HUMIDITY– Amount of Water Vapor In Atmosphere at Any Given Time, Measured as Percentage of Relative Humidity (%RH.)

    • Perfect for Botrytis
    • Wet and Humid Weather is Associated With Disease Pressure Like Mold/ Mildew/ Fungal Diseases and Has Effects On Vine Growth and Development as Well as Storage of Wine In Barrels.
    • Perfect Conditions For Botrytis
    • Rheingau Tokaj Aszu DHC.
    • Heusiedlesee-Hugelland
    • Contnari Alsace AOC.
    • Sauternes AOC.
    • Brazil

DEW= Water Which Condenses On Vines When Air is Cool Below “Dew Point”

  • Dew Point- Point When Air Becomes Fully Saturated by its Water Content

EVAPORATION= Conversion of Water From Liquid to Gas or Vapor Brought About by Absorption of Heat.

  • From Soil (Reduces Water Available to Vine and Causes Water Stress)
  • From Grapes Vine Leaves (Transpiration)
  • From Grape Bunches
  • From Storage (Causes Loss of Wine Stored in Oak Barrel During Maturation)

TRANSPIRATION= Process of Water Movement Through a Plant From the Roots to “Aerial” Parts, Such as Leaves, Stems, Flowers Where it Changes to Vapor and is Released to the Atmosphere.

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