PROXIMITY TO WATER- Water has a Specific Heat Capacity and Stores Heat Better that Land. Water Heats Up and Cools Down Slower Than Land. This Cools the Land and Equalizes Temperature and Humidity Levels. The Further you are from a Large Body of Water the More Continental the Climate Will be.
VITICULTURE BENEFIT- This is Ideal for Cooler Regions and Warmer Regions for Several Reasons, When the Air Temperature Falls Water is Able to Release the Heat. Inversely, In Summertime Warm Air from the Land Rises In Afternoons to be Replaced by Cooler Air from the Water.
LAKE EFFECT- Refers to stabilizing Temperature Influences Created by Large Lakes. Weather Change is Triggered by a Lake that Causes Temperature Changes In a Wine Growing Areas. During Winter the Lake Effect Keeps Temperature Warmer and In Summer the Proximity to the Lake Keeps Temperatures Slightly Cooler.
RIVER EFFECT- When Water is Moving it Prevent Fog from Settling In and Effecting the Vines. With Larger Rivers It Creates a River Effect Which Moderates the Temperatures of the Vineyards In Proximity
-Enhanced Water Reflectivity- The Reflection and Change In Direction of of the Sun with the Interface of Water. The the Case of Vineyards the Sun is Reflective off a River or Lake and Onto a Vineyard.
OCEAN EFFECT- Oceans Causes Cool Breezes to Blow Along the Coastal Area. During Fall the Warm Air Above the Ocean Flows Onshore Creating a Warmer Environment Extending the Grape Growing Season
WATER CURRENT- Continuous, Directed Movement of Sea Water Generated by Earths
Forces, Including Coriolis Effect, Temperature and Gravitational Pull of the Sun and Moon.
-Alaska Current- Effect On West-Coast Climate
-Humboldt Current- Effect On Chile Climate
-Benguela Current- Effect On South Africa Climate
-Gulf Stream Current- Effect On Western Europe