WIND= Perceptible Natural Movement of Air in Form of a Current of Air Blowing from a Particular Direction


Wind– Has Moderating Effect, on Vineyards, Decreasing Temperature On a Hot Day and Increase Temperature On a Cold Day. Winds Promotes Healthy Vines by Not Allowing Humidity While Discouraging Bugs, Mildew and Molds.
-Reduces Canopy and Toughens Skins Resulting in Grapes Denser in Color and Flavors

Windbreak– Barrier, Either Manmade or Natural/ Vegetation to Break the Force of Wind to Avoid Wine Damage or Wind Stress. Natural Windbreaks are Trees or Shrubs.


High Winds- Causes Poor Berry Fertilization, Poor Fruit-Set, Wind Stress Broken Shoots, Trellis Collapse, Leaf Damage (Causes Poor Photosynthesis), Photosynthesis Shuts Down When Winds Get Higher Than 15 MPH. Leaf Shade Removal. Hill Sides and Sloops Vineyards are Generally Exposed to Increased Winds.
Callused- Scabbing Where Berries are Constantly Rubbing Together

 “Important Winds of the World

Winds the New World

San Pablo- @Carneros…Origins
Zonda- @Argentina…Origins
D’Autun- @South-West France…Origins-
–         – @South Africa…Origins
Santa Anna- @Southern California…Origins
Wind Machine- @High Valley/ Lake County…Origins
Howlers- @Washington/ Columbia Gorge…Origins– Columbia River

Winds of the Mediterranean

Alicios- @Carnary Islands…Origins-
D’Autan- @Gaillac/ South-West Franc…Origins- East-Central Africa
Tramontane- @Italy, Spain Origins- Alps/ Northern Italy
Libeccio- @France/ Corsica…Origins-
Gregale- @Western Mediterranean Origins- South of Malta
Le Minstrels- @Rhone Valley Origins- Massif Central
Sirocco- @Mediteranean/ Southern Europe Origins- Sahara Desert
Levant/ Solano- @Southern France/ Spain Origins- Atlantic/ Strait of Gibraltar
Ponente- @West Mediterranean Origins- Atlantic
Ostro- @Italy/ Origins- Adriatic Sea
Borda- @Italy/ Friuli, Carso Origins- Adriatic Sea
Foehn- @Generally Term for Down-Slope Winds On Lee Sides of Mountains

FOEHN EFFECT= Dry Warm, Down-Slope Wind That Occurs On the Down-Wind Side of a Mountain Range, Creates a Microclimate That’s Milder & Dryer Than it Should be at Altitude
WIND-GAP= Predominate Opening Below Ridge-Line/ Coastal Low Land Area That Allows Inflow of Fog/ Moisture/ Weather Into a Area. As the Inland Valleys Heat Up, Warm Air Rises Creating Low Pressure Effect This Draws In Cool Misty Pacific Ocean Air Into the Valleys Via Gaps. Wind-Gaps Have a Strong Effect on Many Aspects of Vineyards and Viticulture.

Wind-Gaps of the World

Petaluma Gap- @Sonoma…Gap In- Coast Range
San Francisco Bay Gap– @San Francisco…Gap In- Coast Mountain Range
Wallula Gap- @Walla Walla…Gap In-
Chalk Hill Gap- @Napa Valley…Gap In- Mayacamus Mountains
Van Duzer Corridor Gap- @McMinnville…Gap In- Coast Mountain Range
High Valley Gap- @Clear Lake…Gap In-
Berryessa Gap- @Napa Valley…Gap In-
Templeton Gap- @Paso Robles…Gap In- Mayacamus Mountains
Russian River Gap- @Rissian River Valley…Gap In- Coast Mountain Range
Rainbow Gap- @Temecula…Gap In-
Gap- @Obidos, Lisboa…Gap In- Peniche Peninsula