• What is Bio-Dynamic Wine?
    • The Bio-Dynamic Movement
    • Homeopathic Preparation-Applications


  • Bio-Dynamic Viticulture is the More Holistic, Comprehensive Way of Looking at Viticulture/ Agriculture, the Land and the Farm System as a Whole.
  • Bio-Dynamic Viticulture Treats Farm and Vineyards as a Living Organisms/ Piece of Land That’s Part of the Planet Earth Which is Part of the Solar System In the Greater Universe.  The Vineyard is Influenced by All These External Factors and Bio-Dynamics Takes All of This Into Account.
  • By Default Bio-Dynamic Viticulture is Organic First, Then Sustainable and Then Follows the Bio-Dynamic Guidelines.
  • The Earth Dictates What to Do, How Do it and When to Do it.  The Vineyard Manager Follows Daily, Monthly, Seasonal Viticulture Responsibilities That Are Influenced by the Seasonal Patterns. Sowing Seeds, Planting, Transplanting, Harvesting  and Racking Ect.  Are These Practices All Influenced by Definite Correlation Between the Position of the Moon and the Other Consolations In the Universe.
  • ~Etymology~ From Greek..”Bios”…Meaning Life, Dynamikos…Meaning Powerful

Biodynamic Viticulture is Organically Grown and Sustainably Farmed, Plus Agriculture That Puts Back Amendment Into the Vineyard By Preparations That Are Cosmically Aware and Observes Natures Seasonal Rhythms and Earth Forces to Heal and Revitalize the Land.


BIO-DYNAMIC CALENDAR- Calendar That Shows and Contains Instructions Which Allow You to Plan the Optimal Times to Work With Your Crop.  Using the Combination of Lunar Phases and Solar Alignment it Guides the Schedule For Composting, Sowing, Incubating, Transplanting, Fertilizing and Harvesting of Your Crop.  Also the Bio-Dynamic Calendar Tell You What Days You Should Drink Wine and What Days Your Wine Will Taste Off.

A Large Portion of Bio-Dynamics is Farming That is Guided by Astrological Signs, and Rhythm and Cycles of the Universe.

  • SOLAR Planting Crops In Spring, Longest/ Shortest Days of Year.
  • LUNAR Position Assenting and Descending Phases of the Moon. The Lunar Aspect is Fundamental to Bio-Dynamics, the Moon Travels Around the Earth Every 28/ 29 Days, While Doing So it Passes Through Constellations and In Turn Passes Energy to the Earth/ Vineyards.
    • Moons Gravitational Pull Has Effect On All Water In the World From Lakes, and Oceans Down to Plants Which Are Mostly Composed of Water.
    • Harvest Moon- The Full Moon Nearest the Start of Fall Equinox.

DRINKING BIO-DYNAMICALLY- The Bio-Dynamic Calendar is Made up of 4 Types of Days That Ae Determined by Both Lunar Cycles and Astrological Signs.

  • Root Days- When the Moon is in Any Earth Sign: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
  • Flower Days- When the Moon is In Any of the Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Leaf Days- When the Moon is In Any of the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Fruit Days- When the Moon is In Any of the Fire Signs: Aires, Leo, Sagittarius
  • CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  Wine Taste Different/ Better In Various Moon Phases: Full Moon/ No Moon. There’s Such a Thing as Drinking “Bio-Dynamically”!
    • NOThere’s No Way That the Bio-Dynamic Calendar and Pick Out Days a Wine Should Be Consumed and Days Not to Drink a Wine. 29 Days a Month the Wine is Fine But When Moon is In a Fire Sign, That One Day Only the Wine is Bad and Shouldn’t Be Consumed But All Other Days the Wine is Fine.
    • YES...The Power of the Moon is Immense, and it Possesses the Ability to Change a Wines Structure and Flavors Only For One Day.  If You Can’t See That You Are Not a Believer.

VINICULTURE- Bio-Dynamic, Sustainable, and Organic Viticulture Can Lead to a Higher Rate of Vintage Variation In the Finished Wine.

  • PHILOSOPHY?  Try to Think of Bio-Dynamics From a Quality Point of View and Not a Philosophic View?
    • If You Get too Prescriptive and Blindly Follow the Lunar Calendar You Aren’t Opening Your Eyes to the Perfect/ Idea Condition In Your Specific Vineyard Which May Be Slightly Off From the Lunar Cycle.


Bio-Dynamic Wine Pioneers

  • ~Rudolph Steiner~ “Austria/ Basel, Alsace”
    • Esoteric Leader and Spiritual Founder of Bio-Dynamics. His Books “An Esoteric Cosmology, and What is Bio-Dynamics” (1924) Although Mocked at First, They Become the Bio-Dynamic “Bibles” For Mindful Agriculture.
      • Agricultural Individuality (Farm Organism) Farming System Based Upon Farms Biological Cycling Through Mixing Crops and Livestock.
      • Goal is to Get the Poison of the Earth and Out of the Wine.
      • Studies Have Been Conducted That Conclude Bio-Dynamic Vineyards to Have Soils Higher In Biological and Physical Properties, Significantly Higher Organic Matter/ Content, and Micro-Biological Activity.
  • ~Nicolas Joly~ (Loire Valley, France) Bio-Dynamic Farming and Champion of the Movement
  • ~Maria ThunFounder of Bio-Dynamic Calendar

Bio-Dynamics Can Be Seen as Folk Wisdom That Has Scientific Basis.


  • Each Preparation Help to Amend the Earths Break Down of Organic Soil and Replace the Removal of Minerals Absorbed or Leached Out Over Time.  Offers a Better Way of Preserving the Soil and Enhancing the Soil.
  • Made From Herb, Minerals and Manure Applied to Soils and Plants to Stimulate Root Growth, Soil Micro-Organisms Production and Humus Formation.
  • Humus- Living, Organic Matter In Soil Derived From Micro-Decomposition of Plants, Bugs and Animal Substances.
  • Healthy Soils Take Up to 60 Mineral Elements.
  • Healthy Vines Need 24 Nutrients Taken From Soil to Grow at Their Full Potential.
  • After Years of Following a Bio-Dynamic Program Macro-Biological Life In the Soils Increase and Bio-Diversity Becomes More Complex and So Does the Vines Capabilities to Intake Nutrition and Its Resistance to Soil Born Pathogens.
  • Vineyard Animals Shit, Urine and Saliva Which End Up In Soil Which Increases the Microbial, Bio-Diversity and Organic Content.
  • Preparations Are Usually Grown In Prep Gardens, Harvest and Dried On Site.

There Are No Bio-Dynamic Wines Just Bio-Dynamic Grown Grapes, You Must Separate the Two Ideas.  From Bio-Dynamic Grown Grapes You Can Produce Natural Wine or You Can Produce Conventional Wine.


  • There is/ Should Be Life or a Dramatic Organic Dimension of Lifeforms In the Soils. Unlike Rocks Which Are Non-Organic There is/ Should be a Half Meter of Soils That Are Full of Humus/ Bacteria/ Life a Vineyard. This Provides an Interface Between the Sky/ Oxygen/ Ground. This First Half Meter of Soils Should Be Full of Life Which Eats and Combines Nutrition Taking Nitrogen and Oxygen From the Air and Digests it Into Molecules That the Vine Can Uptake.
  • Bio-Markers Company That Developed Tools to Track and Measure Soil Health by Examining Microbial Life In the Soil. Every Vineyard Has Its Microbiological “Finger Print”. Vineyard Managers Are Gaining a Greater Understanding of Their Soils In the Vineyard. Though Bio-Trackers They Objectively and Systematically Know What to Change or Reinforce.

3 Sprays Applied, 6 Compost Buried at Key Times Relative to the Pagan Calendar and Lunar Cycle -Numbered 500-509.


  • Extractions
  • Calcination Burning Plants Down to Remove All Water, Carbons of the Plant Leaving Just it Minerals.
  • Tinctures Macerating In Eav-de-Vie.
  • Oils Putting Plants Rich In Oils Through a Pot Still and Collecting the Essential Oils.


  • 500”  Horn Manure– Cow Horn (Preferably From a Lactating Cow) Stuffed With Cow Manure and Buried and Left to Compost From Winter-Spring.
      • Its Easy to Compose In Spring and Summer When It’s Dry and Warm.  During the Winter Months It’s More Challanging.  A Great Way is to Compost by Cowhorn Which is Seen as the Best Organic Maceration Vessel.  Fill Empty Cowhorns With Dairy/ Cow Manure. (Which is the Basic Building Blocks For Compost.)  These Cowhorns Are Planted In September These Will Compost In Horn Over Winter and Dug Up In May.  The Once Stinky Manure is Now a Jet Black Soil and is Used to Make a Compost Tea Which is Sprayed Over Vineyard.
    • PROMOTES– Proliferative Growth Phase of Plants Through Increase Root Activity and Growth, Increase Soil Life Through Beneficial Bacterial Growth.
  • 501”  Horn Silica– Ground Quartz to Powder Applied to Air Above Vineyard.

    • PROMOTES– Prevents Fungal Diseases, Enhances Light Metabolism, Stimulates Photosynthesis and Formation of Chlorophyll.
  • 508”  Horse Tail– Silica Rich, Anti-Fungal Spray.

    • PROMOTES– Serves as a Preventative to Lessen the Effects of Fungus Problems.

Bio-Dynamic Can Be Seen as a Spiritual Foundation For the Renewal of Agriculture.


  • 502”  Yarrow– Deer Bladder Stuffed With Yarrow Blossom Buried In Vineyard.

    • PROMOTES– Initiates Life Process In Compost and Utilizes Sulfur and Potassium. Assists Plants In the Uptake of Trace Elements.
  • 503”  Chamomile– Intestine Stuffed With Chamomile Blossom Buried In Vineyard.

    • PROMOTES– Stabilizes Nitrogen In the Compost Pile, and Enhance Growth Through Interaction of Calcium and Potassium Processes.
  • 504”  Stinging Nettles– Buried With Peat.

    • PROMOTES– Organizes Circulatory Life In the Plant Through the Processed of Potassium, Calcium and Iron.
  • 505  Oak Bark– Animal Skull Stuffed with Mashed Up Oak Bark.

    • PROMOTES– Provides Healing Forces to Combat Disease Through a Living Form of Calcium In the Bark.
  • 506”  Dandelion– Flower Stuffed In Mesentery of Cows, Buried In Vineyard.

    • PROMOTES– Stimulates Relationship Between Silica and Potassium So That Silica Can Attract Cosmic Forces to the Soils.
  • 507” Valerian– Flower of Valerian Extracted Into Water.

    • PROMOTES– Provides Warmth of Phosphorus to the Compost Pile Engendering Life of the the Pile and Proper Utilization of Phosphorous by the Soil.

These Preparations Help the Soil Which Are Missing and Have Become Depleted From Our Modern Agriculture Land. This is a Homeopathic Way of Putting Back Trace Elements and Organic Matter.


  • All Preparation Are Buried In Vineyard In Winter and Dug Up In Spring. Once Retrieved From the Vineyard It’s Placed In a Dynamizer Machine Tank Which Swirls it Around In Water Vortex to Dilute and Dissolve So It Can Be Sprayed On Vineyard to Stimulate Soils Micro-Biological Regeneration. Golf Size Ball of Preparation is Enough to Spray a Hectare of Vineyard.
  • Time Line For Application Spraying of Preparation Isn’t Random, it Follow Astronomy Which is a Modern Science. When Working or Doing Function In the Vineyard it Follows Fundamental Forces, Celestial Phases Which Tells Exact Position of the Planet, Where is Sun is and Moon Phases.
  • PHILOSOPHY?  What Can You Do if You’re Farming Organically or Following Bio-Dynamic Principles and Your Neighbor is No?
    • If Someone is Spraying a Un-Organic  Substance On the Vineyard Next to Yours It Could  Have a Negative Effect.


  • Pre-Dawn Harvesting- Grapes Picked In Early Morning In the Coldest Hours Preserves Acidity and Elevates Aromas and Flavors
  • Ascending Moon/ Descending Moon- During an Ascending Moon the Earth Takes In and During a Descending Moon the Earth Lets Out so Irrigation is Done During an Ascending Moon. The Outcome to This is It Takes Less Water and the Vineyard Gets Deeper Penetration.
    • Don’t Bottle When A Full Moon is Prevalent Fine Lees Are Strived Up.
  • Putting Back- Everything You Take Out of the Vineyard You Must Make an Effort to Put Back.
    • All of the Skins, Seeds and Stems Get Composed and Put Back Into the Cycle.
  • Racking Wine- Don’t Rack a Wine When I’ts Raining…When It’s Raining There’s Low Pressure and the Lees Are Lees Less Compact and Come Up.  When It’s Not Raining There is High Pressure and the Lees Are Compact and Its a Better Time to Rack.


  • ~Biodynamic Association~
  • ~Demeter Biodynamic Trade~
    • Mission~ Certifies Vineyards and Farms.
  • ~Low Input Viticulture & Enology~ LIVE.
  • ~California Certified Sustainable Wine Growers~ CCSW.
  • ~Oregon Citified Sustainable Wine~ OCSW.
  • ~Organic Grape Into Wine Alliance~ OGW.
  • ~Biodyvin~ France’s Association of Biodynamic Winegrowers


  • @California…Benziger, Bonny Doon, Bonterra, Mendocino Farms,Dark Horse, Puma Springs, Quivira, Cease
  • @Oregon…Brick House, Cow Horn
  • @Burgundy…Soufrandiere, Vougeraie, Lafarge, Loichet, Rossignol-Trapet
  • @Alsace…Wenbach, Humbrecht
  • @Loire…Coulee de Serrant
  • @Rhone…Cros de la Mure, Marcoux, Fourmente, Montirius


BIO-CHARD– Activated Charcoal, Mixed With Water and Incorporated In Soil it Takes On Enhanced Agronomic Properties Including Enhanced Water Retention and Make Homeostatic Relationship With Plant, Soil and Water.

  • CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  If a Grape Grower is Truly Into Bio-Dynamics They Are Religiously Invested In the Concept and Process. If Your Arn’t Religious Then You Aren’t Truly Growing Bio-Dynamically!
    • This Aspect of Bio-Dynamics has Been Debated for a Century. Does the Religious Belief of a Bio-Dynamic Grape Grower Take President Over the Greater Good of the Areas Viticulture Community?
  • PHILOSOPHY Can You Machine Harvest Your Vineyard and Still Be Considered Bio-Dynamic?
    • Certain Vineyards In Chablis Are Certified “Bio-Dynamic” and Machine Harvest Their Vineyards.  Their Thought Process is That It Takes 4 Hours to Hand Harvest Something That Takes 30 Minutes to Machine Harvest.  That 3.5 Hours That the Grapes Are Subject to Oxidation/ Compromise. Is This Justified and Can They Still Be Considered Bio-Dynamic.

Generally the Only Difference Between Bio-Dynamic Viticulture and Organic is the Use of the 9 Bio-Dynamic Preparations .

**Refer to “VITICULTURE/ Organic Wine” For Additional Information.

**Refer to “VITICULTURE/ Sustainable Wine” For Additional Information.

**Refer to “BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources” For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.