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People Learned 5,000 Years Ago That Fermented Grapes Was the Magic Juice With Mind Altering Effects.  At This Time Wine Was Seen as The Most Repeatable Mild Medicine Without Any Side Effects For the Short and Medium Term.  Since This Time Wine Has Been Used to Remedy, Subdue or Prevent Disease and Illness Sufferers. For 2,000 Years Doctors Prescribed Wine as the Go-To Antiseptic, Pain Receiver and Serializer of Bacteria Contaminated Water.  This Was Until the Much Stronger Distilled Alcohol Was Discovered and Used More Frequently.


  • 2000 BC. @The World  Oldest Documented Use of Wine Medicine.
  • 2200 BC. @The World  Wine Based Medicines Found On Ancient Egyptians Tablets and Papyri.


  • PIONEERS~ ~Hippocrates~ Ancient Greek Doctor.(Founder of Western Medicine)
    • Hippocrates Medical Benefits For Wine
      • Headaches   |   Part of a Healthy Diet
      • Indigestion   |   Pain During Child Birth
      • Pain Management    |   Wound Disinfectant
  • PIONEERS~ ~Theophrastus~ Author of Material Medica
    • (1,000 Plant Based Drugs and 5,000 Medicinal Uses) and The Study of Plants/ Pharmacopeia.
  • PIONEERS~ ~Pliny the Elder~ Author of Book Natural History.
  • PIONEERS~ ~Celsius~ Author of Book On Medicine.

When Drinking Wine it Can Be a Social Lubricants, a Medicine or a Poison…It’s All About Your Dosage.

    • Stomach Issues
    • Anesthetic
    • Anti-Microbial Properties
    • Laxative
    • Appetite Stimulant
    • Release a Baby During Birth
    • Eradicate Astma
    • Expel Epilepsy
    • Remedy For Depression
    • Cleaning Agent
    • Antiseptic
    • Distillation of Grapes Took Medicine Use Next Level
    • Mixing Wine, Distilled Grapes, Botanical Took Medicine to Next Level

Wine is a Drug. Drinking it In Moderation is Challenging. Abusing Wine Has Lead to Alcoholism In Civilizations Across the World For Centuries.


ALCOHOL ABSORPTION- Alcohol Absorption Occurs Primarily Through the Lining of the Mouth, Throat, Stomach and Small Intestine. After the Alcohol is Absorbed Into the Bloodstream, It’s Distributed Throughout the Body as the Blood Circulates. When the Alcohol In the Bloodstream Reaches the Liver 90% of it Will Be Metabolized by the Liver.

  • A Person’s Blood Alcohol Level (BAC.) is a Direct Result of Several Things…
    • The Amount of Alcohol a Person Consumes.
    • The Speed at Which a Person Drinks the Alcohol.
    • How Much and What Type of Alcohol the Person Has Consumed.

MODERATE DRINKING- Consuming Less Than 2 Glasses of Wine 2-3 Times a Week.

  • Drinking Wine is Moderation Can Be a Powerful Tool In Combating the Dulles of Every Day Life.  While a Challenging Concept Wine In Moderation Can Enhance a Positive Mental State, Creativity, Relaxation and Benefit as a Social Lubricant. Many First Dates and Holidays With Dysfunctional Relatives Have Been Made Easier by a Glass of Wine.

HEAVY DRINKING-  Consuming More Than 3 Drinks a Day, More Than 3 Days a Week.

  • 1 Drink is Considered–  1 Glass of Wine(5 oz.)   |   1 Beer(12 oz.)   |   1 Serving Spirit(1.5 oz.)


  • Moderate Drinking Reduces the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke. Wine Has Anticoagulant Effects On Blood and Alcohol Moderates the Level of Inflammatory Blood Chemicals Called Cytokines Which Adversely Affect Blood Cholesterol and Blood Clotting Proteins. Red Wine is Rich In Phenolic Which Have Antioxidant Properties, Slow Effects of Aging, Prevents Diabetes.
  • HEART- High In Quercetin, Blood Pressure-Lowering Flavonoid Found In Most Red Wines, Reduces Heart Attack Risk.
    • Wine Supports Good Blood Health and Stimualts Cardiovascular System.
    • Reduces Serum, Cholesterol Levers (Prevents Plaque Build-Up and Arteries Clogging)
    • Increases +HDL. Good Cholesterol   |   Decreases– -LDL. Bad Cholesterol
  • BRAIN- Moderate Drinking Can Stimulate Brain and Creativity.
    • Drinking Wine Twice a Week Increases Cognitive Brain Function, Sharpens Memory, Reduces Risk of Stroke.
    • Protects Against Strokes.
  • LIVER- Drinking Wine In Moderation Will Protect Your Liver by the Antioxidant Resveratrol.
  • SKIN- Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Phenols and Flavonoids Found In Both Red and White Wines Can Bolster Collagen.
  • MIND- Wine In Moderation Uplifts the Soul and Inspires Creativity.
    • Wine Helps Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Promotes Longevity.
    • Helps Prevent Acute Control of Depression.
  • AGING- Possesses Anti-Aging Properties.
  • BONES- Drinking In Excess and Your Body Can’t Absorb Calcium and Vitamin D Which Are Essential For Strong Bones.
  • OTHER- Helps Prevents Certain Blinding Diseases.
    • Wine is an Antioxidant.
    • Wine Neutralizes Free Radicals Which Cause Cellular Damage.
    • Reduces Ulcers/ Diminishes Ulcer Causing Bacteria.
    • Reduces Inflammation In the Body.
    • Resveratrol Monomers- Resveratrol Tetramers Are Formed From 4 Monomers or 2 Different Dimers/ Monomers and a Trimer. Their Comples Structures Lead to Different Biological Activities
      • Trans-Piceid   |   Cis-Piceid
      • Trans-Resveratrol    |   Cis-Resveratrol
  • RESVERATROL- Phenolic Compound Found In Grape Skin and Seeds
    • Resveratrol is Synthesized as a Response to Natural UV. Sunlight and Ultraviolet Radiation.  Resveratrol is In a Class of Polyphenolic Compounds Called Stilbenes Which Supports the Plant Immune System.
    • 1 Glass of Red Wine Contains Between .2 & .5 Milligrams
  • ANTHOCYANINS- Anti-Inflammatory, Anti Viral, Anti-Cancer?
    • Cyanidin- Type of Anthocyandin, Pigment Found In Many Berries Including Grapes.
    • Procyanidins-
      • Reduces Blood Pressure, Reduces Cholesterol, Encourages Blood Clotting.
  • Cascade Trial- A Study Performed Over Two Year Period Which 250 Subjects Consumed One Glass of Wine at Dinner. Study Concluded Multiple Positive Effects Health.
  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY? Did Wine and Beer Save All of Humanity?
    • In the Ancient World the Two Main Causes of Death Was Hunger and Dysentery. With the Threat of Deadly Water You Had to Drink or Beer or Die.  In Times of Plague and Disease Epidemics Wine Was the Solution. Wine Will Sterilize Water With Bacteria In it.
  • ~WINE In The BIBLE~Timothy 5:23  Stop Drinking Only Water, and Use a Little Wine Because of Your Stomach and Your Frequent Illnesses.

FRENCH PARADOX A Observation of the French Population Who Have Lower Incidents of Cardiovascular Disease and Low Coronary Heart Disease Death Rate Despite High Consumption of Dietary Cholesterol and Saturated Fats In Food Such as Cheese, Meats.

  • This Catch Phrase Started In the Late 1980’s Which Summarizes the Apparently Paradoxical Epidemiological Observation That French People Have a Low Incidence of Coronary Heart Disease, While Consuming a Diet High In Saturated Fats.
  • Red Wine is the French Paradox Main Contributor. Doctors Believe Drinking Wine High In Resveratrol and Other Antioxidant Flavonoids Promote Heart Health Benefits and Inhibits the Formation of Inflammatory Factor That Trigger Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Culture- A Segment On 60 Minutes Reporter Morley Safer In 1991 Bright Light to This French Paradox, and Credit is Given to the Mediterranean Diet Which Includes an Excessive Red Wine Consumption to “Off-Set” a Diet.
  • History- Because of the Heart Benefiting Compounds Credited With the French Paradox Merlot Which is Extremely High In Resveratrol Was Considered “The 5$ Bottle of Antioxidant.” People Starting Drinking Copious of Merlot In the 80’s and 90’s Until the Movie “Sideways” Changed All That.



A Catch Phrase Started In the Late 1980’s From an Observation of the French Population Who Have Lower Incidents of Cardiovascular Disease and Low Coronary Heart Disease Death Rate Despite High Consumption of Dietary Cholesterol and Saturated Fats In Food Such as Cheese, Meats.

  • Red Wine is Believed to Be the French Paradox Main Contributor. Doctors Believe Drinking Red Wine Which is High In Resveratrol and Other Antioxidant Flavonoids Promote Heart Health Benefits and Inhibits the Formation of Inflammatory Factor That Trigger Cardiovascular Diseases.




  • WINE & PHILOSOPHYIs Resveratrol the Main Reason Behind the French Paradox?”
    • There Are Many Factors Behind the Effects of the French Paradox.  Along With Resveratrol There Are Cultural/ Lifestyle/ Socioeconomic Reasons.


HEART- Heavy Drinking Can Lead to Heart Disease and Stroke, High Blood Pressure.
LIVER- Drinking In Excess Will Destroy Your Liver.
BRAIN- Drinking In Excess Kills Brain Cells.

  • Alcohol In Wine is a Central Nervous System Depressant.  This Means Alcohol is an Anesthetic, a Tranquilizer and a Depressant.
  • Wine Headache- There Are Two Categories of Compounds Found In Wine That Seem to Be Suspect In Wine Headaches…Phenolic Flovonoids and Biogenic Amines.
    • Biogenic Amines Are a Group of Chemicals Produced During Fermentation, Including Headache-Linked Substances Such as Histamine and Tyramine Which Are Higher In Red Wines Than White.
  • Sulfites Are the Reason For Mandatory Label Warning On the Wine Bottle Because a Small Percentage of  American Wine Drinkers Suffer an Allergic Reaction to Sulfites.
    • Some Symptoms Include Sneezing, Coughing, Shortness of Breath and Headaches.
  • Sufferers Can Start to Feel Symptoms as Soon as 15 Minutes After the First Consumption of Red Wine. This is Usually Caused by Histamine or Tyamine Which Are Responsible for Vasco-Active Component of the Brain, or Contraction of Blood Vessels and the Squeezing Sensation Associated With Headaches. Tyamine Are Thought to Be the Culprit In 40% of Migraine Headaches. Tyramine are Highest In the Consumption of Young or Unfiltered Red Wine.
  • Biogenic Amines- Byproduct of Fermentation and Malolactic Conversion, Produced by Yeasts and Lactic Acid Bacteria.  Of the Several Different Biogenic Amines Tyramine and Histamine Are the Most Frequent and Problematic.
    • Symptoms– Headaches, Hypertension, Migraines, Nausea, Vomiting
    • If You Suffer From Red Wine Headaches Make an Effort to Distinguish Which Wines Effect You. Try Taking a Non-Drowsy Antihistamine or Aspirin Before Drinking Red Wine. If You Must Drink Red Wine Try Drinking Dolcetto and Barbera Wines Which Are Naturally Low In Histamines.

HEART- Respiratory Issues, Can Be Addictive, Headaches, Sulfur Sensitive Issues.

SULFITE & SULPHUR DIOXIDE- The Term is an Inclusive For Sulfur Dioxide. Sulfites are a Natural By-Product of Fermentation Process and is Present In Small Amounts In All Fermented Products; Wine, Beer, Cheese, Dried Fruits, Bacon.

  • Sulphur Dioxide is Added to Wine as Preservative and Widely Used In Winemaking. It’s Used Prior to Fermentation Because of Its Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties and Play an Important Role In Discouraging Growth of Spoilage Bacteria and Allows Yeast to Ferment Without Competition From Other Microbes. Sulphur Dioxide Prior to Bottling Protects Wines Integrity, and Maintaining a Wines Freshness, Helps Preserve Fruit and Floral Aromas, and Prevent Malolactic Fermentation From Occurring After Fermentation, Preventing Oxidization.
  • **Refer to VINICULTURE/ Sulphur/ Sulfites For Detailed Information.
  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY?CONTENTIOUS WINE ISSUE!” “You Can Produce Better Wine Organically!”
    • NOYou Can Grow Better Grapes Organically But Nobody Can Produce a Better Wine Organically. Organic Wine Produces Who Don’t Add Sulfites to Their Freshly Harvest Grapes, Must or Prior to Bottling Are Always at Risk For Wine to Be Compromised.
  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY?  “If Someone Get Head Aches When They Drink Wine, are They Allergic to Sulphur?”
    • Wine Contains Hundreds of Natural Chemicals, All of Which Have the Potential to Effect People In Negative Ways. It’s More Correct to Say People Are Allergic to Wine For No One Really Know Which of These Chemicals is the Culprit.
    • ~TAKE THE TEST~ If You Think You Are Allergic Sulphites Take the Test. Eat 2 Small Boxes of Raisins or Bacon or Grape Juice, and if You Don’t Get a Headache It’s Not the Sulphites. Head-Aches Are Likely Caused by a Histamine Response Allergy Which Releases Histamine and Some People Are Unable to Metabolize Resulting In Plugged Sinuses, Sinus Headaches, Inflammation and Vasconstructions. Some Other People Can’t Absorb Tannins In the Blood- Steam or Your Probably Allergic to the Alcohol In the Wine, All of Which Are More Likely Than the Small Amount of Sulphur They Add to the Bottle Before Corking for Preservative Integrity.
    • **Refer to WINE ADDITIONS/ Sulphur Dioxide For Detailed Information.
  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY?  Drinking Red Wine, Especially Full Bodied Reds From California is a Very Serious Wine Endeavor and One That Should Not Be Taken Lightly?”
    • Drinking California Red Wine Has the Heightened Potential For Serious “Accute” Health Reactions.  Red Grapes, Mostly Thick Skinned Full Body Wines and the Warm Climate Leads to Developed Skin Maturity and Elevated Alcohol Levels.  Always Try to Limit Red Wine Consumption to 3 Glasses or Less and Hydrate Thoroughly or the Possibility of  Red Wine Hangover.

BIOGENIC AMINES- (Histamine, Tryamine, Putrescine, Phenylethylaime)- Byproducts of Fermentation an d Malolactic Conversion. These Compound Are Present In All Fermented Food and Drinks.  Theses Biogenic Amines Increase as the Food or Drink Spoils and Have a Undesirable Physiological Effect if Absorbed at Too High a Concentration.

  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY?CONTENTIOUS WINE ISSUE!” Is Drinking Wine Without Added Sulfites More Prone to Lead to Undesirable Wine Issues Such as Head Aches, Breathing Difficulties, Allergic Reactions and Hangover?”
    • Multiple Conclusive Studies Have Shown That Wine Produced Without Added Sulfites Breakdown and Spoil Quicker Than The No Added Sulfite Counterparts Leading to an Increased In Biogenic Amines Which Lead to an Increase In Undesirable Wine Issues Including Head Aches, Breathing Difficulties, Allergic Reactions and Hangovers.  This Has Lead Researchers to Believe That if You Suffer From These Ailment You Might Want to Search Out Wines That Are Sound, Use Minimal Sulphur at Bottling and Will Reframe From Breaking Down.

Although When/ the Amount of Alcohol Consumed is Debated, As a Generally Rule No Alcohol is Safe During Pregnancy and Even a Little Will Not Benefit Your Unborn Child.

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- Linked to the Consumption of Alcohol During Pregnancy and Leads to Mental Retardation, Malformations of the Skeletal System and Organ Systems Complications.
  • Back of Wine Bottle Label Wine & Pregnancy Disclaimer- According to the Surgeon General, Women should Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages During Pregnancy Because of the Risk of Birth Defects

According to the Surgeon General, Women Should Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages During Pregnancy Because of the Risks of Birth Defects.

  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY? “When is the Last Time a Women Can/ Should Drink Wine When Their Pregnant?”
    • Doctors Say Pregnant Women Should Stop Drinking Wine On the Days They Find Out They’re Pregnant or if They are Over 6 Weeks Pregnant.


State of Being Intoxicated/ Disturbance of Mental Function by Depressing of Central Nervous System Due to Alcohol.

  • HISTORY- Ever Since People Started Drinking, Drunkenness In Public Has Been Generally Frowned Upon and as a Rule Usually Observed by the Masses. With the Invention of Gin and Grain Alcohol Peoples “Levels” of Drunkenness Have Become Greater and People Have Been Trying to Stop it or Temper it. The Rise of the Temperance Movements That Created a Ground Swell of Support That Eventually Led to Prohibition.
  • ~WINE In The BIBLE~Ephesians 5:18 Do Not Get Drunk On Wine, Which Leads to Debauchery.  Instead, Be Filled With the Spirit.
  • ~WINE In The BIBLE~Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a Mocker and Beer a Brawler, Whoever is Led Astray by Them is Not Wise.

WINE HANGOVER/ POISONING- Sickness Brought On by Excessive Drinking of Alcohol. When You Are Excessively Hungover You Have Poisoned Your Body.

  • Your Body Produces the Toxic Chemicals- Acetaldehyde While Metabolizing Ethanol.
    • Symptoms– Dehydration, Electrolyte Imbalance, Headache, Sleepy/ Can’t Sleep, Dizzy, Low Blood Sugar, Fatigue, Dry Mouth, Sweating, Nausea, Blood Vessel Vasodilation, Alcohol Withdrawal,

HANGOVER PREVENTION- Moderation, Hydration(Gatorade, Pedia-Light), Advil, Sleep, Light Exercise, Eating.

  • WINE & PHILOSOPHY?CONTENTIOUS WINE ISSUE!” Wine Priced Under $5 a Bottle is Completely Unhealthy!”
    • YESWine Produced Under $5 a Bottle is Extremely Processed and Unhealthy.  The Additives Used: Coloring, Excessive Sulfites Ect. Make That $3.99 Bottle Horrible Health-Wise.

If You Decide Something While Drunk, Reconsider is When Your Sober Prior to Making it Official.

**Refer to BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Sources For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced.