CYPRUS IS     @Nicosia

  • WHITE= Kenella, Morokanella(Indigenous), Promara(Indigenous), Spourtico, Xynisteri(Indigenous)
    • International– Malvasia, Palomino, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Thompson Seed-Less AKA=Soltanina
  • RED= Lefkada, Marathetiko(Indigenous), Mavro(Indigenous), Mavro, Ofthalmo, Yiannoudi(Indigenous)
    • International– Cinsaut AKA=Oeillade, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah

GEOGRAPHYREGION-Eastern Mediterranean, COUNTRY-Cyprus, LATITUDE: 35° N

  • South of Turkey(80km.), North of Egypt(   km.), East of Israel( km.)
  • DISTRICTS: Larnaca, Lefkosia, Lemesos, Paphos

TOPOGRAPHY Rolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~

  • SLOPES/ Troodos Mountains(South-West), Kyrenia Mountains(North), +Alt.500mt.-1,500mt.

SOILS Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Limestone

  • **Refer to TERROIR/ Geology & Soil For Detailed Information On Soils

CLIMATE  Mediterranean,   *Summers– Long, Dry     |    *Winters– Wet, Cold

VITICULTURE  7,900 ha. Planted

  • Cyprus is- #40 In Grape Production/ #46 In Wine Consumption In World
  • No Phylloxera, Grapevines Planted On Their Own Rootstock.


  • 3500 BC.- Archaeological Evidence of Wine Production.


  • FESTIVALS~ ~Cyprus Wine~ (August)
  • GASTRONOMY… Mese(Eastern Mediterranean Oeuvres)


  • LAWS GOVERNING- Geographic Boundaries, Varietals, +AGED/ Yield/ Hectare
    • Label Requirement-
    • Table Wine- Regional Designation if They Originate In One of the 4 Districts
    • Local Wine-
    • Protected Designation of Origin-

Estate/ Produces-(Not Located In Demarcated Sub-Zone) Aes Ambelis, Argyrides, Etko, Fikardos Winerey, Hadjiantonas Winery, Keo, Kyperounda, Loel, SODAP(Co.-Op.), Spectus, Tsalpatis, Tsiakkas, Vasiliko, Vasilikon, Vouni Panayia,

PAPHOS DISTRICT PGI./ Regional   @Pafos

  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(West), DISTRICT-Paphos
    • CITIES-Kathikas, Pafos, Panayia, Polis, Stroumpi
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~, On Coast/ Chysochou Bay
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Paspas Nicos

AKAMAS LAONA PDO.     @Kathikas

  • WHITE= Xynisteri
  • RED= Maratheftiko, Mavro, Ofthalmo
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(West), DISTRICT-Paphos
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~, On Coast
    • SLOPES/ ?, +Alt.900mt.-1,150mt.
  • VITICULTURE-  ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Vouni Panayia


  • WHITE= Xynisteri
  • RED= Maratheftiko, Mavro, Ofthalmo
    • International Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah Merlot
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(West-Interior), DISTRICT-Paphos
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~
  • VITICULTURE- ?   ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

LEFKOSIA DISTRICT PGI./ Regional    @Lefkosia(Nicosia)

  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(North-Central), DISTRICT-Lefkosia
    • CITIES-Kampos, Lefka, Lefkosia, Morou, Moutoullas
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ HillyOn~Cyprus~Island~, On Coast/ Morfou Bay
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted

PITSILIA PDO.      @Kyperounda

  • WHITE= Xynisteri
  • RED= Maratheftiko, Mavro, Ofthalmo
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(Central-Interior), DISTRICT-Lefkosia, (Laps)Lemesos
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous, On~Cyprus~Island~
    • SLOPES/ Troodos Mountains/ Mt. Olympus, +Alt. 500mt.-1,500mt.
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Kyperounda

LEMESOS DISTRICT PGI./ Regional      @Lemesos

  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(South-Coast), DISTRICT-Lemesos
    • CITIES-Episkopi, Lemesos
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ HillyOn~Cyprus~Island~
  • VITICULTURE-   ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-

KRASOCHORIA(Wine Villages) Of LEMESOU     @

  • WHITE=    |   RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(Central-Interior-South), DISTRICT-Lemesos
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-
    • LEMESOU-AFAMES CITIES-Omodhos, Vouni
    • LEMESOU CITIES-Mallia, Pakhna


  • WHITE= Xynisteri   |    RED= Mavro
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(Central-Interior), DISTRICT-Lemesos
    • VILLAGES-(14)- Ayios Georgios, Ayios Konstantinos, Ayios Mamas, Ayios Pavlos, Apsiou, Gerasa, Doros, Zoopigi, Kalo Chorio, Kapilio, Laneia, Louvaras, Monagri, Silikou
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ HillyOn~Cyprus~Island~
    • SLOPES/ Troodos Mountains(South-West), +Alt. 500mt.-900mt.
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers- Alasia, Aes Ambelis, Antoniades, Beaufoys, Etko, Keo St. John, St. Barnabas, Tsiakkas
    • Commandaria- Oldest Named Wine Still In Production Dating Back to 800 BC.
      • VITICULTURE- Late Harvest,  Passito (In Sun/ 10 Days)
      • VINICULTURE- WHITE= Xynisteri   |   RED= Mavro
      • +FORTIFIED/ Can Be Fortified With Grape Spirits, Or Not Fortified
      • +AGED/ 2-4yr., Oak Barrels, 15% – 20% ABV.
      • Grapes Must Be Grown/ Vinified In Commandaria, Can Be Aged Outside of Region.
      • AKA= Cyprus Sherry
  • HISTORY- Commandaria Claims to Be the Oldest Named Wine Continuously In Production.
    • ~Etymology~ Comes From Grand Commardery, Referring to the Land Belonging to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, Where Original Vineyards Were Located.

LARNACA DISTRICT PGI./ Regional @Larnaka

  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus(South-Coast), DISTRICT-Larnaca
  • TOPOGRAPHY Rolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-


  • WHITE=    |    RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus, DISTRICT-Larnaca
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~
  • VITICULTURE-  ?  ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Producers-


  • WHITE=     |   RED=
  • GEOGRAPHY- Cyprus
  • TOPOGRAPHYRolling/ Hilly, On~Cyprus~Island~
  • VITICULTURE-   ? ha. Planted
    • Estate/ Produces- Agia Mavrii, Cava Protasis, Linos Oinopolio

**Refer to BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.