, Muscat, Pinot Blanc, Ungi Blanc
  • RED= Areni Noir 10%, Akhtanak, Charentsi, Haghtanak, Kakhet, Khnadoghni, Meghrabuyr, Nerkarat, Nerkeni, Sereksiya Chari, Sireni, Telti Kyryk, Tigrani, Tozot
    • International Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Tannat

GEOGRAPHY Europe, Caucasus(East), +Latitude(40°N)

  • BORDERS-Georgia(North), Turkey(West), Azerbaijan(East)
  • BETWEEN-Black Sea & Caspian Sea

TOPOGRAPHY Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly, Mountainous

  • SLOPES/ Transcaucasus Mountains(Armenian Highlands/ Gegham Mountains/Javakheti Range/ Lesser Caucasus/ Zangezur Mountains)
    • +Altitude(500mt. to 1,800mt.)
  • ON PLATEAU/~Southern Caucasus~, ON PLAIN/~Ararat~, On~Lake~Sevan~
  • VOLCANICISMMount Ararat, Mount Aragats

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Volcanic

  • **Refer to TERROIR/ Geology & Soil For Detailed Information On Soils.

CLIMATE Continental,  *Summers– Hot, Dry   |   *Winters– Cold, Wet

VITICULTURE 17,000 ha. Planted,  (White    %/ Red     %)

  • Armenia is- #49 In Grape Production/ #47 In Wine Consumption In World
  • CHALLANGES– Hail Storms


  • Still,  Sparkling,  Distilled
  • Culture of Distilling Grapes For Brandy Production.
  • A Large Portion of Armenian Grape Get Distilled Into Armenian Brandy.

HISTORY 6,000 Year Wine History

    • First Evidence of Winemaking Facility-  Archaeological Evidence of One of Oldest Wine Production Facilities. Located In Areni, Armenia About 80 km. From the Capital of Yerevan. This Cave Complex Called/ Named Areni-1, Dates Back to 4,000 BC..  The Facility Consisted of a Shallow 4 Foot Basin Where to Grapes Where Crushed by Foot. With a Narrow Channel Funneling the Juice and Leading to a Buried Clay Earth-Ware.
  • 1600’s @Armenia Ottoman Occupation That Lasted From the 1500’s to the 1900’s.
    • Wine Tradition and Wine Culture Faded During This Time.
  • 1991 @Armenia Armenia Gained Its Independence.


  • PIONEERS~ ~Vage Keugheurian~ Godfather of Armenian Viticulture.
  • Ogni- Distilled Fruit/ Berries…Considered the National Drink of Armenia.
  • MYTHS~ ~Hoah’s Ark~ Noah’s Ark Allegedly Landed On Mount Ararat.


  • LAWS GOVERNING- Geographic Boundaries, Topography
    • Label Requirement-
    • There is No Official Appellation System In Armenia as of 2020.

North-West Armenia

SHIRAKProvince     @Gyumri

  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(North-West)

ARAGATSOTNProvince     @Ashtarak

  • WHITE= Kangun, Rikatsiteli, Voskehat
  • RED= Areni, Arni Noire, Karmrahyut
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(North-West)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Hilly, SLOPES/ Mount Aragats, +Altitude(1,100mt. to 1,400mt.)
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Volcanic
  • VITICULTURE- 1,250 ha. Planted
    • -Estate/ Producers- Armenia Wine Co., Van Ardi, Voskevaz

ARMAVIRProvince     @Armavir

  • WHITE= Areni, Garan Dmak, Hangun, Mskhali, Voskehat
    • International Aligote, Chenin Blanc
  • RED= Haghtanak
    • International Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(North-West)
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ ?, +Altitude(900mt. to 1,100mt.)
    • On~Hrazdan~River~,  PLATEAU/ Rind
  • VITICULTURE- 6,700 ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Karas, Zorah Karasi(37ha.)

North Armenia

LORIProvince     @Vanadzor

  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(North)

TAVUSHProvince     @Ljevan

  • WHITE= Banants, Lalvari, Garan Dmak, Kangun
  • RED= Karmrahyut
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(North)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ ?, +Altitude(400mt. t0 1,000mt.)
  • VITICULTURE- 1,350 ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

Central Armenia

KOTAYKProvince     @Hrazdan

  • WHITE=
  • RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(Central)
  • VITICULTURE-ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

ARARATProvince     @Artashat

  • WHITE= Garan Dmak, Kangun, Mskhali, Rkatsiteli
    • International Chardonnay
  • RED= Areni, Haghtanak, Kakhet, Karmrahyut
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(Central), West of Yerean-City(35km.)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous/ Valley(Ararat)
    • SLOPES/ Mt. Ararat, +Altitude(800mt. to 1,000mt.)
  • VITICULTURE- 4,700 ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Karas, Tushpa*

GEGHARKUNIKProvince     @Gavar

  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(Central), On~Lake~Sevan~

South Armenia

VAYOTS DZORProvince     @Yeghegnadzor

  • WHITE= Khatouni, Kharji, Voskehat
  • RED= Areni, Sireni, Tozot
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(South), PROVINCE-Vayots Dzor
    • VILLAGESAghavnadzor, Khachik, Rind
    • Sub-Zones Aghavnadzor, Areni
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous
    • SLOPES/ ?, +Altitude(950mt. to 1,745mt.)
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary, Limestone
  • VITICULTURE- 1,200  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Avetissyan, Hin Areni, Keush(Sparkling), Merjanian, Yacoubian-Hobbs(Paul Hobbs), Zorah, Zulal
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Vayots Dzor…Meaning Valley of Woes.
  • ARENI      @
    • WHITE=
    • RED=
    • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia, In Vayots Dzor
    • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ ?, +Altitude(950mt. to 1,200mt.)
    • VITICULTURE- 1,350 ha. Planted
      • Estate/ Producers-
    • WHITE=
    • RED=
    • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia, In Vayots Dzor
    • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ ?, +Altitude(1,100mt. to 1,650mt.)
    • VITICULTURE- 400 ha. Planted
      • Estate/ Producers- Zulal

HADRUTProvince     @Hadrut

  • WHITE=
  • RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia(South)
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

YEREVANProvince     @Hadrut

  • WHITE=
  • RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- Armenia
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Koor, Kataro

**Refer to BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.