A lot of Wine Enthusiast Get Gloss “Wine Names”.  Mine is the Demystifier, Because I Strive to Demystify the Wine World.  My Other Name is Derek Bacciocco and On December 6th 2011 I Experienced My Wine Epiphany/ Got Bite by the Wine-Bug.  Within 36 Hours I New I Wanted to Know Everything About Wine and Within 18 Month I Achieved the Title of “Certified Sommelier”.  I’m a Self Proclaimed “Un-Certified Wine Nerd” and  I’m Completely Fascinated by the Entire Wine World.  Most of My Free Time and Energy is Spent Researching Wine and Traveling to Its Locations In an Attempt to Learn More About “The Vine”. Through This Amalgamation of Information I’m Drawing New Connections With Existing Wine Knowledge.