“I Claim No Original Information In Regards to the Wine World.  My Contributions to the Wine World With Demystifying “The Vine” Is a Proprietary Organization of a Compilation of a Large Amount of Information Taking From My Personal Research and Travels Around the Wine World. “

Books & Wine

  • Alice Feiring–  Dirty Guide to Wine
  • Adam Ford–  Vermouth
  • Evan GoldsteinWines of South America
  • Julia Harding/ Jose Vouillamoz/ Jancis Robinson-  Wine Grapes
  • Ron & Sharon Herbst-  Wine Lover’s Companion
  • Susan Keevil–  Visual Reference Guides, Wines of the World
  • Richard Kelly–  Definitive Guide to the Wines of the Loire
  • Hugh Johnson–  The World Atlas of  Wine
  • Karen MacNeil–  Wine Bible
  • Elizabeth Purser–  The Wines of the Pacific North-West
  • Peter Richards–  Wines of Chile
  • Jancis Robinson–  Oxford Companion
  • Rudolf Steiner–  What of Bio-Dynamics
  • Tom Stevenson–  Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia

Magazines & Wine

  • Wine Spectator Magazine
  • Wine Enthusiast Magazine
  • Decanter Magazine
  • The Somm Journal

People & Wine

  • Geralyn Brostrom–  Education Director/ Italian Wine Central
  • Scott Burns–  Professor Emeritus- Geology, Portland State University
  • Greg Cook–  Wine & Chemistry
  • Geoff Cruth–  Master Sommelier, President GuildSomm
  • Fred Dane–  Master Sommelier(1st American), Legion, President GuildSomm
  • Andy Gallagher–  Certified Professional Soil Classifier/ Soil Scientist
  • Paul Grieco–  Sommelier, Owner of Terroir Restaurant and Riesling Champion
  • David Keck–  Master Sommelier
  • Alistair NesbittViti-Climatologist
  • Richard Selley–  Geologist
  • Larry Stone–  Master Sommelier/ Wine Maker-Lingua Franca
  • Chris Tanghe–  Master Sommelier, Chief Instructor/ Guild Somm
  • Rudi Wiest–   German Wine Importer

TV & Wine

  • Oz Clark–  Author, TV. Personality
  • Michael Fagan–  Discovering Wines
  • Gary Vanerchuck–  Video, Author
  • Wine Spectator Video
  • Tony Aspler–  Ports to Remember
  • Matthew Horkey & Charine Tans–  Exotic Wine Travel

Web-Sights/ Internet & Wine

  • Appellation America
  • Everyvine
  • Guild of
  • National Soil Survey
  • Wines of Chile.Org
  • Wines of Argentina.Org
  • Wine
  • Wine

Pod-Cast & Wine

  • Chappy–  Cru
  • Chris Scott–  UK. Wine Show
  • Jeff Davis–  On the Wine Road
  • David Wilson–  Grape Encounters Radio
  • Emily Kate–   History of Wine and The Vine
  • Jason Booth–  Wines for Sophisticated Homies
  • Chris Scott–  Great North-West Wine
  • Geoff Kruth–  Guild of Sommeliers
  • Kyle MeyersThe Extract
  • Jim Duane–  Inside Winemaking
  • Levi Dalton–  II’ll Drink to That
  • Mark Rashap– Another Bottle Down
  • Elizabeth Snyder–  Wine For Normal People
  • Unknown–  The Unknown Winecaster

Maps & Wine

  • Delong Maps

Additional Contributors

Additional Contributors Are Wine People I Have Interacted With Who Have Made 2 Contributions/ Demystified “The Vine” Twice.

  • Ken Chalmers–  Wine Retail Owner
  • Chris Johnston– Curious Wine Person
  • Jerry “Alto Piemonte” Carannante- Wine Enthusiast and Piemonte Expert
  • Mark Winchell– An Ardent Researcher of Wine With Passion to Drink More

The Real People the Wine People

“I Want to Also Acknowledge Every Person I Have Ever Had a Meaningful Wine Conversation With That Included Educated Dialoge During My Journey.”

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