“For Thousands of Years Wine Has Been a Catalyst and Enabler of Romance and Has Determined Our Moods by Enhancing Our Thoughts and Letting Down Our Inhibitions.”


Over the Years and Centuries Families Have Worked Together to Make Wine and In Doing So Have Created Dynasties Around Wine and Its Traditions.  At the Center of These Families Are Wineries.  These Wineries Extend to Sons Daughters From Grand Parents. These Operation Have Continued to Grow, Adapt and Thrive Over the Centuries In a Changing Wine Industry.

  • ~Antinori Family~     @Tuscany Since…1300’s
  • ~Catena Family~     @Mendoza Since…
  • ~Chave Family~     @Rhone Valley Since…1481
  • ~Drouhin Family~     @Burgundy/ Oregon Since…
  • ~Gallo Family~     @California Since…
  • ~Guigal Family~     @Rhone Valley Since…
  • ~Hugel Family~     @Alsace Since
  • ~Mondavi Family~     @Napa Since…
  • ~Rothschild Family~     @Bordeaux Since…
  • ~Zonin Family~      @Italy Since…

FOUNDING FAMILIES– Australia, Arrived In 1830’s and 1840’s

  • ~Lindeman Family~ (1843)
  • ~Pendfold Family~ (1844)
  • ~Orlando Family~ (1847)
  • ~Yalumba Family~ (1849)

CUSTODIANS= Someone Who Job it is to Looks After Something or Something. In This Cast Vineyards With an Established Pedigree and Track Records. The Custodian is Responsible For Keeping the Legacy Alive.

  • Albert de Villaine- Costodian La Romanee-Conti


“A Glass of Wine Will Make You Feel 20% Cooling and Make the Opposite Sex Appear 20% More Likable and Attractive.”

There Has Always Been a Romantic Notion About Wine.  Wether Its the Places, the Idealic Destinations, the Vineyards and the Outdoors.  Maybe Wine is Romantic Because It’s Seen as an Aphrodisiac and Gives Couples and Excuse to Set Time Aside For Each Other.  Wine Can Seem Romantic Because It Allows Us to Use All of Our Senses.  Wine is Bases On Passion That Starts In the Vineyards by the People Growing the Grapes and the Peoples Passion to Produce the Wine, and That’s Only Outdone by the People Who Drink the Wines Often Shared With the Ones They Love.

  • Alcohol In Moderation Has Long Been Seen as an Aphrodisiac or the Elixir of Lovers
  • Certain Wines Have Aromatic Qualities That Spark Arousal With Some Chemical Compound Sharing Similarities to Animal Pheromones
  • Riesling (Petrol and White Pepper) Male Pheromones
  • Champagne (Yeasty, Cheesy) Female Pheromones
  • Cabernet Sauvignon/ Shiraz (Rustic, Earthy)


  • Port & Chocolate
  • Champagne & Strawberries

“Will I Still Get Laid if My Bottle of Pinot Has a Screw Cap?”

WINE & PEOPLE– One of the Many Basics of Wine is the Relationship Between Wine and People. There’s a Social Impact to Wine, it Delights People, Brings Them Together and is the Lubricant of Awkward Holiday Family Get Together.

  • The Wine Business is Built On Relationships. The Best Maintain, Manage, and Grow Their Wine Relationship to Benefit Themselves and the Businesses They Promote and Work Through Weather You Work On the Restaurant Floor, Retail, or Distribution Outlet.

Wine Epiphany, Wine Bug, Light Bulb Moment, Wine Discovery Moment
The Moment In Every Wine Lovers Life When Your Fascination With Wine Becomes Clear.

  • My Wine Epiphany Occurred On December 5th. 2011 In the Wine Section at Bevmo In Point Loma. I Had Been Traveling to Europe For a Decade Prior So the European Bug Had Been Festering Inside Me But On This Moment Standing In Front of the Wine Rows With the Heading Reading France, Italy, Spain it Occurred to Me That I Was All Tied Together by the “The Vine” and the Light Went “Off”. Literally the Next Day Figured Out What a Sommelier Was and What I Had to Do to Become One….and My Life Has Never Been the Same.

WINE RABBIT HOLE– Term Used to Refer to a Deviation From a Planed learning Experience, One That is Difficult to Pull Yourself Away From


  • ADVENTUROUS WINE DRINKER= Willing to Take Risks or to Try Out New Methods, Ideas or Experiences
    • The Adventurous Personality Wine Drinker is Someone Who Actively Searches Out Wines From New Region, Country or New Grape Varietals They Have Never Heard or Experienced Before.
  • RITUAL WINE DRINKER= An established or Prescribed Procedure Usually Preformed In a Customary Way
    • The Ritual Wine Personality is Someone Who Usually Drinks the Same Few Grapes From the Same Few Regions or Countries and Under No Circumstance Wants to Change What He is Drinking or Try New Wines
  • WINE NERD= Over Enthusiastic Lover of ”The Vine”, One Who Accumulate Detailed Wine Information and is Ready to Share or Educated Anytime
    • The Wine Nerd Personality is Someone Who’s Super Into the Small Details of Wine
  • SOMMELIER= Educated, Engaging, Personable, Obsessed, Smart, Ego Maniac, Dedicated, Semi-Self Absorbed, Passionate
    • The Wine Sommelier Personality is Someone Who’s Open to the Entire Wine World and Underlying Motivation is to Help Other Understand Wine and Become Better Drinkers.
  • WINE SNOB= A Wine Enthusiast, Usually Educated On Life and Wine, Particularly One Who’s Pretentious and Contentious, or Self-Important Because of Their “Immense Wine Knowledge”.
    • The Wine Snobs Personality is Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate or Like Any Inexpensive Bottle of Wine and Can Rarely Express Liking For Any Particular Grape, Wine or Region Unless Its Considered the Best. Wine Snobs Usually Don’t Have an Understanding On the Concept of Subjectivity vs. Objectivity and Their Underlying Motivation is to Make themselves Look Better and Another Expense.
    • I Feel the Days of the “Wine Snob” Are Slowly Dying. Today More Than Ever the Young People Getting Into Wine Are More Opened Minded Than Ever. Thing Like a Wines History, Culture and Back Story, and Wine Style are Becoming More Important Than the Price and the Perception of Drinking it.
  • WINE CONNOISSEUR= Person Who’s Especially Competent or Has Great Deal of Knowledge to Pass Critical Judgment On “Wine” or In Matter of Taste.
    • The Wine Connoisseurs Personality is Someone Who Possesses Great Appreciation For Wine and Have a Great Understanding On the Concept of Subjectivity vs. Objectivity.
  • ETHNOCENTRIC WINE DRINKER= Someone Who Shows Lack of Respect For Other Wines Countries, or Wine Cultures That They Aren’t Into.
    • The Ethnocentric Personality is Someone Who Only Drinks Wine From a Certain Country or Region. This is Driven by a Belief That Another Country Couldn’t Possible Produce Wine as Good as Anther Country.
  • THE KNOW IT ALL= Someone Who Thinks They Know Everything About the Wine World.
    • The “Know it All” Personality Doesn’t Study or Research Wine Because He Already Knows What the New Grape/ Wine/ Growing Area is All About.
  • POMPOUS WINE DRINKER= Someone Who Shows Extreme Self Importance, Arrogant, or is Conceited.
    • The Pompous Wine Personality is Someone Who Displays Themselves as a “Know it All”, Someone Who Couldn’t Possible Learn Anything From Something From Someone of Lesser Certification or Lessor Status.


WINE MYSTIQUE– An Aura of Heightened Value and Meaning Surrounds Wine. A Almost “Cult Like” Attitude Arising Around Wine Customs and Rituals

  • Still Traveling Through Different Bottles

WINE PRESTIGE– A Widespread Respect and Admiration Felt for Wine Based On the Basis of a Perception of Their Achievements or Quality.

  • It’s More Than a Beverage, It’s What the Wine Represents
  • In Certain Context It Represents History and Culture

WINE HEDONISM– Sees Ones Pleasure and Happiness Through the Drinking of Wine, Travel Based On Wine and Accumulation of the Knowledge of Wine as the Primary and Most Important Aim of Human Life.

  • Primary Pleasure
  • Secondary Pleasure

As Wine Culture Grew, Peoples Palates Expanded, Wine Trends and Styles Have Come In and Out of Fashion or “In Vogue” In Different Regions of the World.

  • In 1800’s Fine Wine and Champagne Was Perceived as Powerful, Wealthy and In Style or In Vogue

WINE CONNOISSEURSHIP– A Person With Expert Knowledge or Training In Wine.  A Connoisseur of Wine Is Usually Informed and With Discrimination Taste.  Hopefully a Wine Connoisseur Possesses Humility, Attention to Detail an Open Mind and a Willingness to Share and Help Others Understand the Wine World.


“Through Out the History of “The Vine” Wines Have Gone In and Out of Fashion, This I Equate Into a “Wine Pendulum”. These Are Some the Prevalent Wine Pendulums That I Have Noticed During My Journey”

  • Traditional Style/ Modern Style of Barolo Wine
    • From the Traditional Style to the Modern Style and Now Back to Traditional
  • Highly Extracted/ Low Extracted Wine
    • Elegance and Complexity Are Being Pursued by Wine Producers at the Expense of Power and Strength.
  • High Alcohol/ Moderate Alcohol Wine
  • Natural Wine
    • All Wine Was Produced Naturally for Thousand of Years Until the Revolution Which Led to Conventional Wine…Now the Pendulum is Swinging Back.
  • Small New Oak Barrels/ Larger More Neutral Barrels
    • Winemakers Who Used to Use as Much as 100% New Oak Are Now Tapering Back Their Oak Use
  • Priorat/ Indigenous Grape
    • Regions Planting International Grape and Now Pulling Vine to Go Back to Planting Indigenous Grapes.
  • Port Wines
    • For Hundreds of Years Duero Valley Was Know For Only Fortified Sweet Wines. Now Still, Dry, Unfortified Wines Are Coming to the Market
  • Producers Exercising Restraint and Balanced
  • Sherry Wines
  • Sweet Wines
  • Zinfandel
    • From the Full Body, High Alcohol, Jammy Style to a Retrained Lower Alcohol Less Fruity Style


Wine Effects Are Things That Happen In the Wine World, Byproducts of People, Events or Pendulum Shifts That Lead the Wine Industry In a Different Direction.

  • THE SIDEWAYS EFFECT  “I’m Not Drinking Any  Fucking Merlot.”
    • The Movie Follows Two Men In Their 40’s Who Take a Week-Long Road Trip to Santa Barbara County Wine Country to Celebrate an Upcoming Wedding.
    • After the Release of the Movie Sideways In 2004 There Was a Push Towards Wine Drinkers Trying Pinot Noir and a Decline In Merlot Consumption.  In the Years After the Movie Pinot Noir Plantings Increases and Grape Growers Started Pulling Their Merlot Vineyards Which Was One of the Most Planted and Consumed Grapes.


  • MARCH 3                  National Mulled Wine Day
  • APRIL 17                    National Malbec Day
  • APRIL 24                   National Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • MAY 9                         National Moscato Day
  • MAY 21                       National Chardonnay Day
  • MAY 25                      National Wine Day
  • JUNE 11                     National Rose Day
  • AUGUST 1                 National Albarino Day
  • AUGUST 18               National Pinot Noir Day
  • SEPTEMBER 3         National Cabernet Day
  • SEPTEMBER 18       National Grenache Day
  • NOVEMBER 7          National Merlot Day
  • NOVEMBER 12        National Tempranillo Day
  • NOVEMBER 15        National Zinfandel Day
  • DECEMBER 31        National Champagne Day

CHARITY AUCTIONS– Wealthy Wine Producers and Wine Lovers

  • Hospices de Beaune
    • Wines From the Vines of the Vineyards of the Hospice of Beaune, Wine Sold by Barrel Under the  Names of the Benefactor to the Hospital Over the Last 500 Years
  • Auction Napa Valley- 
    • Generous Napa Valley Wine Makers Auction Off “One of a Kind” Wines to Benefit Great Causes Like Community Health and Children’s Education Nonprofit Services.
  • Napa Valley Vintners
  • Sonoma County Wine Auction
  • Classic Wines Auction/ Portland
  • Rusty Staub  Foundation Wine Auction
  • Auction of Washington Wines