The Worlds Grapes Chapter of is My Collection of All the Grapes I Have Found and Classified.  As a Un-Certified Wine-Nerd I Have a Great Interest In All of the Grapes of the Wine World.  I Spend Time and Energy Searching and Quantifying New Grapes For My Personal Understanding and the Greater Understanding of Other Students of the Wine World Who Are Paying Attention to Indigenous and Rave Grapes.

DISSERTATION  A Thesis or Study On a Particular Subject, Usually Written as a Requirement to a Higher Learning Level, or Acceptance Within a Pretentious Industry.


  • I Want to Disprove the Theory or Wine Dogma That There Are Over 10,000 Grapes Varieties.
    • I Want to Discover, Evaluate, Catalog and Study the Worlds Grapes, While Bringing Attention to the Fact That There Are Not +10,000 Different Grapes Varieties.  As a Passionate Ampelographer I Spend Hours Each Day Looking For New Varieties.  I Want to Demystify and Promote Historical Significance and Genetic Lineage of All the Worlds Grapes.  If You Google “How Many Grape Varieties Are There?”  The Answer is 10,000. This is Wine “Dogma”, and A lot of Wine Wine Experts Are Pushing it.  There Once Could Have Been More Varieties, “Maybe”.  We Will Never Know.  Between Viticultural Calamities Such and Phylloxera and Powdery Mildew and Human Intervention Such Viticulture Monoculture and Urban Sprawl the Past Two Centuries a Lot of Varieties Have Died Off.  To My Knowledge There is No Complete List of the Grapes of the World Besides My World’s Grapes Section In
  • Number of Grape Varieties “Experts Thinks Exist”+10,000
  • Number of Grape Varieties “I Thinks Exist”2,400-ish
  • Number of Grape Varieties I’ve “Discovered/ Logged”1,924
  • Number of Grape Varieties I’ve “Tried and Evaluated”199
  • CONTENTIOUS WINE ISSUE!  The Wine World Accepts That There’s +5,000 to 10,000 Grape Varietals But as of 2020 I Can Only Find, Demystify and Classify 1,924. There is Not 10,000 Varieties!
    • NOIf Myself or Some Organization Can’t Come Up With an Official List or Un-Official List of All the Worlds Grapes I Will Use My Estimation of 2,400.
    • YESThere’s 10,000 Grape Varieties and Someone Would Be a Fool to Try to Find Them All.

I Demystify the Entire World of Grapes From Abaajiche to Zweigelt.

  • CONTENTIOUS WINE ISSUE!  The Vitis International Variety Catalogue VIVC. Which is the Foremost Authority On the Grapes of the World States That There Are Over 10,000 Grape Varieties!
    • NOI Have Been Through This Their Catalogue and the Majority of the 11,000 Grapes They Have Logged Contain Zero Information..”Zero/ Besides a Name Nothing Else is Stated”, No Grape Color, No Pedigree, No Places Where it is Grown, No Flavor and Aromas…”Nothing”.  This Void In Grape Information is Misleading and Sorry.
    • YESIf the Lead Authority States it, This Has to Be True and Conclusive.
  • ASSOCIATIONS~  ~Vine Century Club~
    • Mission~ The Wine Century Club is For Adventurous Wine Lovers Worldwide. If You’ve Tasted at Least 100 Different Grape Varieties, Your’re Qualified to Become a Memeber. If You Havent’t Tried 100 Different Grape Varieties, But Are Interested In the Concept, Your’re Welcome to All of Our Events. Please Join Us In Promoting the Awareness of Uncommon Wine Grape Varieties.


  • Clones Arn’t Counted Twice– Generally Clonal Varieties of the Same Basic Varietal Are the Same Grape Rather Than a Separate Varietal.
    • “Major” Mutations Which Are Clones Are Counted…Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gri, Pinot Munier.
  • Synonyms Arn’t Counted Twice- Ancient Viticulture and Language Predates Modern Viticulture by Thousands of Years. The Reason You See Multiple Names of the Same Grape Growing In Different Regions is That Viticulture, Grapes and Wine Tradition Evolved In Different Regions Septeratly.  No Thought Was Given That the Zinfandel Growing In California Was the Same as the Primitive Grape Growing In Italy Was the Same as the Crljenak Kastelanski Grape Being Grown In Croatia.
    • ~Example~ Pinot Noir/ Pinot Nero/ Blauburgunder/ Spatburgunder All Counted as 1.


  • WHITE= Yellow, Light Green, Green, Gold
  • BLACK= BLue, Red, Purple
    • **White/ Black Grapes Refers to the Lowest Common Denominator When Mentioning Grape Color, But Obviously More Accurate Colors Exist.

Are You Still Using Google to Find Information On Grapes Varieties?

    • World’s Grapes ‘A‘                   World’s Grapes ‘B
    • World’s Grapes ‘C‘                   World’s Grapes ‘D‘ – ‘E
    • World’s Grapes ‘F‘                   World’s Grapes ‘G‘ – ‘H
    • World’s Grapes ‘I‘  – ‘J‘           World’s Grapes ‘K‘ – ‘L
    • World’s Grapes ‘M‘                  World’s Grapes ‘N‘ – ‘O
    • World’s Grapes ‘P‘ – ‘Q‘           World’s Grapes ‘R
    • World’s Grapes ‘S‘                    World’s Grapes ‘T
    • World’s Grapes ‘U‘ – ‘V‘           World’s Grapes ‘W‘ – ‘X
    • World’s Grapes ‘Y‘ – ‘Z
  • **Refer to Proceeding Sub-Chapters For Detailed Information On These.
  • **Refer to “The GRAPE ITSELF” For Additional Information.

**Refer to “BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources” For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.