MENDOCINO IS  AVA- 14     @Ukiah

  • WHITE= Chardonnay 28%, Arneis, Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Cortese, Falanghina, Friulano, Gewurztraminor, Grenache Gris, Grüner Veltliner, Malvasia, Marsanne, Muscat(Orange), Petite Arvine, Picpoul Blanc, Pinotage, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Vert AKA=Friulano, Semillon, Vermentino, Viognier
  • RED= Cabernet Sauvignon 17%, Pinot Noir 12%, Barbara, Cabernet Franc, Carmenere, Carignan, Charbono, Cinsault, Counoise, Dolcetto, Gamay, Garnacha, Malbec, Mencia, Merlot, Montepulciano, Mourvèdre, Nebbiolo, Nero d’Avola, Peloursin, Pinot Munier, Pinotage, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Primitivo, Sangiovese, Syrah, Tannat, Tempranillo, Trousseau, Valdiguie, Zinfandel

GEOGRAPHY– STATE-California(North-West), COUNTY-Mendocino, LATITUDE: 38.80°N– 39.30°N

  • BORDERS-Sonoma County(South), Lake County(East)
  • Sub-Zones/ AVA.s- Anderson Valley AVA., Cole Ranch AVA., Eagle Peak AVA.
    • Mendocino Ridge AVA., McDowell Valley AVA., Pine Mountain Cloverdale Peak AVA.(Laps), Potter Valley AVA., Redwood Valley AVA., Yorkville Highlands AVA.
  • Un-Official AVA.’s- Alder Springs, Talmage Bench, Ukiah Valley

TOPOGRAPHY– Flat/ Rolling/ HillyOn~Russian~River~Pacific~Ocean~

  • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 250ft.- 3,000ft.

SOILS Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary, ~Casabonne Series~

CLIMATE– Mediterranean With Continental” Influence, Many Micro Climates

  • *Summers– Warm, Long   |    *Winters– Cold, Wet,  +Diurnal Shifts(+40° Variation)
  • CURRENTS/ Coast Influenced by Humboldt Current.

VITICULTURE ac./ ac. Planted

  • Mendocino County Has a History of Old Vines and Organically and Sustainably Farmed Vineyards and Wine Making.
    • Berry(HVS.)@Mendocino AVA.   Casa Pacini(HVS.,*1950’s)@Mendocino AVA.   Cole Ranch(HVS.,55ac.,*1974)@Cole Ranch AVA.   Colombini(HVS.,*1942)@Redwood Valley AVA.  Cox(HVS.,*1956)@Mendocino AVA.  DuPratt(HVS./1916/12ac.)@Mendocino Ridge AVA.   Feliz Creek(HVS.,137ac.)@Mendocino AVA.   Gisbon(HVS.,*1910’s/38ac.)@McDowell Valley AVA.  Graziano(HVS.,*1940’s)@Mendocino AVA.   Lolonis(HVS.,*1940’s/106ac.)@Redwood Valley AVA.,  Pacini(HVS.,*1900’s)@Mendocino AVA.   Piffero(HVS.)@Mendocino AVA.  Perli(HVS.,39ac.)@Mendocino Ridge AVA.  Populis(HVS.)@Mendocino AVA.  Recetti(HVS.)@Mendocino AVA.  Redwood Valley(HVS.)@Redwood Valley AVA.


  • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~Mendocino Winegrowers~
    • Mission~ To Create Balanced Wines From Grapes Grown On Unspoiled Land, Wines That Express the Individuality of Mendocino’s 11 Diverse Appellations. 
  • GASTRONOMY… Dungeness Crab  |   CHEESE… Chanterelle
  • NON-WINE…Visit and Hike In the Redwood Trees In the Morning Before Wine Tasting.

**Refer to CALIFORNIA/ Overview For Detailed Information On California as a Wine State.

**Mendocino Images Courtesy of “Delong Maps”, Purchase These Maps at

MENDOCINO COUNTY*    @Entire County

  • WHITE=   |   RED= **Refer to AVA.’s For Grape Information
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly/MountainousOn~Russian~River~Pacific~Ocean~
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 250 ft.- 2,600 ft.
  • VITICULTURE– LabeledMENDOCINO COUNTY, Wine Produced Non-Conforming to a AVA.
    • Estates/ Producers-(Not Located In Delimited AVA.)Alto Orsa, Baxter, Bonterra, Hidden Cellars, Jaxon Keys, Jeriko, Knez, Kivel Stadt, Minus Tide, Pax Mahle, Ramble, Ryme
    • Vineyards-(Not Found In Demarcated AVA.) Akin, Albertina, Alder Springs(141ac.), Alto Orsa“Estate”, Bartolomei, Berry(HVS.), Bicarelli, Bliss, Blue Heron, Buddha’s Dharma, Butler Ranch, Byne, Claire’s, Comptche Ridge, Contento, Cooley Ranch, Cox, Demuth, Docker Hill(5ac.), Eagle Point Ranch, Emerald Pool, Enlightenment Mountain, Feliz Creek(HVS.,137ac.), Fred & Dora, Ghianda Rose, Guido Venturi, H & W(Signal Ranch), Kala, Kimmel(37ac.), King Farm, Live Oak, Mattern(10.5ac.), Oppenlander, Piffero(HVS.), Poor Ranch, Populis(HVS.), Queirolo(20ac.), Ray’s Station, Recetti(HVS.), Rosati, Rucker, Sanel, Spirit Rock, Testa, Thomas T. Thomas, Venturi, Wentzel, White Oak Ranch(130ac.), Woodenhead, Zeni(HVS.)
  • Sub-Zones- ALDER SPRINGS
      • Geography- Mendocino County, City-Laytonville, 140ac., 31 Blocks, 39 Varieties
        • (East of Coast/Pacific Ocean(12 mi.)
      • Topography 1,700 ft.- 2,700 ft.
      • Culture- DtheV.Com Top 10 California Vineyards

MENDOCINO* AVA.     @Ukiah

  • WHITE=   |   RED= “Almost Everything,  **Refer to AVA.’s For Varietal Information.
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#20/ #101/ #128/ #253
    • North of Sonoma County, Multi-Appellation
    • Sub-AVA.’s- Anderson Valley AVA., Cole Ranch AVA., McDowell Valley AVA., Potter Valley AVA., Redwood Valley AVA., Yorkville Highlands AVA.
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly/MountainousOn~Russian~River~Pacific~Ocean~
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 600 ft.- 2,235 ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary, Gravel-loam, Scree
    • Soil Series-Redvines Series
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime Influences, +RAIN: 51 in./ yr., Fog
    • *Summers– Cool Coast, Warm Inland   |   *Winters– Cold, Rain
  • VINICULTURE- 17,000 ac. Planted
    • Estate-Producers- Brutocao, Graziano
    • Vineyards-(Not Found In Demarcated Sub-Zone) Caballo Blanco(14ac.), Campovida, Casa Pacini(HVS.,*1950’s), Celtic Oak(1ac.), Cononiah, Cox(HVS.,*1956), Damiano, Dark Horse(66ac.), Dave Downey, DNA, Dunagan, Ettore, Gobbi Street(39ac.), Graziano Vincenzo(HVS.,*1940’s), Highfield, James(23ac.), Jane(1ac.), Lake Mendocino(3ac.), Lake Ridge, Lakeview(67ac.), Largo Ridge, Lovers Lane, McNab RanchParadise Canyon(2ac.), Rancho Feliz, Ravano(5ac.), Rosewood, Sanel Valley, Sundial, Thurston, Tollini, Trimble(11ac.), White Oak, Zmarzly


  • WHITE= Albarino, Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
  • RED= Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#253
    • (36mi. Long), Non-Contiguous(12), On~Pacific~Ocean~(Near/ 9mi.)
    • Sub-Zones- Fish Rock Ridge, Greenwood Ridge, Manchester Ridge, Signal Ridge
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, Above/ Between Anderson Valley & Pacific Ocean
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range/ Mendocino Ridges
    • +Alt. Above 1,200ft.- 2,600ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Sandstone, Shale
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime INFLUENCED/ Fog, Elevation, Many Micro Climates.
    • Coolest AVA. In Mendocino
  • VITICULTURE- 84,400 ac./ 233 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Arista, Baxter(E.), Carlisle, Dashe, Drew(E.), Dutch, Ferrari-Carano, Greenwood Ridge(E.), Kutch, Mariah, Phillips Hill(E.), Wentworth, Woodenhead
    • Vineyard- Arietta-Dupratt, Baker, Chapel Hill, Ciapusci(HVS./1878/10ac.), Copper Queen(4ac.), DuPratt(HVS./1916/12ac.), Faite de Mer Farm, Field Station Ranch, Fashauer, Francis(9ac.), Gianoli, Greenwood Ridge(11ac.), Highlands, Manchester Ridge(29ac.), Mariah“Estate”, Perli(HVS.,39ac.), Philo Crest, Sky High Ranch, Signal Ridge, Valenti, Waits-Mast, Wentworth“Estate”(6.5ac.), Zeni
  • HISTORY- 1878- First Vines Planted by Italian Immigrants.
    • 1997- AVA. Officially Established.
  • CULTURE- Referred to Islands In the Sky Referring to the Way the Not-Contiguous Vineyards Sit Above the Fog.


  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Grüner Veltliner, Muscat, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon
  • RED= Counoise, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Petite Syrah, Tempranillo, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#128
    • In Mendocino AVA., North of San Francisco-City(100 mi.), LATITUDE: 39.15° N
    • On~Coast/ Pacific~Ocean~(Near/ 10- 15 Miles)  (15mi. Long & 2mi. Wide)
    • CITIES-Boonville, Elk, Mendocino, Navarro, Philo
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly/ Valley(Anderson(Transverse)
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 250ft.- 2,500ft.
    • On~Anderson/ Rancherias/ Indian/ Soda Creeks~Tributaries~Navarro~River~
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, Terraces Along Navarro River/ Tributaries
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime Influences, +Diurnal Shifts(+35°Variation), Fog
  • VITICULTURE- 57,600 ac./2,450 acPlanted
  • VINICULTURE- Sparkling- Roederer, Scharffenberber, Lichen
    • Estates/ Producers- Ant Hill, Balo, Bee Hunter, Bergin-Sipila, Brashley(10ac.), Cakebread(47ac.), Copain, Domaine Anderson, Drew, DuPuis, Edmeades, Father & Daughters, Fel, Foursight, Goldeneye(*1996), Greenwood Ridge, Handley, Husch, Jason Drew, Kosta Browne, Lazy Creek, Lichen(Sparkling), Lioco, Littorai, Long Meadow Ranch(68ac.), Lulu, Macphail, Navarro(81ac.), Pennyroyal Farm(23ac.), Philo Ridge, Rhys(33ac.), Roederer(Sparking/ Co-National), Rudius, Scharffenberger(Sparkling), Spell, Twomey(38ac.), Toulouse, Waits-Mast, Yamakiri
      Vineyards- Abby-Harris(2ac.), Abel, Akins, Angel Camp, Annahala, Apple Barn, Baker Ranch(5ac.), Bearman Bend, Bearwallow(34ac.), Bee Hunter“Estate”, Bergin-Sipila“Estate”, Bevel(10ac.), Blue Jay, Brashley, Breggo, Cerise, Charles, Confluence, The Corners, Dach(17ac.), Day Ranch, Deep End(2ac.), Deer Meadows(9.5ac.), Demuth, Donnelly Creek, Edmeades(53ac.), Eiswick, Elke, Ferrari-Carano, Ferrington, Filigrenn Farm, Golden Fleece, Gowan Creek, Grant(4ac.), Green Ranch, Hacienda Sequoia(2.5ac.), Handley(59ac.), Helluva, Henneberg, Husch“Estate”, Joshua’s, Kiser, Knez, Langley(3ac.), Leal, Maggy Hawk“Estate”(58ac.), Monument Tree, Moonglow, Morning Dew, Muldune Trail, The Narrows, Navarro“Estate”(81ac.), Nelson Hill, One Acre, Ordway’s Valley Foothills, Pennyroyal(23ac.), Philo Ridge, Pinoli, Poleeka Farms, Rhys(33ac.), Ridley, Roderick, Roman, Roma’s, RSM, Saigal, Savoy(5.5ac.), Skycrest, Slow Lopen, Ten Degrees, Toulouse, Thomas T Thomas(36ac.), Two Creeks, Velvet Sisters, Vonarburg, Wendling, Wentworth(7ac.), Wentzel, Wightman House, Wiley
    • ASSOCIATIONS~ ~Anderson Valley Winegrowers~
      • Mission~ Supporting the Region Grape Growers and Wineries While Promoting the Regions Wines.
      • ~Walter & Rhoda Anderson~ 1851, Planted Vineyard In Anderson Valley.
      • ~Dr. Donald Edmeades~  Lead a Modern Movement of Wine Producers.
      • ~Tony & Gretchen Husch~ Lead a Modern Movement of Wine Producers
    • FESTIVALS~ ~International Alsace Varietals Festival~ (February)
      • ~Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival~ (May)
    • WINNER Worlds Best~ Awards Best American AVA.  (5th. Place)
      • **Refer to WINE CULTURE/ Derek’s Top 6 List For Detailed Information.
    • DEEP END Cooler North-Western Valley Closer to Pacific Ocean.
    • WEST RIDGE         EAST RIDGE           BOON   


  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Symphony, Viognier
  • RED= Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Garnacha, Malbec, Merlot, Mourvedre, Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Primitivo, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, In Mendocino AVA.,  @Hw.#128
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Hilly/ Terraced/ Benches
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 850 ft. -2,350 ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Gravel, Yorkville Complex(Fractured Shale, Mica-Schist)
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 44,104 ac./ 411 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Artevino Maple Creek, Judson Hale, Lone Oak, Maple Creek, Meyer Family, Mountain House, Pendleton, Route 128, Seawolf, Theopolis, Le Vin, Yamakiri, Yorkville Cellars
    • Vineyards- Cot, Halcon(162ac.), Grizzly Peak, Hawks Butte Ranch, Lost Creek(8ac.), Lost Hills Ranch, Mountain Horse, Old Chatham(15ac.), Randle Hill, Rennie, Seawolf“Estate”, Theopolis“Estate”, Valenti Ranch, Le Vin“Estate”(14ac.), Vine View(6ac.), Wattle Creek, Walsh(3ac.), Weir
  • CULTURE- 1998- AVA. Officially Established


  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
  • RED= Pinot Noir
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino
    • In Mendocino AVA.(North), BORDERS-Redwood Valley AVA.(South-East), @Hw.#101
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ HillyOn~Mill~Creek~
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 3,200ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Gravel
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 26,260 ac./ 120 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Masut(35ac.)
    • Vineyards- Golden, Linholme, Masut“Estate”(35ac.), Sea Biscuit South, Three Streams, Turan
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Eagle Peak Referes to Eagle Peak Mountain.

REDWOOD VALLEY* AVA.     @Redwood Valley

  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Colombard, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier
  • RED= Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignane, Charbono, Garnacha, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Primitivo, Sangiovese, Syrah, Valdiguie, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#101
    • In Mendocino AVA.(North)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Valley(Redwood)On~Mill~Creek~/ On~Lake~Mendocino~
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 400ft.- 900ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Continental Influences, +Diurnal Shifts(+40°)
  • VITICULTURE- ? acPlanted
    • America First Certified Biodynamic Producer. (Frey Vineyards)
    • Mendocino Has an Extensive Culture of Organic and Biodynamic Agricultural.
    • Estates/ Producers- Barra(*1955), Chance Creek, Cole Bailey, Elizabeth, Farmstrong(Nat.Pro.), Fetzer, Folk Machine, Fife, Frey*, Girasole, Giuseppe, Lolonis, Masut, Oster, Silva(E./15ac.)
    • Vineyards- Avian Science, Baroni(5ac.), Barra/ Girasole(325ac.), Chance Creek“Estate”, Charles Locatelli(3ac.), Chase, Colombini(HVS.,*1942), Easter Brook, Hawkeye Ranch, Home Ranch, H & W, J & A Cattle(7.5ac.), Kazmet Ranch(20ac.), Knox, Laukemann, Lolonis(HVS.,*1940’s/106ac.), Lucchesi, Martinson Ranch, Milani, Niemi, Pauli Ranch, Pecherer, Peradice(9ac.), Powicana, Redwood Valley(HVS.), Redwood Valley Juice Company, Rosewood, Silva“Estate”(15ac.), Silversmith, Tahto, Testa(100ac.), Tollini(*1972), Tom Johnson, Tournour, Upton, Valley Quail(4ac.), Zeller
  • HISTORY- 1958- Barney Fetzer Purcheased a 720 Acre Ranch and Plantes a 80 Acre Vineyard.

POTTER VALLEY AVA.      @Potter Valley

  • WHITE= Arneis, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminor, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
  • RED= Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Carignan, Dolcetto, Garnacha, Merlot, Montepulciano, Nebbiolo, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Pinotage, Sangiovese, Syrah, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#20
    • In Mendocino AVA.(North)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/ Valley(Potter)
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 1,000ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Sedimentary, +Diurnal Shifts(+50°)
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Continental” Influence, Many Micro Climates
  • VITICULTURE- 280 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Blue Quail, Kimmel, McFadden(Blue Quail/160ac.), Manoir Girard, Naughty Boy, Potter Valley Wine Works
    • Vineyards- Grape Ventures(17ac.), Graziano“Estate”, Potter Valley(3ac.), Tahto, Todd(100ac.), Trail’s End(3ac.)

UKIAH VALLEY AVA. (Un-Official)    @Ukiah

  • WHITE= Arneis, Chardonnay, Muscat(Orange), Pinot Gris
  • RED= Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Garnacha, Malbec, Merlot, Montepulciano, Nebbiolo, Nero d’Avola, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Northern California, COUNTY-Mendocino(North)
    • In North Coast AVA.(North-West), @Hw.#101, Sub-Zones- Talmage Bench
    • Ukiah Valley is an Un-Official AVA. Within the Greater Mendocino AVA.
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling? HillyOn~Russian~River~
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. ?
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Talmage Gravelly Loam, Pinole Gravelly Loam
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Continental” Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 12 ac. Planted
    • Estates/ Producers- Beckstoffer, Brutocao, Campovida, Dunnewood, Fetzer, Giannecchini Ranch(26ac.), McNab Ridge(371ac.), Neslon Family, Parducci, Rivino, Saracina
    • Vineyards- BV Number III(61ac.), Fox Hill, Hopland Ranch(322ac.), Jim Bogner(2.5ac.), Knob Hill(40ac.), Mack Ford(3.5ac.), McNab Ridge“Estate”, Mendocino 101(124ac.) Nelson(180ac.), Norgard, Pacini(HVS.,*1900’s), Rivino, Russian River(106ac.), Saracina(150ac.), Sawyer(30ac.), Stipp, Testa, Ukiah Ranch(454ac.), Whaler

COLE RANCH AVA.      @Ukiah

  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Riesling
  • RED= Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#253
    • In Mendocino AVA., BETWEEN: Anderson Valley & Russian River
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Flat/ Rolling/Valley
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 1,400ft.- 1,612ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean” With Maritime” Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 190 ac./ 56 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Bedrock, Cobb Cole, Desire Lines, Esterlina Vineyard(55ac.)“Monopole”, Lewandowski, Rootdown
    • Vineyards- Cole Ranch(HVS.,55ac.,*1974)
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Name After John Cole Who Planted Vineyard In 1970’s.


  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Grenache Gris, Marsanne, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier
  • RED= Cinsaut, Garnacha, Mourvèdre, Peloursin, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, Souzao, Syrah, Touriga Nacional, Trousseau
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Mendocino, COUNTY-Mendocino, @Hw.#175
    • In Mendocino AVA., Sub-Zone- Sanel Valley
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Valley(McDowell)On~Russian~River~
    • SLOPES/ Coast Mountain Range(Mendocino Range), +Alt. 1,000ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, SedimentarySoil SeriesHopland Seriers
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 20,000 ac./ 540 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Bedrock, Donkey & Goat, McDowell Valley VineyardsMonopole
    • Vineyards- Blue Heron Ranch, Bucklin, Gibson Ranch(HVS.,*1910’s/38ac.)
  • CULTURE- 1987- AVA. Officially Established
    • ~Etymology~ Named After Paxton McDowell Who Bought More of the Area In Late 1800’s.


  • WHITE= Chardonnay 9%, Sauvignon Blanc
  • RED= Cabernet Sauvignon 70%, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, North Coast(North-West),  @Hw.#101(East)
    • BORDERS-(Laps)Alexander Valley AVA.(South)
    • Only 1 of 3 California AVA. to Cross County Lines(Spring Mountain AVA., Carneros AVA.)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly, SLOPES/ Mayacamas Mountains, +Alt. 1,600ft.- 3,000ft.
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Volcanic, Sedimentary, Gravel-Loam/Volcanic Sub-Soil
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Maritime” Influences
    • Vineyards Located Above Fog-Line
  • VITICULTURE- 310 acPlanted
    • Estates/ Producers- Imagery, Oak Ridge Ranch, Pine Mountain, Silverwood, Tin Cross

DOS RIOS AVA.     @Dos Rios

  • WHITE= Chardonnay
  • RED= Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Northern California, COUNTY-Mendocino(North)
    • In North Coast AVA.(North-East), @Hw.#162
    • West of Covello AVA.(5mi.)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous, On~Eel/ Middle Fork of Eel~River~
  • SOILS- Metamorphic
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean” With Maritime Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 16 ac. Planted
    • Estates/ Producers- Vin de Tevis(6ac.)
  • CULTURE- ~Etymology~ Dos Rios Meaning 2 Rivers Referring to the 2 Rivers In AVA.

COVELLO AVA.     @Covello

  • WHITE= Chardonnay, Pinot Gris
  • RED= Garnacha, Mencia, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo
  • GEOGRAPHY- California, REGION-Northern California, COUNTY-Mendocino(North)
    • In North Coast AVA.(North-West), North of Ukiah-City(45 mi.), @Hw.#162
    • East of Dos Rios AVA.(5mi.)
  • TOPOGRAPHY- Rolling/ Hilly/ Mountainous
  • SOILS- Metamorphic, Loam
  • CLIMATE- Mediterranean With Continental” Influences
  • VITICULTURE- 12 ac. Planted
    • Estates/ Producers-
    • ROUND VALLEY         

NORTH COAST AVA.   @Mendocino  

  • WHITE=   |   RED= “Almost Everything**Refer to AVA.’s For Grape Information.
  • GEOGRAPHY California, Northern California
    • COUNTIES-(AVA. Laps)Lake County, Napa County, Sonoma County
  • VITICULTURE LabeledNORTH COAST” Wine Produced Non-Conforming to an AVA.
    • Grapes Can Be Source From Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake and Napa Counties.

**Refer to BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.

The Photo Gallery

Roederer Estate In Mendocino AVA.

Old Vine Vineyards In Redwood Valley AVA.