“Pioneering a New AVA. Is a Cross Between and Scientific Experiment and a Trail Brazing Adventure. Soils, Climate and Varietal Types Need to be Match Up to Excell In the Given Terroir.”

-Recognition of a AVA. is a Legislation and Bureaucratic Process. A “Petition” For the Establishment of a New AVA. Must Include All of the Evidentiary Material and Other Information Specified.

-A AVA. Isn’t the Equivalent of a AOC./ DOC., Etc. They’re Both Based On Defined Geographic Areas, Climate, Geology, Soil, Geography, Elevation, but Unlike AOC./ DOC., Etc. an AVA. is Largely Unregulated In Terms of Viticulture and Viniculture.
-The Development of a New AVA. is a Very Political Process with Different Sides, Jocking/ Intervening, for Geographic, Topographic and Political Influence.

Establishment of an AVA.

1) Name Evidence

  • -Name Usage
  • -Source of Name and Name Evidence

2) Boundary Evidence

3) Distinguishing Features

  • -Climate
  • -Geology
  • -Soils
  • -Physical Features
  • -Elevation

4) Maps and Boundary Description

  • -Maps
  • -Boundary Description, State, Country, Township, Forest, and Other Poetical Entity Lines
  • -Highways, Roads, and Trails
  • -Contour or Elevation Lines
  • -Natural Geographical Features, Including Rives, Steams, Creeks, Ridges and Marked Elevation Points (Such as Summits or Benchmarks
  • -Human-Made Features (Such as Bridges, Buildings Etc.)
  • -Straight Lines Between Marked Intersections, Human-Made Features or Other Map Points
  • -Supporting Material
  • -Comparison Charts to Surrounding Areas

Establishment of an New AVA. Within a Established AVA.

  • 1) Name Evidence
  • 2) Distinguishing Features
  • 3) Boundary evidence and Description


-Just as Someone can Assess a Wine and Make Assumption of Quality or Diverseness of the Area it was Grown, Someone can Assess a AVA., DOC., AOC., Visually and Make Assumptions of the Quality of the Grapes Grown and Wine Produces in that Area.

“Boundaries for AVA’s Can Lie at an Intersection of Geography, Geology, Politics, Personal Interest, and Randomness.”

BOUNDARIES/ BORDERS-A Line That Makes the Limits of an Area, a Dividing Line Between Two Area, Something That Indicates Bounds or Limits

Boundaries– Most Commonly Referred to a a Line That Contains Something.
Borders– Most Commonly Referred/ Used as the Line That Separates Two Countries

PHYSICAL / TANGIBLE BOUNDARY= One That Can be Measured by a Geography or Topographic Feature.

  • Types of Physical Boundaries
    • River
    • Mountain
    • Range
    • Altitude
    • Water
    • Body
    • Climate
    • Soil

ARTIFICIAL BOUNDARY= One That Can’t be Measured

  • Types of Artificial Boundaries
    • Political
    • Economic
    • Social

**Refer to “BIBLIOGRAPHY/ SOURCES” For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced