PHILOSOPHYContentious Issues

“The Purpose of These Contentious Issue Questions Are to Discuss Wine Topics in a Complex Way and to Challenge the Way We Look and See Things.   The Answers to These Contentious Issue Question Can Be Found In the Corresponding Section That the Questions Were Asked.”

CONTENTIOUS= Causing or Liking to Cause a Argument or Controversy to Prove Their Knowledge or Your Lacking of Knowledge.
PHILOSOPHY– “Is There a Connection Between Philosophy and Contentious Issues? Is All Philosophy Contentious to Begin With?”


CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Can You Produce Better Wine Organically?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!   “Wine Makers are Reluctant to Discuss Exactly What They Did or Used On the Wine Even Though is Was Completely Legal.”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “There’s No Formal Definition for Natural Wine!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “If a Grape Grower is Truly Into Bio-Dynamics They are Religiously Invested In the Concept and Process. If Your Arn’t Religious Then You Aren’t Truly Growing Bio-Dynamically.”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Is Organic Wine Better?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Should Wineries Produce Wine with Grapes Sourced Outside Their AVA., DOC., AOC.?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Is Climate Change Real? If it is Real is it a Good or Bad Thing For Viniculture?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Grape Growers/ Wine-Makers Should be Completely Transparent by Stating Wine Additions and Procedures During Production On Wine Label.”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Can You Produce Better Wine Organically?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Using Organic Products Isn’t Always the Best Thing Overall For the Overall Environment!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “It’s Wrong to Refer to It as Malolactic Fermentation!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Calling Your Vineyard “Dry Farmed” In a Climate Where There is a Abundance of Rain.”


CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Aromatizing Wine or Steeping Wine With Natural Ingredients is OK But the Addition of Artificially Flavors Isn’t!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Tartrate Crystals and Cloudiness In Wine is Seen as a Fault!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Natural Wine Doesn’t Age Well.”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!“The Natural Wine Movement is Lessening the Value or Importance of the Wine Maker?”


CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Wine Scores Can Be a Point of Contention, They Often Tell You What to Think if You Can’t Come Up With an Opinion Yourself!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Property Aged Wine is Better Than a Young Wine!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Can Someone Smell or Taste Minerality In a Wine!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!   “Who is to Say What a Grape Typically Should Smell and Taste Like!”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE! “Wine Priced Under $5 a Bottle is Completely Unhealthy.”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “I’m Amazed How Forgiving Fans of Natural Wines Are When It Comes to Quality and Typicity.”


CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Should Someone Who Achieve a “Somm”Education Level be Considered a Sommelier Even Though They Don’t Work In the Wine Industry?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Who Gets Credit For Originally Producing Tokaj?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Who Gets Credit For Originally Producing Pisco?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Is it Fair For Restaurants to Mark-Up Their Wine So Drastically?”


CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “If It’s Accepted as an Industry That There is 8,000 Varietals But as of 2017 I Can Only Find and Classify 1,435 is There Still 8,000?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “Is the Idea of Terrior a Real, Tangible Thing or is it a Made Up Concept That Only Certain People Believe In?”

CONTENTIOUS ISSUE!  “A Variety of Issues Lead the Phylloxera Out-Break of the 1980’s In California!”

**Refer to these Sections For Detailed Information

  • Old World vs. New World
  • Brett
  • Corkage Fee
  • Subjective vs. Objective Wine Evaluation
  • The Concept of Terroir
  • Cork vs. Screw-Top

**Refer to “BIBLIOGRAPHY/ SOURCES” For Details On Scholarly Works Referenced