“The Purpose of These Philosophy Questions Are to Discuss Wine Topics In a Complex Way and to Challenge the Way We Look and See Things.   The Answers to These Philosophy Question Can Be Found In the Corresponding Section That the Questions Were Asked.”


PHILOSOPHY“Can We Trace the Evolutionary Trail of Vitis Venifera From it Beginning Origins Through Its History of Splitting Into Different Major Progenitors Across Multiple Continents and Countries Into the 2,000+ Grapes Varietals That Make Up the Wine World Today?”

PHILOSOPHY“In Order to Better Understand the Concept of Terroir One Needs to Mentally Visually the Geography, Topography and Climate of a Vineyard In a 3-D.”

PHILOSOPHY“Was Phylloxera Actually a Good for the Wine Industry In That it Had to Look at the Fundamental Processes of Growing Vines.”

PHILOSOPHY– “On a Biological Level “Mined Sulfur” and “Bi-Product Sulfur” are Exactly the Same. Wouldn’t it be Better to Use the Bi-Product Sulfur Rather Than the Mined Sulfur Which has to Be Shipped From Europe and Leaves a Greater Carbon Footprint On the Environment?”

PHILOSOPHY– “What Can you Do if You’re Farming Organically/ Following Bio-Dynamic Principles and Your Neighbor is Not.?

PHILOSOPHY– “With  2,250 Grape Varieties to Choose From Should We Try to Breed New Grapes.”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is it Alright to Grow Grarrique Herbs Between Vine Rows Knowing That it Will End Up Part of the Terroir and Eventually Show In the Vine. If So is it Alright to Steep or Infuse Wine With Garrique Herbs Before Bottling?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Does a Wine Region Need Its Own “Wine Identity” or a “Flag-Ship” Grape That Stands Out In the Wine World?”

PHILOSOPHY– “How Did the Spread of Aromatized Wines Happen?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Does Certain Quinta Calling Their Port Vintage Every Year Diminish Vintage Port Dating During Truly Vintage Years?”

PHILOSOPHY “Can/ Should  a 400 Acre Vineyard Be Entirely Planted to One Grape?”

PHILOSOPHY “Can You Machine Harvest Your Vineyard and Still Be Considered Bio-Dynamic?”


PHILOSOPHY– “Does/ Should a Wine Maker and Grape Grower Need to Communicate During the Growing Season to Produce the Correct Style and Best Wine Possible?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is France Doing a Disservice to Its Wine Producing Future by Not Allowing the Experimentation of Planting Different Varietals In Different Regions?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Does a Certain Wine Style or Vinification Process Play a Part In Assessing the Quality of a Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY“Can You Smell Sweetness In Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Are Some Grapes Destined to Become Rose Wines or Are Most Grapes Used For Rose Harvest “Seconds” or Grapes of Lower Quality That Didn’t Ripen or Develop Well?”

PHILOSOPHY “Does the Color of the Rose Effect the Quality of the Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is There Such Thing as Table Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Can a Wine Be Too Clean, Lacking Character From Complexity of Minor Flaws?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is One Mans Fault is Another Mans Enhanced Complexity?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is Wild/ Native Yeast Part of a Wines Terroir?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is the Ultimate Goal In the Wine World to Produce Wine That’s Free of Wine-Faults?”

PHILOSOPHY– “If a Wine Maker Follows Organic or Bio-Dynamic Principles But Doesn’t Get Certified is That Producer Organic or Bio-Dynamic?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is Being Organic In Europe the Same Thing as Being Organic In America?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is Natural Wine More Alive Than Conventional Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “What is the Most Important Quality For a Wine to Age?

PHILOSOPHY– “Great Vintages to For Wines to Drink Now (2-5 Years) Are Not Always the Great Vintages From Wine That Are Meant to Be Aged (10+ Years).”

PHILOSOPHY– “Should There be a Label On Wines Stating All of the Ingredients Naturally Occurring or Added During the Wine Making Process?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Are Wine Makers are Declassifying Their Wines and Placing Them In a Lessor Wine Category?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Do You Need to Use Native/ Wild Yeast Indigenous to the Grapes Region to Be Natural and Part of it Terroir?

PHILOSOPHY– “In Reality is There a “Sliding Scale” of Naturalness & Low Intervention Wine Making?”

PHILOSOPHY–  “How Many Years Does a Oak Barrel Have to Be Used to Be Considered Neutral?”


PHILOSOPHY“What Makes a 100 Point Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “What’s the Most Important Piece of Information On a Wine Label…Winery,  Wine Maker,  Grape Variety,  Vineyard,  Region/ Appellation,  Price,  Vintage,  Label Art.”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is There a Psychological Element to Decanting Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is a Wines That You Drink On Location Better or Taste Different Than the Same Wine When You Drank it at Home?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Do We Drink Our Red Wines to Warm and Our White Wines Too Cold?”

PHILOSOPHY– “How Can a Scent In a Wine Be Conceived as Bad Odor In the Real World But Coveted as a Intriguing Aroma In the Wine World?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Can We Smell or Taste Soils or Minerality In Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY–  “Can You Smell the Difference In Old World/ New World Wines?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Do Scents of White Flowers Smell of White Wine and Do Scents of Dark Flower Smell of Red Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Do You Ever Wonder if I Should Spit or Swallow?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Does Drinking the Same Wine Out of Differently Shaped Glasses Effect the Taste, Perception or Enjoyment of That Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “I Get Head Aches When I Drink Wine, I Think I’m Allergic to Sulphur?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Can You Persuade Your Palate to Evolve? Can You Resist Your Palates Evolution or Transformation?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Why Does One Man or Critics Palate Decide the Winners and the Losers In the Wine World?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Does a Wine Spoil or Does it Just Go Bad?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Should You Rinse Your Wine Glass With Water Between Tastings?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Just as There’s a General Consensus to What Makes a Good Song, Beautiful Girl, or Work of Art is There a General Consensus to What Makes Up a Great Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is Wine Alive or Dead When We Drink it?”

PHILOSOPHY“Does a Wine Taste Different/ Better In Various Moon Phases(Full Moon/ No Moon)? Is There Such a Thing as Drinking “Bio-Dynamicly”?

PHILOSOPHY– “How Can We Quantify How Much Someone Knows About Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Can a Educated Wine Professional/ Sommelier Pick Out Natural Wines In a Blind Tasting Among Conventional Wines?”

PHILOSOPHY– “When is the Last Time a Women Can/ Should Drink Wine When Their Pregnant?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Does Our Palates Change Subconsciously Through the Year From the Warm Summer Months to the Colder Winter Season Leaving Use Yearning to Drink Different Styles of Wine?”


PHILOSOPHY– “Why Would A Consumer Buy a 94 Point Wine For $80 When They Can Buy a
94 Point Wine For $22?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Who Really Knows What a 65 Year Old Wine “Should” Taste Like?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Think of the AOC., DOC., as a Anti-Fraud System For Wine, That Defines, Protects and Guaranty Certain Aspects of the Wine Industry?”

PHILOSOPHY– “If Grape Vines Experience the Effects of Terroir, Then Are Oranges, Olives, Corn, Chickens and Cows Effected by Terroir?”

PHILOSOPHY“Are Different Bottle Shapes and Sizes Being Branded to Represent Different Regions and Wine Styles?”


PHILOSOPHY– “Did Wine and Beer Save All of Humanity?”

PHILOSOPHY-” Is At What Age Should Be Teach Children to Respect Wine?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Can Wine Be a Entire Discipline or Study Onto Itself, One That Entire Schools Revolve Around?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is Wine Considered a Food?”

PHILOSOPHY– “Is There Currently a Wine Renaissance Going On In America?”

PHILOSOPHY “If You Go to a Wine Region But Don’t Go to a Estate Winery Have You Still Claim You Have Been There?”  What About Going to a Tasting Room In Region or Driving Through Region?”

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